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									       Ivanhoe/Preston                              More about GymbaROO                          Babyroo: For babies from 6
                                                                                                 weeks of age
          GymbaROO                                  Free Play – We begin each session
                                                                                                  In this precious quality time with
                                                    with free explorative play on our gym
                                                                                               your baby, you learn how to provide
        Centre Location:                            equipment.                                 sensory motor activities that help
  Bellfield Community Centre                                                                   your infant to learn more about
  Cnr Oriel Rd & Banksia St,                        Mat Time – To commence mat time,           themselves and their world, so that
  Bellfield Melway map 31D4                         we blow lots of bubbles for the            their brain can amass important
                                                    children to come and watch while we        information on which later learning is
                                                    then sing our welcome song followed        so dependent. Activities include
   Manager: Merrin Bradbury-                                                                   stimulating babies by singing,
                                                    by co-ordinated movement to music,
            Butler                                                                             massage, exercises, music, dancing
(B.Ed. Studs.;Dip.Teach Early Child.Ed.; Lic. Mus   essential skills, songs and rhymes,
                                                                                               and using the special large equipment
                      Ed.)                          group dance, massage, vestibular
                                                                                               for our babies. Our babies are
                                                    activity and use of small equipment.       divided into 2 classes:
    Phone : 0438 1800 87
                                                    We talk about our special                     Non-Mobile Babies
            9432 9544
                                                    visualization theme for the week.             A special class for younger babies.
                                                    This theme is in the treasure bag and         Mobile Babies
                                                    the children receive a stamp on their      For tummy or hands and knees
                                                    right hand and foot. Each term             crawlers.
What is GymbaROO?                                   follows a theme and each week we           GymbaROO for one year olds
                                                                                               An exciting, safe environment in which
                                                    learn songs and rhymes that follow
Gymbaroo is a parent/child education                                                           children can experiment and explore.
                                                    our theme.
                                                                                               With parents there, this age group
program run by qualified teachers. The              Equipment Time – We have a hall            feel secure, but have the
program offers classes of age appropriate           filled with large equipment that has       independence to try out the fun new
weekly sessions for babies as young as 6            been especially designed and made          activities, learning about space and
weeks to children of 5 years. The classes           for young children. Children practice      balance. At about 18 mths climbing
enable parents to be actively involved in           their coordination skills e.g. climbing,   starts to dominate their activities,
their child’s development.                          balancing, sliding, tumbling, rocking,     and this is the perfect place to learn
                                                    hanging. Younger children will use         to climb safely.
Children learn more in their first few                                                         GymbaROO for two year olds
                                                    this time as a valuable exploration
years than in any other time of their lives.                                                   Greater concentration and the desire
                                                    time. They will be experimenting
                                                                                               to practise new skills of running,
Recent research has shown that                      with their bodies and learning about       jumping, balancing and climbing, enable
appropriate learning experiences and                spatial awareness and their own            our two year olds to tackle most of
stimulating activities in these early years         capabilities. The staff are nearby,        the equipment independently. The
can have a positive impact on a child’s             ready to offer guidance and teach          two and a half year olds refine
entire life. GymbaROO offers a broad                new skills.                                movement with finger and action
range of experiences within a loving and            Older children enjoy the challenge of      songs. At mat time, exciting
caring and supportive environment. We               following instructions and practising      challenges encourage them to use
aim to encourage happy and bright                                                              right and left automatically.
                                                    new movement experiences as well as
children who love learning and are given                                                       GymbaROO for three, four and five
                                                    skill development at perceptual
                                                                                               year olds.
every opportunity to reach their full               motor stations.                            At this age most children are
potential in life. What more could                  Music and Parachute Time- Each             confident to leave their parents’ side
parents ask for?                                    week we play with a different              to enjoy the Sensory Perceptual
                                                    percussion instrument. Then our big        Motor Program. This program
Of course, above all, GymbaROO is lots              colourful parachute comes out for          challenges the children and refines
and lots of fun. Children love it. Parents          children to lie under and relax while      their skills of jumping, throwing,
love it. There is nothing quite as                  parents wave it up and down. Older         balancing etc. with control. Co-
rewarding as being actively involved with                                                      operative games and advanced co-
                                                    children also learn group cooperation
your child’s development. You watch them                                                       ordination skills extend this age .
                                                    as we use other concepts with the
                                                                                               This requires children to motor plan
brighten with excitement and participate            parachute.                                 i.e. think and move at the same time.
with enthusiasm as you help them                    We sing our Goodbye song and the           This is a necessary skill for school
experience the pure joy of learning.                children take home their visualization     readiness.
                                                    book with their theme word and
                                                    picture for the week.

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