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A Beacon of Hope for Your
      Alternative Loans….
   A Beacon of Hope for Your Students?

• What Are Alternative
• Why Borrow an Alternative
• Types of Alternative Loans
• Debt Management Tactics
What are Alternative Loans?

• Alternative Loans are loans that
  are not federally backed or

• Typically the lenders are taking
  the financial risk on these loans
  How Lenders Minimize
   Risk with Alternative
• Tiered pricing based on school
• Use of Co-borrower

• Tiered pricing based on borrower
  (and co-borrower) credit record
 Alternative Loans On the
• In 2005-06, private loans represented
  20% of all education borrowing - $17.3
  Billion (An increase of 900% in inflation-adjusted
  terms from 1995-96 to 2005-06)

• Federal education loan programs
  totaled $68.6 Billion in 2005-06

ACE Issue Brief titled “Who Borrows Private Loans?” Aug
  2007 – author Jacqueline E. King
  Why such an increase?
• Rising cost of tuition

• Direct to Consumer campaigns
    Why Such an Increase
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     Why Borrow an
    Alternative Loan?

        No loans

“My school does not participate in
 the FFEL program.”
        Why borrow an
       Alternative Loan?
• Span the gap between Cost of
  Attendance and Aid

  Grants Scholarships
  Federal Loans Work
                   Alternative Loan


• Additional costs for special
  programs, like Study Abroad
     Why Borrow an
    Alternative Loan?
• Student is not maintaining
  Satisfactory Academic Progress
• Student is not enrolled at least
• Student may not be enrolled as a
  “regular” student
      Why Borrow an
     Alternative Loan?
• Bar Study Loan

• Residency Relocation Loan
    Types of Alternative
• School certified loans

• Loans NOT certified by the school
What type of loan is best?

The answer is the same as it is for
 all financial aid questions . . .

                    It depends!
What type of loan is best?
• All are not created equal
  –   Commercial Paper
  –   Libor
  –   T Bill
  –   Minimum credit score requirement
  –   Credit of borrower
 School Certified Loans
• Can control the amount of loan a
  student borrows (Cost minus
  other aid)
• Record of alternative loans used
  by your students
• More accurate information if you
  are engaged in debt management
Loans NOT Certified by
• It’s between the lender and the
• No opportunity for school to
  conduct debt management
Loans NOT Certified by
• Consumer determines which loan to
  use, so he/she is not limited by school
• Flexibility in disbursement, etc.
• Amount is not tied to cost of
    Debt Management
• What are you doing?
• Are you concerned about your
  students borrowing patterns?
 PLUS                 Alternative
• Parent debt         • Student debt (but
• Fixed interest        parent might be
  rate                  co-borrower)
• No FAFSA            • Variable interest
  required (at some     rate
  schools)            • No FAFSA
• Additional Unsub
  available if PLUS
  is denied
GPLUS             Alternatives
• Security        • Flexibility
• Benefits        • Greater amount
• Possible        • Deal with lender
  consolidation     only
• In-school       • No FAFSAA
• Repayment
 Selecting an Alternative
      Loan Lender
Should the student use his Stafford

Yes               No
 Combined bill?    Perhaps not as
 Less likely to    flexible a
 default?          program?
                   Perhaps won’t be
                   the best deal?
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