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					                                    Region V Fall ROC
                      The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE)
                           September 24, 2010 Meeting Minutes
                                  Bloomington, Illinois

Meeting Attendees:
Maribeth Anderson             Maribeth.anderson1@gmail.com                Greater Chicago
Al Borzych                    aborzych@wowway.com                         Greater Chicago
Linda Hiser                   linda.hiser@arcadis-us.com                  Greater Chicago
Tim Murphy                    tmurphy@chubb.com                           Greater Chicago
Chris Grieshaber              dcgries@ilstu.edu                           Central Illinois
Paul Lee                      paul.lee.gafs@statefarm.com                 Central Illinois
James McNiff                  james.mcniff.gdl4@statefarm.com             Central Illinois
Paul Ronczkowski              pjroncz@ilstu.edu                           Central Illinois
Josh Jacobsen                 jjacobsen@archwal.com                       Hawkeye
Dave Hallerud                 dkhallerud@fedins.com                       Heart of America
Eric Hallerud                 eric_hallerud@kcmc.org                      Heart of America
Shelly Killingsworth          shelly.killingsworth@kcpl.com               Heart of America
Bob Wasick                    wasick654@comcast.net                       NEIL
Shawn Hau                     shawn.hau@unitedheartland.biz               Nicolet
Scott Huberty                 scott.huberty@meadowbrook.com               NW Chapter
Mitch Sharpe                  mitch.sharpe@wnins.com                      NW Chapter
Ron Pryor                     Ronald.pryor@alcoa.com                      Quad Cities
Dave Anspaugh                 david@nibca.net                             Stateline
Sheila Schmidt                sschmidt@amfam.com                          St. Louis
Harry Miller                  hmiller@carpdc.org                          St. Louis
Scot Salzman                  scot_salzman@cfins.com                      Three Rivers
Jenna Hackler                 jenna.hackler@kochind.com                   Wichita

Call to order: 8:07

Introductions: Around the table.

Spring ROC Meeting minutes:
Dave Anspauph makes motion to approve Fall ROC minutes. Shelly Killingsworth seconds.
Motion passes. (Entered on Motion Log)

CoMRA Update
Be sure to send as many members as possible to Leadership! This is a great learning

Online Officer Training
If you haven’t already completed the training, take the online new officers training. Contact
society with questions. Comments – difficulties completing the quizzes.

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                                     Region V Fall ROC
                       The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE)
                            September 24, 2010 Meeting Minutes
                                   Bloomington, Illinois

Past webinars are available for chapters to show at their meetings. Free, hour long episodes
approved for CEU.s
        Chapter “SafetyFlix” Program
         SafetyFlix is a program exclusively for ASSE chapters which allows chapter leaders to
         freely obtain past ASSE webinars for viewing at chapter meetings.
         As a chapter leader, you will be able to browse the catalog of archived webinars. You
         then would be able to view the webinar recording at your chapter meeting in either of
         two ways:

         1. By viewing it online (you would need a computer with Internet connectivity at your
            chapter meeting)
         2. Or by checking out a CD. When your meeting is over, simply return the CD via the
            postage-paid return envelope.

Note that CEUs for SafetyFlix programs can only be issued when these webinars are viewed as
part of a chapter meeting. To get started using SafetyFlix, you will need to contact Julie Neuleib
at jneuleib@asse.org to be given your access link and ID. PLEASE NOTE: In order to receive and
access link and ID, we need to know when your meeting date and time. Please give at least 3
weeks’ notice when reserving a SafetyFlix Program.

      Safety Flix

New Chapter Stars Report
How is it? Good, new colors make it easier to read. Now, let’s keep it the same for a few years.
Be sure to look at the report early, and continuously through out the year. Don’t try to do in
August. Be sure to send a copy to Maribeth when you upload it to society. She is our advocate
for lost/misplaced/ reports.

Be sure to keep Maribeth up to date with any officer turnover.

Society Chapter Rosters
Action Item MB: Any tips on working with society’s roster? Seems to be redirecting mailing
(check deliver to office address, still comes home) There is still the double entry process, we
can enter online and someone at society must still enter to database. This leads to transposed
numbers and mistakes. Is there a better way to exchange information?

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                                   Region V Fall ROC
                     The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE)
                          September 24, 2010 Meeting Minutes
                                 Bloomington, Illinois

Treasurer Report
Audit will be performed during leadership. Books are here if anyone is interested in reviewing
them at this time. There is a balance of $7,304.19 as of 8/31/10.
See attached slides of revenue vs. expenses. Most of the ROC money comes from chapter
sponsorships. Donations can be made out to ASSE Region V and mailed to:
       Shelly Killingsworth
       Kansas City Power and Light
       PO Box 418679
       KC MO 64141

        Current expenses are ROC meeting, Awards and misc. ($12 postage)
        Action Item Shelly: Find out how Society determines how much money region receives
        per person?

        We made $11.53 from royalties from the ASSE Awards Store.
        Taxes are complete.

Surplus Fund Committee (SFC):
Discuss results of Committee’s meeting in August. (Attached)


Dave Anspaugh moves we form a Scholarship fund to send a representative from struggling
chapters to ROC/LI. Maribeth is to notify the committee of a chapter in need. Shelly seconds.
Motion Passes. Shawn Hau to join the committee as well. The SFC will set parameters and
move forward. This is designed to help chapters who may be in valleys. This will allow them to
send reps to LI and/or ROC to learn best practices and potentially turn their chapter around.
(Entered on Motion Log)

Nominations Committee:
We currently have two nominees who are interested in running for Region 5 Vice President as
of 9/24/10. Window closes 9/30/10. The Nominations Committee will meet on a conference
call in early October to submit two candidates to society by Nov 1.

Region SPY:
Chapter Spy deadlines for Chapter are set by the individual Chapter. However, if your chapter
is submitting a candidate for Region Spy, the submissions are due by Dec 1.

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                                  Region V Fall ROC
                    The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE)
                         September 24, 2010 Meeting Minutes
                                Bloomington, Illinois

Completion of the SPY package is an extensive process. This is necessary for Society level
award, but not necessarily for the chapter/region level. Chapters can specify their own criteria
for selection of the SPY awards.
Maribeth suggests that Shelly sets up a user friendly criteria and application process for the
committee to use. Shelly, Eric, Sheila and Jenna will serve on this committee.
Action Item Sheila: How many copies of the SPY application are needed?

All chapters should nominate someone for the SPY award!! The candidate does not have to be
an officer but someone who has greatly contributed within the Chapter.

100th Anniversary
Encourage each chapter to participate in either the Pavilion Program. Have either a booth or
kiosk (unstaffed) at no charge to promote chapter history and accomplishments.
     Any items to share for a safety through the age’s exhibit?
     There will be items from the Smithsonian on display here as well.
     Monday night, June 13th, Will be the Gala. From Denim to Diamonds. Live band, great
        food (filet) open bar. At Navy Pier. Plenty of parking and transportation available.
     June 11th. Chapter night out at Sox Game. Playing team not named yet, chance it could
        be cubs!
     Plenty of tours!!
     Chapter Challenge “minute to win it’ Over 500 events: tours, sessions, outings, games,
        vendors. Etc, biggest and best PDC ever!
        Will need volunteers for moderators, guides and greeters.
        Moderate 3 session’s get 40% off registration.
     Tour guide: 1 tour (tech tour= %40 off, fun tour= free tour)
     Greeter: different levels of greeter depending on experience: $25 gift card to ASSE
     Marketing is finalizing the forms for volunteering. Look for an email in the next few
        weeks and info will be pushed to websites as well.
     FYI: Not much going on at the hotel at McCormick place. Suggest staying Hyatt
        downtown instead. Bus will be transporting in underground shuttle. 5 min ride.
     Also considering starting a Safety 101 track for safety support people who may want to
        attend. Striving for great take aways!

Suggestions: is there a student discount? Could we form some sort of room share message
board? Help defray costs?
Students are not provided the opportunity to moderate because they are already offered
discounted registration fees along with additional opportunities to get reduced rates through

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                                   Region V Fall ROC
                     The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE)
                          September 24, 2010 Meeting Minutes
                                 Bloomington, Illinois

poster sessions, Foundation Scholarships,etc. With regard to their housing, we don’t get
involved nor do we pay for their hotel reservations.

        Reminder: there is no smoking inside any buildings in Chicago (IL) and stay off your
        phone while driving!

What would region V like to do? Sell shirts? (12) Pins? (10) Sticker? (8)

 Action Item Shelly to investigate shirt prices, get digitized file from Al.
Scot to investigate pins. Linda suggests Complete Source.
Shawn look into stickers, contact Shelly

Shirts would be sold in advance; pins would be sold at booth at cost.

Change Survey:
Everyone completed a questionnaire about change in the organization. 15 means severe
problems and 90 meant no problems. Scores were 36, 48, 50, 50, 52, 53, 54, 62, 64, 65, 68, and
     Encourage the next generation of safety professionals to attend meetings.
     Increase mentoring programs for both students and new members.
     Chapter meetings: know topic, caliber of speaker, level of presentation.
     Identify your audience!! Know your local market.
     Planning and organization!!! Make meetings an event! Not just a Hodge podge

Chapter Reports
No representation from Egypt, Badger land, Northeast IA, Wisconsin.

Would like to see ASSE develop marketing materials for businesses? This way ASSE could
recruit members by showing management the benefits of having an employee belong to ASSE.

Heart of America:
HoA holds local social events and is gearing up for their third PDC. HoA is looking into using a
chapter credit card. Other chapters reported using a debit card with no problems.

Offer $5 discount per meeting towards PDC. Great results! They set up meeting
topics/speakers a year before the meetings.

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                                  Region V Fall ROC
                    The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE)
                         September 24, 2010 Meeting Minutes
                                Bloomington, Illinois

Their social activity was the summer boat cruise. They are working on linking meetings to offer
CEU’s. They spend $300 for CLMI to record meetings and post online. Check out on their site:
id ASSE, password is northwest. They are also running a 3 track PDC. They also hold an
“ASP/CSP Wannabe” night to help those navigate the process.

Greater Chicago:
Celebrated their 60th anniversary with a boat cruise! Helped with the Tri-Chapter Safety
Conference and Golf Outing.

The Nicolet Chapter holds meetings at the local Goodwill Café to support other non profit

St. Louis:
ASP/CSP prep class and offering discount through SPAN. They are seeking co-chairs for Golf and
PDC Chairs. They use printed business cards with chapter info to help with recruitment.

Working with all new board! Donated $19,000 raised from golf outing to local charity. Tami
Hadley is golf chair, contact her for ideas. They are looking to start a newsletter this year.

Quad Cities:
ASSE chapters average 10% attendance at meetings. Quad is reaching 20% and Stateline is
seeing 30-40%. Great work!!

3 Rivers:
They are using Pay Pal for meetings with success. Members either pay per meeting or for
whole year. FYI: Be sure to transfer your money from Pay Pal account to your bank account.
Not done automatically.

Send out a post card with meeting schedule at the beginning of the year. One meeting is open
forum; members submit questions and topics are discussed. NEIL is using Evite to invite

Central IL:
They will be celebrating their 60th anniversary in Feb. They are planning on expanding to hold
meetings at different locations with different sections. No December meetings. They are

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                                 Region V Fall ROC
                   The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE)
                        September 24, 2010 Meeting Minutes
                               Bloomington, Illinois

expecting an excellent presentation on Emergency Preparedness which highlights information
learned from the tornado that hit Parsons, IL.

Chapter Mentoring Program:
Four chapters may need some help to ensure that the Officers become familiar with Chapter
administration. It is important for Chapters submit the appropriate documents that are
required by the bylaws and send representatives to the ROC and Leadership Conferences. The
goal is to increase communication and action within the Chapters. The purpose of the
mentoring is to be a positive communication building experience.

Shelly Killingsworth, Scott Huberty, Eric Hallerud, Al Borzych, Josh Jacobsen and Dave Anspaugh
have volunteered to help a chapter in need. Maribeth with identify chapter and pair them up
with a mentor. Maribeth will facilitate the first contact between the Chapters Officers and

Best Practices
Northwest Chapter has slide show that plays before events (meetings) Email Scott if you’d like a
copy. Remember to make the meeting an event! Keep members engaged through out the

General Comments
    Society is still changing Chapter affiliation randomly.
    Officers need to have all of the critical information on dates that have hyperlinks.
    There are clerical errors on email addresses. Does Society reenter the data when it is
      corrected on the website?
    Mailings – Was there a conscious effort for Society to send Professional Safety to the
      primary address regardless of what was originally chosen?
    Can we develop guidelines for identifying speakers?
    Fast track for CEU’s
    Speakers Bureau
    Assist Chapters with public relations and advertise Chapter meetings to members and
    Create a template of a letter to give to the member’s boss with the meeting high points
      & the topic discussed in the meeting?
    The Chapters need promotional materials to go to businesses so they understand that
      membership is valuation. i.e. free webinars.
    The Hawkeye Chapter discounts their PDC by taking $5 off for each meeting attended.
      Sponsorship lowers the cost to the members.
    To check out NW Chapter videos go to their website and type in ASSE under user ID and
      Northwest under password

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                                  Region V Fall ROC
                    The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE)
                         September 24, 2010 Meeting Minutes
                                Bloomington, Illinois

Region Strategy for 100th Anniversary Celebration
Create a Region T-shirt or Polo – Shelly Killingsworth
Collector Pins – Scot Salzman
Region 5 stickers – Shawn Hau

Ask Society if we can identify attendees at the PDC by Region? Maribeth
Other groups that may have safety responsibilities:
    Facilities
    Finance
    SHRM
    RIMS
    Occupational Health Nurses
    CHMM
    Security

Upcoming Important dates
Leadership October 14-16
Conference Call: December 6 9:00
Conference Call February 1 9:00
ROC meeting will be held in Eagan MN April 14 and 15. Our July 23rd meeting minutes reflect
that the group chose a different date. Maribeth will ask the officers to select one of the dates
as first and second choice. Majority will rule.

Excerpt from the July minutes
Chris Johnson and the Northwest Chapter would like to host the spring 2011 ROC in
Minneapolis. After a vote, it was decided that Thursday and Friday April 28 and 29 would work
best for the group. Confirmation and details to follow.

Make sure your chapter is represented at each!

Let Maribeth know if you would like a thank you letter to be sent to your boss for your time.
The letter will thank your boss for supporting your role within ASSE. If so, email Maribeth with
the following:
        Name & Title of your boss
        Company Name
        Address of your boss
        Email address of your boss

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                                 Region V Fall ROC
                   The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE)
                        September 24, 2010 Meeting Minutes
                               Bloomington, Illinois

Harry Moves we adjourn meeting. Dave Hallerud seconds. Meeting adjourned 2:50 pm.

 Region V Motion

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