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									User Guide to AlMohasibeen Online:

1. Visit    Kuwait  Accountants     &   Auditors   Association  (KWAAA) then click (AlMohasibeen Online) or go directly to

2. Click (English) or (Arabic) to change the interface language of the e-payment
   page to your preferred language.

3. From the "REQUIRED SERVICE", you can choose to pay for the annual
   membership subscription, the predetermined training course, or the annual e-
   mail subscription fees.

4. Fees and Subscriptions shall be as follows:
    Annual membership subscription fees shall be KD 5 (Only Kuwaiti Dinar
      Five) per annum. In case of a default payment for more than one year, a
      member is required to call KWAAA to be advised of the total outstanding
      subscription fees.
    Fees of training programs shall be case-specific; based on the training
      course provided by the KWAAA, type of the training course, and whether
      a participant is a member or not.
    E-mail Subscription: KD 5 (Only Kuwaiti Dinar Five) to be paid once or KD
      1 (Only Kuwaiti Dinar One) to be paid annually.

5. After selection from the option list, the following personal data shall be
    Membership No. (Compulsory).
    Member Name. (Compulsory).
    member Email. (Optional).
    Mobile No. (Optional).
    work phone. (Optional).
    Payment. (Compulsory).

6. After the above data is filled out, press "PAY" and a page including all the
   said data and information will appear for confirmation and review.

7. Having reviewed the data, please press "AGREE" so that you will be
   automatically directed to the K-Net Window to enter the ATM No. and PIN
   code for completion of the payment transaction, or press "BACK" to come
   back to the previous page for correcting the necessary data and information
   and following the same steps.


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