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09 Scholar Renewal Report by fanzhongqing


									MS 3131


June 23, 2009

From: Lou Densmore, Program Director
      Michael San Francisco, Associate Program Director, Undergraduate Research
      Julie Isom, Associate Program Director, Administration
      Susan Talkmitt, Associate Program Director, Science Education

Re:    TTU/HHMI Scholar Annual Report
       (Retain this memo for your records, and do not submit it as a part of your report)

Your TTU/HHMI Report is dependent upon satisfactory academic and research/technology or science education
progress, availability of funds, and the graduation date that you indicated either on your initial Scholar application
or your last annual report/renewal (whichever is latest). If you have changed your graduation date, it is likely that
we will be able to continue to support you.

This report serves several purposes, it:
(1) provides information needed to assess your research and academic progress;
(2) gives information needed for the preparation of the annual report to the Howard Hughes Medical Institute,
which in part determines the continued success of the program; and
(3) provides an opportunity for you to stop and reflect upon your undergraduate research experience. Has it been
what you expected? Are you happy doing research? Do you find yourself just going through the motions? We ask
you to make an honest self-appraisal. Do you need to change labs? Do you need to give up your participation
because you have decided that a research career is not right for you and your experience has been long enough to
meet your needs? How does your decision affect your mentor’s research efforts? These questions are not always
easy to answer, but now is the time to make a decision about the next year, particularly the one about your
research lab. TTU/HHMI Undergraduate Research/Technology/Science Education opportunities are rare
commodities, and should not be occupied by persons who are sure that they do not wish to continue in a
research/technology-related or science education career unless you and your mentor decide you need to continue
in the lab. Thank you for doing this self-appraisal.

Your mentor or coordinator will be contacted to evaluate your progress and to give an evaluation as to whether or
not your participation should be renewed.

Students should appreciate that their TTU/HHMI undergraduate Scholar opportunity is meant to be much more
than an hourly job. It is to the Scholars’ benefit to be intellectually engaged in projects, spending time and energy
to understand the background of their project and to become an expert in their own particular area. As a Scholar,
we have appreciated you being highly motivated, self-starting, independent, careful, safety-conscious, diligent,
responsible, observant, enthusiastic, cooperative, and a team player. It has been a productive and exciting year!

Remember, once a TTU/HHMI Scholar, always a Scholar!
                                                                                 TTU/HHMI Scholar 2008-2009
                                                                                 Annual Report, Due August 12

                    Reporting Period: September 1, 2008 to August 31, 2009

                     THIS REPORT MUST BE COMPLETED AND submitted
          on or before Wednesday, August 12th, 2009, or the Scholar is subject to dismissal.
                  Upload this Annual Report document (due Aug. 12th) AND your
                        Research Paper writing assignment (due Aug. 17th) at

*Note: New Scholars (recruited in 2009) do not write a Research Paper, but must complete the Research
Project description. For complete details, see no. 12 below. Current Scholars writing the Research Paper
do not complete the Project description in no. 12.

*Scholars, BOLD your answer, submitted after each question.

Current Contact Information:
Name: _______________________________Email: _______________________________
Address: _______________________________City/State_______________________ Zip:________
Telephone(s): home (_____) _______-_____________ cell (_____) _______-_____________

Post-graduation contact information, if different from above:
Address: _______________________________City/State______________________ Zip:________
Telephone(s): home (_____) _______-_____________ cell (_____) _______-_____________

Please give us a permanent address (parents, relative, or friend):
Name of contact _______________________________Relationship to you______________________
Address _____________________________City/State_________________________ Zip__________
Phone (_____) ______-_____________ email _____________________________________________

Scholar renewals are awarded based upon satisfactory academic and research progress and available funding. Our
budget planning is dependent upon the original graduation date indicated on your application or on your previous
Scholar annual report. If this has changed, please be aware that your Scholar renewal priority will be after that of
Scholars with unchanged graduation plans and this year’s newly appointed Scholars. Please DELETE all but the
correct reply.

       I plan to graduate in August, 2009 and this will serve as my final report.
       I plan to graduate in August, 2009 and wish to extend my TTU/HHMI experience until _____________.
       I will still be a student after August, 2009 and wish to be considered for renewal for the fall Semester
        only. I plan to graduate in December, 2009.
       I will still be a student after August, 2009, and I wish to be considered for a renewal for the next academic
        year. I plan to graduate _______________________. I do not wish to renew my participation. This
        document will serve as my final report.

                                                                                      TTU/HHMI Scholar 2008-2009
                                                                                      Annual Report, Due August 12

If you indicate a desire to be considered for renewal, please discuss below any special circumstances you
anticipate. This includes semesters abroad, special courses taken, special travel, other sources of support for your
TTU/HHMI undergraduate activities, etc.

(1) Total number of hours for which you have received credit: ________
(2) Cumulative GPA: _________
(3) If you are not graduating in August 2009, and received a grade of C, D, or F for any classes since last
September, please provide the information indicated below and discuss any special circumstances that contributed
to your receiving these grades.

Course #              Course Name               Grade    Explanation

Scholars, it is expected that you will devote a full-time effort to your research/technology/science education
project during the summer (particularly the first summer). Therefore, you should be careful to only enroll in
summer school classes that will still allow you to meet the requirements of working 20-30 hrs/wk in the summer
and 10-15 hrs/wk in the academic year.
1. ____ I maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA and request permission to take more than 16 hours during the fall.
2. ____ I do not maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA and request permission to take more than 12 hours during the fall.
Please discuss below any special circumstances you are anticipating relative to your course load.

Reporting Period: September 1, 2008 to August 31, 2009 (*New Scholars: In filling out this section, please do
                   not report anything prior to June, 2009, when your official participation began).

(1)        For the annual reports submitted to the HHMI we must have a brief title of your research project. If you
           are involved in multiple research projects, please provide an overarching brief title that describes the
           nature of your research activity (20 words or less!).
           Example: Nature of B chromosomes in harvest mice (Reithrodontomys megalotis)

(2)        Describe briefly (Why or why not?) after each question, any problems you may have had in pursuing your
           research/technology/science education activities, whether or not they have been resolved, and how they
           were resolved.
      a)    Do you feel you have sufficient leadership of a project?
      b)    Are you able to ask for help in the lab and receive it within a reasonable time and in an appropriate way?
      c)    Are you treated with respect by your mentor and others in your lab?
      d)    Are the mentor/coordinator and others in your lab/office attentive to your goal setting and reaching your

(3)        List any publications, abstracts, research-related presentations or awards, or research related travel from
           September 1, 2008 to the present.
           Did you supply us with two copies of the following?
           1) reprints of any published papers                                                  Yes____ No____
           2) copies of abstracts from the meeting abstract book (not just submitted ones)      Yes____ No____

                                                                                   TTU/HHMI Scholar 2008-2009
                                                                                   Annual Report, Due August 12

       3) copies of the title page of the abstract book.                              Yes____ No____
       Did you give the proper attribution to TTU/HHMI in any published papers and abstracts,
       if attributions are made)?                                                     Yes____ No____
       THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. Refer to the program guidelines for details. If NO, discuss:

(4)    For Scholars to better obtain the full benefits provided by the program, Scholars are NOT to: (a) be
       engaged in any other outside employment unless necessary; (b) take excessively large course loads; or (c)
       engage in significant service or other activities outside the SSO that would interfere with the ability of the
       Scholar to maintain the ongoing effort expected to get the maximum out of the experience. If you fit in one
       of these categories, briefly explain your situation.

(5)    Please list any special recognition, awards, organizations, clubs, programs, chapters, etc. in which you are
       currently involved and your position, or other interesting activities (can be unrelated to your TTU/HHMI
       experience) in which you may have participated from 09/01/08 to the present.

(6)    If you are graduating, what are your plans for the future? LIST the institutions to which you have applied
       and the results of your applications (accepted, invited for an interview, interviewed, rejected, etc.). If you
       have made a decision regarding a career choice, please indicate what you have decided. If you have not
       yet decided, please let us know your decision when you make it.

(7)    The GRE, MCAT, LSAT and others are required exams for post-graduate schools. Have you taken any
       such exams or do you have plans to do so in the next year?

(8)   List all TTU/HHMI events and SSO meetings you have attended in the last year (September 1 to
      August 31) and give a brief explanation of how you have or have not benefited.

(9)   Scholars must remain in “good standing” as defined in SSO’s constitution and by-laws and the TTU/HHMI
      Program Guidelines & Policies.
      Record of Good Standing: Participation Check-list
      Type an X in the ( ) next to each option that applies to your experience and discuss your approved or
      unapproved reason for lack of required participation.
      ( ) Did not attend the TTU Undergraduate Research Conference.
      Discuss the reason:
      ( ) Did not work a minimum average of 10 hrs/wk during the academic year; 20 hrs/wk in the summer.
      Discuss the reason:
       ( ) Attended less than the minimum of six SSO meetings during the year:
      Discuss the reason:
       ( ) Did not RSVP for all events in a timely manner.
      Discuss the reason:
      ( ) Did not vote for SSO officers
      Discuss the reason:
      ( ) Did not attend TTU/HHMI special events (i.e. visiting speakers, retreats, etc.).
      Discuss the reason:
      ( ) Did not volunteer for TTU/HHMI requested surveys, outreach projects; etc.
      Discuss the reason:

(10) Give a brief analysis of your experience as a Scholar so far. Be open and honest in your evaluation, please.

                                                                                  TTU/HHMI Scholar 2008-2009
                                                                                  Annual Report, Due August 12

(11) For current URS only: Complete the required Research Paper writing assignment as described by Dr. Roman
      Taraban in previous documents in announcement communications, and submit it as a Word document with
      this report by uploading it at
      on or before Monday, Aug. 17th and email a copy to your mentor.

(12) New Research 2009 Scholars Research Project Description: Complete a 1-2 page description of your
     research project, prepared without the assistance of your mentor or coordinator. Include:

          a.   brief background
          b.   description of your specific project
          c.   questions you are attempting to answer
          d.   techniques you are using to answer the questions
          e.   overview of the results you have obtained and the conclusions you have reached

I certify that all statements and information I have submitted in this annual report are true and accurate and I
understand that providing false or misleading information will result in the revocation of my TTU/HHMI
position. I further certify that I have recently reviewed and fully understand the Program Guidelines (copies
available in the URC and on the web site) and agree to follow them for the current participation year, if I am
renewed as a TTU/HHMI Scholar.

____________________________________________________________                        _______________
Full Name                                                                           Date
(type in your name and date)


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