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									Title        Subtitle Edition         Pick      Author      Pub Date Description                Copy
                                                                                   Catalogue Contents
                                                                 Jul-10 Whittle andAn understanding of identity is fundamental to a co
                                                                                     Kate of identity is fundamental to a complete unde
Studying Identity and Organizations 55266 Hugh Willmott, Andrea An understanding Kenny          Introducing Identity and Identification \ C
             Situations and                                    Dec-09 Organizational Rhetoric introduces introduces a rhetorical app
                                                                                                Organizations and Rhetoric in Contemp
Organizational Rhetoric Strategies 59922 Mary F Hoffman and Debra J FordOrganizational Rhetoric students to students to a rh
             Managing Diversity Edition 59127Globalization Aug-10 Winner of two prestigious prestigious awards in its First Edition
The Inclusive Workplace   Second in the Age of Michalle E Mor Barak                Winner of two awards in its First Edition (the 2006 O
             A Critical Introduction
                          Second                                and Hugh Willmott               PART ONE: INTRODUCING CRITICAL
Making Sense of Management Edition 55268 Mats Alvesson Jun-10 The First Edition of Making Sense of Management set out to p
                                          52891 John
Key Concepts in Human Resource Management Martin                                   Key Concepts in Human Resource\Management is
                                                                                                Absence Management Assessment//d
                                                                 Jul-10 Key Concepts in Human Resource Management is an essentia
                          is Here                                                  The of this book was published atwithin the Global C
                                                                                                Indian this book was a time when time
E-Finance The Future Second Edition 60594 Vasant C JoshiJan-10 The first edition first edition of Developments published at aonly
             Environment of for International Management         J                  Environment of BusinessSECTIONstudents with a
                                                                                                 Environment provides 1: SOCIAL FOR
The Global New Paradigms Business 61170 David W Conklinul-10 The Global The Global Introduction \ of Business provides stud
             Developing Second Edition 61178 James M Hunt and Joseph R most While most Introduction: Thefocus on performanceT
The Coaching ManagerTop Talent in Business                                          coaching books focus on performance Manager \ A
                                                                 Jul-10 While Weintraub          coaching books Coaching problems,
                                                                 and Laura GuerreroCases in isLeadership a unique It? real-world rea
                                                                                                 a unique collection of 30 \ Leadership T
Cases in Leadership Second Edition 61154 W Glenn RoweApr-10 Cases in Leadership Leadership is û What Iscollection of 30lead
             Strategies for the Workplace 60433                May-10 Focusing on risky interactions, the book centres on centres Ma
                                                                                   Focusing Introduction: A Theoretical Model intera
Managing Risk in Communication EncountersVincent R Waldron and Jeffrey W Kassing on risky interactions, the book thosefor on
                                          54786 Suzanne Benn and Dianne Bolton Introducing Contentscorporate\ social responsibility,
Key Concepts in Corporate Social Responsibility                                                  the key include: corporate social res
                                                                 Jul-10 Introducing the key concepts inconcepts inAccountability \ Busi
             Stakeholders in a Global Environment Chandler Jul-10 Presenting Presenting the area STRATEGICsocial responsibili
                          Second Edition 61181 David
Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility                                          the area PART I: of corporate CORPORATE SO
                                                                 and William B Werther, Jr of corporate social responsibility (CSR) as
Key Concepts in Operations Management                                              Key Concepts in Management introduces introduce
                                                                                                PART ONE: THE OPERATIONS FUNC
                                          57886 Michel Leseure Jul-10 Key Concepts in Operations Operations Management a selectio
                                          39776 Simon Down Mar-10 Enterprise, `A thoughtful and reflective account of is an exciting
Enterprise, Entrepreneurship and Small Business                                                 PART ONE: STUDYING ENTERPRISE
                                                                                    Entrepreneurship and Small Business "enterprise",
             A Consumer
Relationship Marketing Experience Approach                      Apr-10 The and Gary C Warnabynew book the MARKETING: THE ST
                                                                                   In this exciting
                                                                                                RELATIONSHIP authors explore the fa
                                          48023 Steve Baron, Tony Conwayrelationship between a market and a consumer is complex
             A Student Text
Marketing Theory                                               Mar-10 Building on As relatively young, applied discipline, MARKETI
                                                                                    the         PART ONE: edition, published in 2000
                          Second Edition 57885 Michael J Baker and Michael Saren apopularity of the firstOVERVIEW OF one major
                                                                                   What drives consumers? How do advertising camp
                                                                                                David Marshall - (Re)Thinking children
Understanding Children as Consumers48416 Dave Marshall Apr-10 What drives children as children as consumers? How do adver
                                          50226 Cathy A                            This state-of-the-art to provide marketing the topi
The Cornell Handbook of Applied Hospitality Strategy Enz Aug-10 The purpose of this handbook ishandbook approachesmaster's
                                          48997 Luiz           Jun-10 A must-have referencePART ONE:resource formanagementma
Dictionary of Quantitative Management Research Moutinho and Graeme D Hutcheson                   resource for qualitative quantitative re
                                                                                   A must-have reference MEASUREMENT AND RE
               to Community Development   60617 Jerry          May-10 IntroductionIntroduction to Community Development Greenof c
                                                                                     to Community Development provides students
IntroductionTheory, Practice, and Service-Learning W Robinson, Jr and Gary Paul Green Jerry W. Robinson, Gary Paulprovides-s
              Inner Power with Global Change Pravir Malik Oct-09 The power to change things lies within us.Pattern \ The this bo
ConnectingThe Fractal Ladder              59975                                                 Introduction \ The Presented Presente
                                                                                   The power to change things lies within us. in Person
             How Women See                59976                 Oct-09 Prameela, This book analyses what microfinance money mean
                                                                                   M Chidambaranathan and money means of Money
                                                                                                Interpreting Multiple Meanings
Multiple Meanings of Money Microfinance Smita Premchander, V This book analyses what microfinanceL Jeyaseelan to women
Law of Business Contracts in India                                                 Law Contracts in India bringsIndia brings together
                                                                                                Sairam Bhat - in together in-depth, wi
                                          60381 Sairam Bhat Dec-09 Law of Businessof Business ContractsStudent-Institution Relati
             An Era of Reforms
India's Financial Sector                                       Nov-09              India's Financial Sector deals with the reform meas
                                                                                                  deals with \ PART ONE: REFORMS
                                          60394 Vyuptakesh Sharan India's Financial SectorIntroductionthe reform measures undertI
             Plans to Payoffs
Branding Demystified                      60395 Harsh V Verma                      The aspects of marketing surrounding a advertising
                                                                                                Why Brands? What is like brand, like
                                                               Feb-10 The aspects of marketing surrounding\ a brand, Brand? \ Brand
             A Guide for the Perplexed Manager Lowe
Managing in Changing Times                60396 Sid                                  book challenges the hegemony hegemony of neoc
                                                                                                 book ONE: PERPLEXITY, MANAGEM
                                                               Dec-09 This topicalThis topicalPART challenges the of neoclassical sci
                                          60591 Badrinarayan Shankar Research and research methods are extremely important and t
                                                               Nov-09 Pawar
Theory Building for Hypothesis Specification in Organizational Studies                          An Introduction to Theory Building tools
                                                                                   Research and research methods are extremely imp
             State of                     61193                                    Microfinance of the Sector andSector Reportof ann
                                                                                                Overview-signs the pains series is
Microfinance India the Sector Report 2009 N Srinivasan Dec-09 Microfinance india: state india: state of Report is aof maturitya \s
             Accumulation by Dispossession Swapna Banerjee-Guha
Transformative Cities in the New Global Order                                      Globalisation and a neo-liberal are impacting the g
                                                                                                Swapna Banerjee-Guha Introduction:
                                                               Feb-10 Globalisation and a neo-liberal world order world -order are impa
Legends of Marketing Eight Volume S60999 Balaji C Krishnan                         Marketing as is closing in Balajihundred years Set
                                                                                                 VOLUME 1 \ on a C. in on a hundred
                                                               Dec-09 Marketing as a discipline a discipline is closing Krishnan - of ex
                          Two Reference 60265 Rhona C. Free Jul-10 Interest in economics economics is at high. Among the Among
21st Century Economics: A Volume Set      Handbook                                 Interest in is at an all-time an all-time high. challeng
                          Four-Volume Set                       Bebbington study, teaching teaching and practice of social and envi
                                                                                   The study,
Social and Environmental Accounting 54711 Rob Gray, Jan Feb-10 The and Sue Gray and practice of social and environmental a
Organizing Government     Four-Volume Set                       and Rachel Ashworth theoretical theoretical and empirical perspectives
                                          54793 George Boyne Mar-10 ComprisingComprising and empirical perspectives and drawn fa
                          Four Volume Set
Innovation and Knowledge Management                            and Ana Cristina Costa
                                                                                   Innovation and Management has gained considera
                                                                                                 VOLUME 1 - KEY THEORETICAL ISS
                                          55973 Neil Anderson May-10 Innovation and Knowledge Knowledge Management has gaine
                          Co-Publication 57447 Barbara         May-10 This third This third authoritative BACP LegalInterest and for
                                                                                                Law and Ethics \ Public Resources Pro
Essential Law for Counsellors and Psychotherapists Mitchels and Tim Bond book in the book in the authoritative BACP Legal Res
             A Practical
Couple Counselling Guide                                                           This practical book essential principles and practic
                                                                                                PART ONE: IDEAS AND PRACTICE \
                                          55265 Martin Payne Mar-10 This practical book outlines theoutlines the essential principlesI
                                          58825 Meg Barker, Andreas Vossler and Understanding Counselling and Psychotherapy foc
Understanding Counselling and Psychotherapy                                         Darren Langdridge
                                                                                                Meg Barker, Andreas Vossler and Darre
                                                                Apr-10 Understanding Counselling and Psychotherapy focuses on com
             Models and Techniques 55222 Janice M Rasheed, Mikal N text will enableJames A Marley beginning proficiency as a
Family Therapy                                                                     This text will enable gain
                                                                 Jul-10 This Rasheed and students to students to gain beginning prof
                          Second in Mental Health Care         Feb-10 This book is a Mulhern a state of thethe text on - PART ONE:
                                                                                   This book the art text Short Grant the of CBT to
                                                                                                Introduction \ art
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Edition 54225 Alec Grant, Michael Townend, Ronanstate ofis and Nigel on Alecapplication application
             Lessons Learned From Hurricane Katrina and Other Disasters and Disaster Counseling: Lessons Learned from Katrina
Crisis and Disaster Counseling                                  Oct-09 Crisis
                                          58750 Priscilla Dass-Brailsford                       Karen Carr - A Community Based Appr
                                                                                   Crisis and Disaster Counseling: Lessons Learned f
             Integrating Postmodern Approaches andC Ward andPractice
Strength-Centered Counseling                                   Aug-10
                                          61183 Collin Skills With Teri Reuter     This book is a synthesis of new -postmodern theori
             Integrating Theory With Clinical Practice
                          Second Edition 59921 Pearl           F                   Case Conceptualization and Treatment Planning, S
                                                                                                Preface \ Acknowledgments \ Ch 1. De
Case Conceptualization and Treatment Planning S Berman eb-10 Case Conceptualization and Treatment Planning, Second Editi
                          Third Edition 59098 John E B MyersJul-10 The third editionthird edition of this best-sellingcovers all aspec
APSAC Handbook on Child Maltreatment                                               The of        best-selling handbook handbook cove
                                                                  and Jordan Greenbaum thisDiane DePanfilis - Child Protection Sy
Crime and Risk                                                                       years, the governance \ Risk and from policing and
                                                                                                  years, the of crime - of crime - from p
                                          52737 Pat O'Malley Apr-10 Over recentOver recentIntroductiongovernanceCrime Control \ C
Crime and Human Rights                                          Apr-10             Crimes against humanityHow amongst the most sho
                                                                                                Introduction: are Have shocking viola
                                          54784 Joachim Savelsberg Crimes against humanity are amongst the mostGovernments R
Comparing Criminal Justice                                                         The increasingly important topic ofWhy Compare?
                                                                                                Changing Paradigms \ comparative crim
                                          54785 David Nelken May-10 The increasingly important topic of comparative criminal justice
Experimental Criminology                                       May-10              Lawrence one of the Experiments in Criminology
                                                                                                Ten Great one of the world's leading ex
                                          54808 Lawrence W Sherman Lawrence Sherman isSherman isworld's leading experts on exp
               to Criminology
                          Seventh Edition60230 Frank E HaganFeb-10 IntroductionIntroductionIntroduction \ Research Methods is a co
IntroductionTheories, Methods, and Criminal Behaviour                                             to Criminology, Seventh comprehensiv
                                                                                     to Criminology, Seventh Edition is a Edition in Crim
Criminal Procedure                        48133 Matthew Lippman                    Criminal Procedure is a comprehensiveProcedure \
                                                                                                An Introduction To Criminal text that inc
                                                               Mar-10 Criminal Procedure is a comprehensive text that includes the m
             Rehabilitation, Reentry, and Reintegration
Rethinking Corrections                                         Mar-10 Rehabilitation, reintegrationGideon - CHAPTER ONE: Introduc
                                          60221 Lior Gideon and Hung-En Sung                    Lior and reentry are immediate and pre
             Thought, Policy Criminal Justice Mary Maguire and DanThis text provides a comprehensive overviewand Crime \ of the
Critical Issues of Crime andand Practice  60426                 Apr-10 Okada                    Cyndi a comprehensive the criminal ju
                                                                                   This text provides Banks - Ethics ofoverview Dan
             An Introduction
International Criminal Justice            45382 Marinella MarmoJun-10                           1: The cybercrime, from terrorism to org
                                                                                   From trafficking to concept of jurisdiction: criminolog
                          Fourth Edition 60806 Ronet Bachman   May-10 The Practice of Practice of Research in Criminology and Crimi
                                                                                   The          1. in Criminology and Criminal Justice,
The Practice of Research in Criminology and Criminal Justice and Russell K Schutt ResearchScience, Society, and Criminological
Crime Prevention                                                                    reduce we reduce and prevent is a 21st century \
                                                                                                  prevent crime? This the question a qu
                                          51782 Karen Evans Oct-10 How do we How do andCrime Prevention forcrime? This is with w
Surveillance and Crime                                         Jun-10 Surveillance Surveillance has a long-standing with crime with c
                                                                                                Theorizing Surveillance: The Panoptico
                                          52736 Roy Coleman and Michael McCahillhas a long-standing relationshiprelationshipand its
Trafficking and Global Crime Control 48745 Maggy Lee                              In a world where global flows of people and commo
                                                                                                  flows of people and commodities are o
                                                               Jun-10 In a world where globalDefining Global Human Trade \ Historie
            C            Second Edition 61158 Phyllis B Gerstenfeld Who perpetratesperpetrates hate crimes and do and Hows of re
Hate Crimes auses, Controls, and Controversies                 Jun-10                           Introduction \ The Whys hate groups H
                                                                                  Who hate crimes and why? How why? How do hat
            Concepts and Controversies
Essentials of TerrorismSecond Edition 61157 Gus Martin         Jun-10                           PART I. UNDERSTANDING TERRORI
                                                                                  A briefer version of Martin's popular Understanding
                                         39188 Eugene McLaughlin and Tim Newburn Handbook of Criminological andre-centres theo
The SAGE Handbook of Criminological Theory                     Jun-10 The SAGE The               Eugene McLaughlin Theory Newburn
                                                                                  Handbook of Criminological Theory Timre-centres
            Progress for Change Evaluation (PACE) andWanberg and Harvey of Milkman of and Treating SubstancePROCEDURE
                                         60003 Kenneth W SubstanceHandbook Criminal Conduct and Substance Abuse Treatment
                                                               Feb-10 Abuse to B Assessing Assessing METHODS, Abuse and Ab
Provider's Handbook andAssessing Criminal Conduct Monitor; A SupplementClients    Handbook PART ONE: and Treating Substance C
                         Two-Volume Set  60085 Bonnie          Apr-10 Victimology and crime Megan Stewart \Megan interrelated inter
                                                                                                  and crime prevention are growing, area
Encyclopedia of Victimology and Crime Prevention S Fisher and Steven P LabVictimologyprevention are growing, Stewart \Bradfo
            Approaches to Enquiry for Insider-Researchers Geoffrey C Elliottgrowth of practitioner practitionerThe Insider Research
Doing Work Based Research                                                         With the growth of research this book leads the wa
                                         55797 Carol Costley, Mar-10 With the and Paul Gibbs Concepts For research this book le
                         Second Edition 55838 Tony Bush, May-10 Fully revised and thoroughly updated, Bellinterest in education
                                                                                  'At this time when international and David Middlew
The Principles of Educational Leadership & Management Les Bell and David Middlewood Tony Bush, Lesthis second edition of thi
                         Fourth Edition 55660                                     This textbook has been\ fully revised and updated t
                                                                                                Introduction Primary Teachers' Insecu
Mathematics Explained for Primary Teachers Derek Haylock Apr-10 This much-lovedmuch-loved textbook has been fully revised an
                                         55842 Derek Haylock Apr-10
                                                                and Ralph Manning This workbook provides students with an attractive
Student Workbook for 'Mathematics Explained for Primary Teachers'This workbook provides students with an attractive and engagi
            From Research to Years                             Mar-10 Providing high quality toWood
                                                                                  'Designed play experiences is an all stages of their
                                                                                                    help practitioners at essential Develo
Play and Learning in the EarlyPractice 57876 Pat Broadhead, Justine Howard and ElizabethIntroduction \ Elizabeth Wood - part of g
                         Second Edition Years                                     Teaching mathematics - Foreword \ Why Play? \ C
                                                                                                 to young children in children in creative
Mathematics Through Play in the Early57894 Kate Tucker Mar-10 Teaching mathematics Sue Rogersto young creative ways is ma
                                          Early Peter                             Taking the discussion about cultural diversity usua
                                                                                                What is your diversity Multiculturalism
Understanding Cultural Diversity in the57996 Years Baldock Mar-10 Taking the discussion about cultural culture? \ beyond the beyon
The ADHD Toolkit                                                                  Are you struggling with BACKGROUND \ ADHD (A
                                                                                                 students who have ADHD (Attention-De
                                         55798 Linda WheelerMar-10 Are you struggling with PART ONE:students who have The con
            Teaching 14-19               57828                 Mar-10 Czerniawski 'SuccessfulPART ONE: EDUCATIONAL POLICY \
                                                                                                 Teaching 14-19 offers a comprehensiv
Successful Theory, Practice and Reflection Warren Kidd and GerryAre you looking for a complete training manual, to get you thro
            A Teaching at M-Level
Learning and Guide for Student Teachers                        Mar-10 Your teacher training or professional What is the book for?will n
                                                                                   Simon Hoult  Introduction \ provides an course \ W
                                         55976 Hazel Bryan, Chris Carpenter and 'This excellent book firstlydevelopment understandin
            A Practical to 16
Secondary Science 11 Guide                                     Mar-10 Are you looking for looking ideas to
                                                                                  Crowley and JohnONE: BEGINNINGS AND lesson
                                                                                                PART teaching ideas to make your sci
                                         58230 Gren Ireson, Ruth Richards, Mark Are you teachingforTwidle make your scienceDEVE
            A Framework for Edition 60166 Scott G Isaksen, K Brian Dorval Approaches toTreffingerto Problem to Problem Solvin
                         Third Innovation and Change
Creative Approaches to Problem Solving                                            Creative Approaches Solving (CAPS) is compreh
                                                               Mar-10 Creative and Donald JCreative Approaches Solvinga(CAPS) is
Using Talk to Support Writing                                  Apr-10 Using Talk Larkin Talk Debra presents a presents a new and in
                                                                                  Using and to Support Writing Classroom poster \
                                                                                                Learning to
                                         58398 Ros Fisher, Susan Jones, Shirley to Support WritingMyhillWrite \new and innovative a
            A Critical Issues Approach 61159 Ambika Gopalakrishnan and Kimberly Persiani-Becker
Multicultural Childrens Literature                             Jun-10                           PART ONE: TAKING A CRITICAL ISSU
            A Guide forSecond Edition 58403 Kay Sambell, Mel Gibson and Sue'IMiller this is an excellent Key Course views and Re
Studying Childhood and Early Childhood                                               think      Introduction \ theoretical Themes \ ap
                                                               Apr-10 Covering all the key themes, different book for childhood and e
            Principles and
                         Second Edition 59024 Sylvia Lucas May-10 Unique in its field, theits field, the second edition of thisbook co
Nurture Groups in SchoolsPractice                                                               Tony Cline - Preface \ History respec
                                                                                  Unique in second edition of this respected \ Acknow
            Practical Strategies Edition 58228 Theresa to Eight
Inclusive Play                                                                    'Written from the child-focused commitment to the
                                                                                                Understanding Inclusive gives you Env
                         Second for Children from Birth CaseyApr-10 This extremely practical and author's deep book Play \ Playyoun
            Strategies, Activities & Resources
Teaching Able, Gifted and Talented Children Clive Tunnicliffe                     'This book a vision bring together a range of tried
                                                                                                Developing School for able, gifted Abl
                                                               Apr-10 Clive Tunnicliffe offers seeks to of provisionPolicy \ Defininganda
Rita Cheminais' Handbook for New SENCOs Rita Cheminais                            Are you a new or trainee SENCOlegislation,Needs a
                                                                                                     SEN and disability (Special policy
                                                               Sep-10 Are you a new or trainee SENCO (Special EducationalEducatio
The Teacher in American Society
            A Critical Anthology                                                                PART ONE: Society: A Critical Anthol
                                         60261 Eugene F Provenzo, JrThe Teacher in American Society: AON BEING A TEACHER \
                                                               Apr-10             The Teacher in AmericanCritical Anthology examin
Cases of Successful Literacy Teachers                           Cecilia Silva     Cases of Literacy Teachers is a supplemental text
                                                                                                Introduction: Learning from is a supplem
                                         60357 Jan Lacina andApr-10 Cases of Successful Successful Literacy TeachersSuccessful
             Content Area Literacy       61168 Patricia A Antonacci and
Developing Strategies for Middle and Secondary Classrooms Jul-10 Catherine O'Callaghan          PART ONE: ACADEMIC VOCABULAR
                                                                Helen Studying for a Primary Postgraduate Certificate Certificate in E
                                                                                  Studying for a Primary Postgraduate be a primary t
Succeeding on your Primary PGCE 57998 Graham Birrell,Jan-10 Taylor and Hellen WardChapter 1 So you want toin Education (P
EducationalConnecting Schools, Families, and the Community
              Partnerships               60995 Amy Cox-Petersen                                 PART ONE: THE BASICS OF EDUCAT
                                                               Jun-10 Educational Partnerships: Connecting Schools, Families, and t
                                         54657                 May-10 Cairns, Karen Evans and state-of O'Connor Cairns, Karen Ev
                                                                                  This Handbook provides a state-of -the art the field
                                                                                                Margaret Malloch, Len
The SAGE Handbook of Workplace Learning Margaret Malloch, Len This Handbook provides aBridget N-the art overview ofoverview
                                         60612 Deanna L        May-10 The T WarrenHandbook Deanna L. of CommunicationT. Warren
                                                                                                Handbook Fassett and John and Instru
The SAGE Handbook of Communication and InstructionFassett and JohnSAGE The SAGE of Communication and Instruction functi
                          Continuing     61172                  Jul-10
Handbook of Adult and2010 EditionEducation Carol E Kasworm, Amy D Rose and Jovita Ross-Gordon   AAACE Statement \ Introduction: Adult
                         Second                                 Jul-10
The Adjunct Faculty Handbook Edition 61177 Lorri Cooper and Bryan Booth                         Lorri E. Cooper - Preparing to Teach: C
Introduction to Online Learning                                                   The book addresses myths and misconceptions reg
                                         61187 Julie GlobokarAug-10 The book addresses myths and misconceptions regarding onlin
            A Guide forSecond Edition 58138 Phil Race
Making Learning Happen    Post-Compulsory Education                               This second editionabundant supply of provides an
                                                                                                Setting of scene \ Seven a quality tha
                                                               May-10 Praise for the first edition: ` an the the popular textfactors under
                                         60400 Rosemary Papa
Technology Leadership for School Improvement                                        Leadership LeadershipImprovement is a practical
                                                                                                   for School for ONE: Improvement PO
                                                               Apr-10 TechnologyTechnologyPreface \ PART SchoolLEADERSHIP is t
            A Guide for Studying         61161 Anastasia
Self-Study Teacher Research your Teaching Practice Samaras     Jun-10                           PART ONE: THE 6Ws OF SELF-STUD
            Challenges, Strategies and60589 Anastasia Nikolopoulou, Taisha Abraham andAnastasia Nikolopoulou, Farid Mirbaghe
Education for Sustainable Development                          Jan-10 Education for SustainableSustainable Development is an emer
                                         Practices in a Globalizing World                         Farid Mirbagheri
                                                                                  Education for Development is an emerging field th
                                         61155 Marilyn Lichtman
Understanding and Evaluating Qualitative Educational Research  Jun-10                           PART ONE: QUALITATIVE RESEARC
                         Two-Volume and  60084 Thomas C Hunt, James C Carper, EducationalJulie BiddleC Daniel Raisch
Encyclopedia of Educational ReformSet Dissent                                      Thomas J Lasley and is replete with educational r
                                                                                                    education \Julie rich in ideas, Arnold
                                                               Mar-10 The history of Americanreform is an areaBiddle \Jackierife with
                         Two-Volume 60194 Craig Kridel Apr-10 The Encyclopedia of Curriculum Curriculum Studies comprehen
Encyclopedia of Curriculum Studies Set                                                          Craig Kridel \Craig Kridel \Craig Kridel a
                                                                                  The Encyclopedia of Studies provides a provides \D
Perception               Four-Volume Set                       Apr-10 This collection collection brings together the major papers in t
                                         55228 Tom Troscianko and Alastair Smith brings together the major papers in the field of P
                         Three-Volume Set
Action Research in Education                                     and Susan Groundwater-Smith
                                                                                  Action Research in Educationevolution ofevolution o
                                                                                                VOLUME 1: the traces the classroom
                                         55658 Anne CampbellJun-10 Action Research in Education tracesHISTORICAL PERSPECT
                         Four-Volume Set 54821                                    This four-volume set is part of the Fundamentals of
Qualitative Research Methods in Education Harry Torrance Jul-10 This four-volume set is part of the Fundamentals of Applied Re
            Problem Behaviors
                         Second          60578 Bob PracticesMay-10 Daunic and'A wonderful tool for administrators and teachers th
                                                                                    Stephen W. Smith
                                                                                                Acknowledgments \ problem behaviours
Preventing School-Wide Programs and ClassroomAlgozzine, Ann P. In today's increasingly diverse classrooms, About the Authors \
Data-Enhanced Leadership                                                                        Paul Houston - Using What are Know
                                         60231 Alan M Blankstein, Paul D Houston and Robert W Cole perennial struggle You the you
                                                                                  Always of educators
                                                               Mar-10 Always at the heartat the heart of educators perennial struggle
                                         60223 Franklin CampbellJones, Brenda in key research and Tillman - Lindsey \cultural O
                                                                School Change Grounded in key research on Foreword PART p
                                                                                                Linda organizational change,
The Cultural Proficiency Journey Barriers Toward ProfoundMar-10 Grounded CampbellJones onC.Randall B organizational change
            Moving Beyond Ethical
                                         60584 June E Severe   May-10 While most While Inclusive ClassroomsForeword. by Diane Ry
                                                                                   resources Diane Ryndak inclusive education focus
                                                                                                 resources for -
Academic Instruction for Students With Moderate andDowningIntellectual Disabilities inmostfor inclusive education focus on teaching
              Go                         Whole System Reform                      Changing wholecrucial start the phase (when a lot o
                                                                                                The education up better as measured
All SystemsThe Change Imperative for 59379 Michael Fullan Apr-10 Changing whole education systems forsystems for the better a
            The Skinny on Becoming Change Michael Fullan Jan-10 Michael Fullan, working with effective change leaders, provides
Motion Leadership                        60605 Savvy                                            Introduction: Change Problems Chang
                                                                                  'Fresh, lively, succinct. Whether you are just\ startin
            A Year of                                                                           Creating a Fun, Rewarding School Clim
                                         60432 Diane HodgesMay-10 In this exciting new resource Diane Hodges, best-selling autho
Season It With Fun! Recognition, Fun, and Celebrations to Enliven Your SchoolIn this exciting new resource Diane Hodges, best-s
            Teaching and Generation 47702 Digital Land Jun-10 Understanding       Understanding is part of a is Fluency series \ Fore
                                                                                                The 21st Century part of a the 21st Cen
Understanding the Digital Learning in the NewThe 21st Century Fluency Group, Inc Digital Kids Digital Kids series fromProject from t
            Research-Based Methods for the Classroom
Inclusion Strategies That Work!                                                   Are you ready of Inclusivein your classroom? Now
                                                                                                 inclusion work Activities in Workshee
                                         60801 Toby J Karten May-10 Are you ready to make Listto make inclusion workandyour classr
            Practical                    60379 New TeachersMar-10 Ron Nash sRon Nash sKay Burke -Mentor: Practicalfor Suppor
The Active Mentor Strategies for SupportingRon Nash                                               The Active Foreword \ The Strategies
                                                                                    The Active Mentor: Practical Strategies Need for H
                         Third Other Powerful Web Richardson ay-10 Written for educators of all levels and disciplines, this thirdadvi
Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, and Edition 60431 Will Tools for Classrooms                             The Read//Write Web Weblogs: Peda
                                                                                  'This book is loaded with insightful\ and honest edit
             Creating Capacity, Commitment, Jackie Acree Walsh and leader's jobleader's Quality Questioning:of the Is This to Imp
                                                                                    'A is not to have all to have all Why right answers
Leading Through Quality Questioning: 60210and CommunityMar-10 'A Beth Dankert Sattes job is not of the right answers, but anask
             6 an Optionfor Making Student Success Blankstein   Jan-10 'Educational books that engage both head and heart are rare. T
Failure Is NotPrinciplesSecond Edition 60351 Alan Mthe ONLY Option                               List of Case Stories both head and For
                                                                                    'Educational books that engage and Examples \hea
             Bringing Digital            61224 Jessica Grades
Teaching Tech Savvy Kids Media Into the Classroom, K Parker5-12 May-10              Based on a seminal, three-year study on adolescen
             Partnering for
Teaching Digital Natives Real Learning                                              Teaching Digital NativesOur Changing intuitive an
                                                                                                 Introduction: presents teachers with yet
                                         61225 Marc Prensky May-10 Teaching Digital Natives presents teachers with anWorld: Tech
             Building Expertise Within 61226 Walls of Your School In this volume, bestselling bestselling authors POWERFUL JO
                                                                Jun-10              In this volume,
                                                                                                 PART ONE: WHAT IS Diane Yendol-Ho
Powerful Professional Development the Four Diane Yendol-Hoppey and Nancy Fichtman Danaauthors Diane Yendol-Hoppey and N
                          Second Edition 61227 Donna Walker Jun-10
What Every Teacher Should Know About Diverse Learners Tileston
                                         61192 Donna Walker Tileston
                                                                 2nd Edition        In this new and updated edition of What Every Tea
                                                                                                 Vocabulary Pre-Test \ Teacher Should
What Every Teacher Should Know About Student MotivationMay-10 In this new and updated edition of What EveryWhat Is Motivatio
                          Second Edition 61228 Donna Walker Tileston
                                                                 and the
What Every Teacher Should Know About Learning, Memory,Aug-10 Brain                  This compact volume offers teachers a comprehen
                                         Involvement             Jul-10             Current educational research underscores the impo
Leadership for Family and Community 61229 Paul D Houston, Alan M Blankstein and Robert W Cole
             A Guide for School EditionPrincipals G BolmanMay-10 This second edition of Reframing the Path to the Path to Schoo
                           Teachers and 61230 Lee
Reframing the Path To Second Leadership                                             This         PART ONE: A PAIR OF ROOKIES \ A
                                                                and Terrence E Deal second edition of Reframing School Leadersh
Key Methods in Geography                                        Apr-10 This is a completely revised andfrom bothGeographical Resear
                          Second Edition 46748 Nicholas Clifford and Gill Valentine              Getting Started in human and physical
                                                                                    Including definitions updated edition of the best-se
The Earth's Land Surface                 55115 Kenneth J Gregory                    This text details the land surface of Landto geomo\
                                                                                                 Preface \ Visualizing the the Surface
                                                                Mar-10 This introductoryis a lively and engaging introductionearth in a r
Key Concepts in Planning                                        Oct-10 Edited       Dedicated to the study of the and country planning
                                                                                                 Sustainability Sustainable Developmen
                                         51185 Gavin Parker and Joe Doak by Dr Rob Kitchen, Directorof \townNational Institute of R
                                                                Oct-10              The MacDonald and Revisiting Theories a manual
                                                                                                 Handbook of Schickhoff
The SAGE Handbook of Biogeography20951 Andrew Millington, Mark Blumler, Glen SAGE Part One: UdoBiogeography is and Conc
             Conserving Power Change60586 B Future              Nov-09 This book Assenza, Dora Assenzagamut of issuesHasselmann
                                                                                    This with deals with issues related to energy efficie
                                                                                                 gamut of a and Franziska related to e
Energy Efficiency and Climate for a Sustainable Sudhakara Reddy, Gaudenz B deals booka Energy, Economy and the Environment
             A Guide to Hazardous SubstancesToxics Link
Our Toxic World                                                 Jan-10              The mode of development that of India-has followe
                                                                                                 Introduction \ Cast the world-and \ Con
                                         61250 in our Everyday Lives The mode of development that the world-andCharacters India-
             Reference Series on Green60264 Paul Robbins and Golson Books Ltd
                          Twelve Volume Society
The SAGE Toward a Sustainable Future
                                         Knowledge              and David N Livingstone
                                                                                    Handbook I Geographical Knowledge Knowledge i
                                                                                                 Handbook of Geographical is a critical
The SAGE Handbook of Geographical 40303 John A Agnew Sep-10 The SAGE The SAGE ofORIENTATIONS \ Robert Mayhew - G
                                         50382                  Aug-10 Cairns andHandbook Greig Crysler,Architectural Theory and
                                                                                     Hilde HeynenHandbook of Theory Cairns and Hilde
The SAGE Handbook of Architectural Theory Greig Crysler, StephenThe SAGE The SAGE of ArchitecturalStephendocuments docub
                                         52727 Aaron Pycroft May-10 Understanding and Working with Substance Misusers explores
Understanding and Working with Substance Misusers                                                Introduction \ Drugs and Drug Users in C
                                                                                    Understanding and Working with Substance Misuse
             A Book of Readings          59990 Katherine van Dec-09 and Bruce A Thyer Based Practice in SubstanceTO EVIDEN
                                                                                    Evidence PART I: INTRODUCTION Abuse Trea
Evidence-Based Practice in the Field of Substance Abuse Wormer Evidence Based Practice in Substance Abuse Treatment is a r
             Beyond Evidence-Based 55457                        Sep-10 Is evidence-based practice really bestMike Burt and Joy Parke
Values-Based Health & Social Care Practice Jill McCarthy and Pat Rose                            Mike Thomas, really best practice? Th
                                                                                    Is evidence-based practice practice? This is a hotly
Study Skills for Social Workers                                 Apr-10 Robin Kiteley completely student focused. I does this students to
                                                                                                  completely What focused. I envisage
                                         52964 Christine Stogdon and The book isThe book isIntroduction:studentenvisage book aim h
Theory and Practice in Clinical Social Work Jerrold R Brandell                      Today's clinical social workers face ofspectrum of s
                                                                                                 Faye Mishna Foreword the Second
                                                                May-10 Today's clinical social workers face a-spectrum atosocial issues
             An for an Aging Population55185 Robbyn R Wacker andWith increases in population aging and declining birth rates in
Social Policies International Comparison                                            This book introduces students to a number of topics
                                                                Sep-10 Karen A Roberto
             A Brief Guide for Managing47337 Peter J Pecora, David Cherin, Emily Bruce and a brief, practical guide to theguide to th
Strategic Supervision                                           Dec-09              Strategic is Trinidad de brief, practical
                                                                                                 Administrative Supervision within an Or
                                          Social Service Organizations Strategic SupervisionSupervision is aJesus Arguello most imp
             Tools for Public and Voluntary Social Services Jan-10 Wordcraft: Applied Qualitative Data\ Analysis: Tools for PublicP
                                         59113 Vincent
Wordcraft: Applied Qualitative Data Analysis (QDA) E Faherty                                     Introduction PART I: THEORY AND a
                                                                                    Wordcraft: Applied Qualitative Data Analysis: Tools
                                          Project Management and John M Carfora book in response to the needs the needsFund
                                                                                    This         Introduction Idea Development
A Guide to Proposal Development and61167 Arnold S Shore Jul-10 This book was written was written in \response toof faculty\and f       of g
             A for Social
Skill Training Manual Workers                                   Jan-10 Skill Training Rao, Nagmani Rao which seeks Masdekar - Intro
                                                                                    Skill SocialSudha Datar and Rumato integrate soci
                                                                                                  Workers, and Ujjwala Bawikar
                                         60590 Sudha Datar, Ruma Bawikar, Geeta forTraining for Social Workers, which seeks to int
             Population,                 61256 Mohan Rao and Sarah The decennial International ConferenceConference on - Introdu
Markets and Malthus Gender and Health in Neo-liberal Times      Feb-10 Sexton                    Mohan Rao and on Population Populat
                                                                                    The decennial International Sarah Sexton and Dev
             Assessment of People-At-Risk
Suicidal Behaviour                                               and Manas K Mandal Suicidal Behaviour: Assessment of People-At-Risk
                                                                                                 PART ONE: RISK ASSESSMENT: THE
                                         60595 Updesh KumarJan-10 Suicidal Behaviour: Assessment of People-At-Risk provides a
             Image, Sound
Analysing Popular Music and Text                                                    Popular more is far more thanwe listen to;we listen
                                                                                                 Introduction songs just songs its mean
                                         55117 David Machin Mar-10 Popular music is farmusic than just \ Discourses of popular mu
             Matters                     56001 Nick                                 For more than neoliberalism The Crisis of Neolibera
                                                                                                 Voice as Value \ has declared that mar
Why Voice Culture and Politics After Neoliberalism Couldry Jun-10 For more than thirty years thirty years neoliberalism has declar
             A Text-Reader
Cultural Meanings of News                                       May-10 What is news? Whynews?news turn out Acknowledgments fact
                                         61005 Daniel A Berkowitz                                Dan Berkowitz - like it does? What \ Da
                                                                                    What is does Why does news turn out like it does
                          Third                                 O                   As we go experiencing and \ Rhetoric and Popular
                                                                                                 Part I. life experiencing and enjoying mu
Rhetoric in Popular Culture Edition 61292 Barry Brummett ct-10 As we go through life through THEORY enjoying music, clothin
Understanding Ethnic Media                                      Oct-10                           Part Ball-Rokeach
                                         58036 Matthew D Matsaganis, Vikki S Katz and Sandra J 1: Ethnic Media in Context \ 1. Wha
                                         60209                                                   Introduction PART ONE: CONFLICTIN
                                                                                     Das, in Volume in the \series Guy Poitevin
                                                                Jan-10 The Third VolumeVibodh Parthasarathi andCommunication Pro
Communication, Culture and Confrontation Bernard Bel, Jan Brouwer, BiswajitThe Thirdthe series Communication Processes eng
The Indian Media Business Edition 60393 Vanita Kohli-Khandekar                      This book Growing study Print \ Indian the Indian
                                                                                                 in-depth Up \ of the Television \ busin
                                                                Dec-09 This book presents anpresents an in-depth study ofmedia Film
             Cultures of the Everyday 60585 Pramod K Nayar
Packaging Life                                                                      Packaging Life: the Everyday isEveryday \isthestudy
                                                                                                 Introduction : of the a study     a the
                                                                Nov-09 Packaging Life: Cultures of Cultures Packaging Life of Life,cultu
              Liberation                 of Gandhi's Gonsalves   Revolution         This is the first analysis \ Gandhi's dressing style c
                                                                                                 Introduction dressing style in terms of i
Clothing forA Communication Analysis 61254 PeterSwadeshiFeb-10 This is the first analysis of Gandhi'sofGandhi the Communicato
             Pen                         61231 and South Asia   Jan-10 This is a collection of essays by Noronha Indian and South a
                                                                                    This         Frederick essays by prominent Indian
The Green Environmental Journalism in India Keya Acharya and Frederick Noronha is a collection ofprominentand Keya AcharyaA-
             A Practical Second Edition 61156 Marianne
                          Introduction                          Jun-10
Applying Communication Theory for Professional Life Dainton and Elaine D Zelley                  1. Introduction to Communication Theor
              the Global World
Empathy in An Intercultural Perspective                         Feb-10 Evidence of violence and A Global Imperative: The Unveiling o
                                         59999 Carolyn Calloway-Thomas                           1. hatred worldwide - from the bombing
Health CommunicationFour-Volume Set                                                 Health communication developed developed over
                                         54439 Gary L Kreps Apr-10 Health communication inquiry has inquiry has over the last thirtt
                          Four-Volume Set
Interpersonal Communication                                     Feb-10 Interpersonal communication is inexorable, irrevocable,irrevoca
                                                                                                  VOLUME 1: INTRODUCTION, comple
                                         55229 Mark L Knapp and John A Daly Interpersonal communication is inexorable, HISTOR
Communication Theory      Four-Volume Set                                           of communication has I: THEargued about sinceabo
                                                                                                  VOLUME been has been argued CO
                                         55263 Peter J Schulz Feb-10 The nature The nature of communicationPROCESSING OFthe
Popular Culture           Four-Volume Set                       Jun-10              Popular culture is as it is pervasive. pervasive. It is
                                                                                                 VOLUME ONE: HISTORICAL PERSPE
                                         55647 Michael J Pickering Popular culture is as debated as debated as it is It is pervasive
Consumption               Four Volume Set55833 Alan Warde                           Consumption is a core disciplines disciplines study
                                                                 Jul-10 Consumption is a core issue for allissue for all studying 'culture
                                         52721 Holli            Aug-10 This Handbook provides a scholarly review of the major reseac
The SAGE Handbook of Political Communication A Semetko and Margaret Scammell                     Part I: The Media Industry, Technology
                                                                                    This Handbook provides a scholarly review of the m
The SAGE Handbook of Governance 54208 Mark Bevir                                                 Mark Bevir - has arisen to as a way o
                                                                Aug-10 The study of governancegovernanceIntroduction: Governance
                                                                                    The study of has arisen to prominenceprominence
               North, South
                          Sixth Edition 58824 Geir Lundestad    Feb-10               classic theThe New international politics in the in E
                                                                                                  classic overviews of\ international politic
East, West,Major Developements in International Politics Since 1945'..one of the'..one of overviews of World             The Cold War po
             Initiating Policy Change    59918 Accenture Foundation, School of Communication Management andon the Agenda-Pro
                                                                                     and easy-to-useeasy-to-use a new paradigm par
                                                                                                  and book \ NGOs offers a new
Strategic Research and Political Communication for NGOs Oct-09 This uniqueThis uniqueIntroductionoffers bookThe Banyan to NG
             China, India and             States                Oct-09 China's emergence as Ambassador Kis transforming Foreword
                                                                                                 a great as a Raghunath - the world,
Power Realignments in Asia the United58171 Alyssa Ayres and C Raja Mohan China's emergencepowergreat power is transformin
             The Story                    Relations with India and
                                                                Dec-09 This         This book carries a series of briefRoosevelt on US
                                                                                                 World War II and the sketches Adminis
The South Asia First Sixty Years of US59348 Harold A Gould Pakistan book carries a series of brief sketches on how twelve how
             A Guide for Policymaking in an Uncertain Swanson and Suruchi Bhadwal Policies: A David Venema and John Drexha
Creating Adaptive Policies                                                          Creating Henry Policies: Policymaking in an Un
                                         59979 Darren World Sep-09 Creating Adaptive Adaptive Guide forA Guide for Policymakin
             Text and Context
Modern Indian Political Thought                                 Oct-09 This book Kumar Pandey
                                                                                    This book reading for undergraduate students of po
                                                                                                 Introduction \ PART ONE: REVISITING
                                         60207 Bidyut Chakrabarty and Rajendrais essential is essential reading for undergraduate st
             Breaking New the Military 60232 Ajey Lele
Strategic Technologies forFrontiers                                               This book provides a holistic viewtechnologies that
                                                                                                Introduction PART of the key techno
                                                              Nov-09 This book provides a holistic view of\ the keyONE: PLATFORM
             Tamil Nationalism in Sri Lanka
Pathways of Dissent                      60235 R Cheran                           Sri Lanka, the 'Teardrop \Isle', has been under inter
                                                                                                Introduction S under international atte
                                                              Oct-09 Sri Lanka, the 'Teardrop Isle', has beenK Sitrampalam - Nation
             The Crisis                  60392                                    This the evolution Northeast: of India's North-EastE
                                                                                                India's of India's North-East Region \
Troubled Periphery of India's North East Subir BhaumikDec-09 This book maps book maps the evolution Frontier tointo a const
Emergence of the Political Subject                            Dec-09 This book is on the political the political subject, theof its emerg
                                         60588 Ranabir Samaddar                                 Introduction PART ONE: conditions
                                                                                  This book is on subject, \the conditionsSITUATION
                                          Globalization       Dec-09 Verma        This book discusses the challenges challenges Intr
                                                                                                Pritam Singh and Subir of organizing o
Organizing and Managing in the Era of60592 Pritam Singh and SubirThis book discusses the issues and issues andVerma - An of a
             An Alternate Perspective 61194 Ram Puniyani and Shabnam Hashmi
Mumbai: Post 26/11                                                                26//11 shook Mumbai The Kill Democracy \ Praful
                                                                                                Praful Bidwai - attack The attack was b
                                                              Jan-10 26//11 shook Mumbai to the core. to the core. was brutal and ho
                                                              F                   The book examines present of East and West see
                                                                                                Introduction \ PART ONE: "EUROPE" A
Identity Politics in India and Europe 61253 Michael Dusche eb-10 The book examines present perceptionsperceptions of East an
             Lessons from India
Squatting with Dignity                                                            This of the successes successes and faced in build
                                                                                                Introduction \ Rural Sanitation: Develop
                                         61255 Alok Kumar Feb-10 This is the story is the story of the and challenges challenges fa
                          Three Volume Set
Encyclopedia of Political Theory         60262 Mark Bevir                         In discussing a topic, political science lecturers tex
                                                             May-10 In discussing a topic, political science lecturers and course and
Political Psychology Four Volume Set     57827 Howard Lavine                      Political is an interdisciplinary field in which psycho
                                                             May-10 Political psychology psychology is an interdisciplinary field in w
                          Four-Volume Set
Interpretive Political Science           54444 Mark Bevir                         'Interpretive'Edited by Mark adescribes a broad Po
                                                                                                  political science broad range of appro
                                                              Mar-10 'Interpretive' political science describes Bevir - Interpretive ran
Federalism                Four-Volume Set                                         In 1968, Carl a prominent prominent Harvard poli
                                         53554 John Kincaid Aug-10 In 1968, Carl J. Friedrich,J. Friedrich, aHarvard political scientis
Urban Politics            Four-Volume Set                     Jun-10 City politicsCity politics is an ancient,TRADITIONS vibrantthat
                                                                                   is an ancient, enduring and vibrant and AND TRAN
                                         54442 Jonathan S Davies and David L Imbroscio           VOLUME 1: enduring enterprise ente
Intelligence Studies Five-Volume Set                                               has never has never played a more prominent rol
                                         55111 Peter Jackson Jul-10 IntelligenceIntelligenceplayed a more prominent role in internat
                          of the Asia-Pacific
International Relations Four-Volume Set                       Mar-10 The A Higgott contemporary of Theorising the Asia-Pacific re
                                                                                  The           Volume 1 the Asia-Pacific region Politi
                                         51175 Shaun Breslin and Richard contemporary importance importance of Internationalin inte
                          of the Middle East
International Relations Four-Volume Set  54798 Gerd Nonneman                      The international the Middle the has long been s
                                                               Jul-10 The international relations of relations of EastMiddle East hasalo
Ethnic Conflict           Four-Volume Set                                         Ethnic conflicts in various scalesare \ Volume of the
                                                                                                Volume I: and forms and feature II: Ca
                                         52720 Rajat Ganguly Sep-09 Ethnic conflicts in various scales Ethnic Identity aforms are a fe
Housing Economics Four Volume Set                               Kenneth Gibb      Access to adequate accommodation, at an price a
                                         57891 Alex Marsh and Jul-10 Access to adequate accommodation, at an appropriateappropr
The Public Sphere         Four-Volume Set                      Jul-10 The idea of The public sphere as sphereMurdock
                                                                                   the idea of the and Graham as the space where c
                                         55789 Jostein Gripsrud, Hallvard Moe, Anders Molander publicthe space where citizens com
The SAGE Handbook of Identities                               Mar-10 Increasingly, identities are the
                                                                                  Increasingly, identities for the\ site for interdisciplina
                                                                                                INTRODUCTION Margaret Wetherell
                                         47529 Margaret Wetherell and Chandra Talpade Mohanty site are interdisciplinary initiative
                                         48899 Patricia A Howlin, Tony Charman and Mohammad breakthroughs in genetic knowledg
The SAGE Handbook of Developmental Disorders                                      Reflecting the enormous CONTENTS \have taken p
                                                                                                PROPOSED changes that PART ONE
                                                             May-10 Over the last four decades, Ghaziuddin
Key Research and Study Skills in Psychology Sieglinde McGee                       Providing students with a single source they which
                                                                                                  a single source Skills \ Note Making a
                                                              Apr-10 Providing students withUseful Computerfrom which from can le
                                                                                   of useful exercises, Research and how-to and how
                          Second Edition 60356 Dawn M McBride and JPacked full Packed full PART I - checklists,Methods Exercises K
Lab Manual for Psychological Research                         Apr-10 Cooper Cutting              of useful exercises, checklists, sections
             Concept and Results
Social Change and Human Development                           Jun-10 Today's Chen Today's world is characterized overarchingoverarch
                                                                                                Rainer by a set of by a set of Chen
                                         56040 Rainer K Silbereisen and Xinyinworld is characterizedK Silbereisen and Xinyintrends th
Cognitive Development                                         Aug-10 Cognitive Development: Infancy Through Adolescence byTheo
                                         59114 Kathleen M Galotti                               Introduction Infancy Through Adolesce
                                                                                  Cognitive Development:and Overview \ Major Kath
Applied Psychometry                                           Sep-09 Applied Psychometry is designedis designed as a IN MODERN
                                         58286 Narender Kumar Chadha                            PART I: MEASUREMENT core practic
                                                                                  Applied Psychometry as a core textbook ontextboo
Anger Management                                              and Sunil Saini     Laying out a host tips to ANGER, to manage book c
                                                                                                PART ONE: manage CAUSES, anger,
                                         58963 Swati Y BhaveSep-09 Laying out a host of effective of effective tips anger, this EXPRE
Group Dynamics for Teams Edition 61171 Daniel Levi                                Grounded in psychological research but with aTEAM
                                                                                                PART I: CHARACTERISTICS OF very
                                                               Jul-10 Grounded in psychological research but with a very practical fo
             Science, Second Edition 61186 Andrew M Pomerantz Updated and expanded and written and Psychology yet access
Clinical Psychology Practice, and Culture                     Aug-10                            Defining Clinical written in an Evolution
                                                                                  Updated and expanded in an academic \ academic
Forensic Psychology Four-Volume Set      54790 Ray Bull                            world, the world, the popularity of forensic of foren
                                                              Aug-10 Around the Aroundthe popularity and impact and impact psycho
Encyclopedia of Identity  Two-Volume Set                      Aug-10              No matter whether is a of nationhood, Frey, Steph
                                                                                                a discussion discussion of race, family
                                         55163 Ronald L Jackson II No matter whether it is RicharditLanigan \Lawrencenationhood,
Human Memory              Four Volume Set                      Jul-10 Our capacity to capacity to store and retrieve has fascinated f
                                         56038 Chris Moulin and Martin Conway Our store and retrieve information information has c
             Methodology for People Who Need to Read Research The book isThe book isPreface \ Introduction \ Theand interpre
Evaluating Research                      60225 Francis C Dane Mar-10                              help students understand Scientific a
                                                                                    intended to intended to help students understandAp
Creating Autoethnographies                                                        Creating Autoethnographies is an to autoethnogra
                                                                                                Why is autoethnography: discovering t
                                         54198 Tessa MunceyMar-10 Creating Autoethnographiesdo an introductionintroduction to au
             A Practical Guide
Doing Qualitative Research in Psychology                      Mar-10              Using interview recordings (video and audio -availab
                                                                                                Michael Forrester - Introduction reade
                                         54210 Michael A Forrester Using interview recordings (video and audio, available to This B
                                                              Mar-10 Tucker andThe Sage Handbook of Measurement is a Madhu
                                                                                   Madhu Viswanathan
                                                                                                  Measurement is \ unique methodologi
The SAGE Handbook of Measurement50067 Geoffrey Walford, Eric The Sage Handbook ofINTRODUCTION a Eric Tucker,unique m
                                         55652 David ThomasMay-10 Emerging researchers need a range of specificresearch plan an
Designing and Planning Your Research Project                                                    Skills needed for doing of specific skil
                                                              and Ian D Hodges Emerging researchers need a rangeskills to \ Softw
Statistical Persuasion                                        Mar-10 This text helps readersPREFACE \understand how to collect, m
                                         60088 Robert W Pearson                                  understand ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS
                                                                                  This text helps readers how to collect, manage, ev
                                         50004 Ivy Bourgeault,Jun-10 The Sage Handbook ofIvy Bourgeault, Ray de Vries and in Hea
The SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Methods in Health Research                       The Sage Handbook of Methods in Methods Rober
                                                               Robert Dingwall and Ray de Vries   Qualitative Qualitative Health Researc
                                           Social Research                        Making Sense ofMethods in Methods in Social in cr
                                                                                                The Statistical Social Research Rese
Making Sense of Statistical Methods in52963 Keming Yang Apr-10 Making Sense of Statistical position of statistical methodsis aso
                          Second Edition Social Abbas Tashakkori and
SAGE Handbook of Mixed Methods in 61180 & Behavioral Research Charles Teddlie                   Abbas Tashakkori, Charles Teddlie - 01
                                                                                    is a succinct a succinct guide to can be used in b
A Simple Guide to EXCEL Statistics 61185 Neil J Salkind Aug-10 This projectThis project isguide to EXCEL thatEXCEL that can a
Statistics Alive!         Second Edition 61175 Wendy Steinberg Jul-10
             With          CD
Statistics Alive! SPSS Second Edition 61176 Wendy Steinberg   Aug-10
Association Models                       57729 Raymond S Wong                     Many social science nature organized in cross-clas
                                                                                                Introduction \ are by nature organized i
                                                              Apr-10 Many social science data are by data Association Models in Tw
Bare-Bones R A Brief Introductory Guide 60354 Thomas P Hogan                      This text provides a Contents \ Preface to the elem
                                                                                                Table hands-on introduction Acknowled
                                                              Apr-10 This text provides a practical,of practical, hands-on \introduction
             A Quick                      SPSS, STATA and other
                                                             May-10 This book provides readers with step-by-step instructions runn
                                                                                  This          An Introduction to Statistics & Quantitat
Practical Statistics and Easy Guide to60807 David Kremelberg Statistical Software book is providesstep-by-step guidance on for r
             A Guide to Research         55113 Jonathan Wilson
Essentials of BusinessDoing Your Research Project                                 Essentials An Introductionconcise, a concise, stud
                                                                                                 Research is a to Business Research \
                                                              Mar-10 Essentials of Businessof Business Research isaccessible, acce
Case StudyWhat, Why and How?             60115 Peter Swanborn                       case studies be is a case Is case Whencase stud
                                                                                                  case studies be selected? Is to condu
                                                             May-10 How shouldHow shouldWhat selected?study? \ study methodol
             A Start-to-Finish Guide     52087 Lena           and Colin McCaig This book is a text for practitioners who are - Beco
                                                                                                Lena Dahlberg text for McCaig looking
Practical Research and Evaluation for Practitioners Dahlberg Apr-10 This book is a starter 'DIY'starter 'DIY' & Colin practitioners who
Doing Visual Research                                         Aug-10 Doing Visual ResearchPART ONE:offers anintroductionintrodu
                                         50075 Claudia Mitchell                                  offers an innovative innovative to Intr
                                                                                  Doing Visual Research GETTING STARTED \ the
             A Guide for Teachers        55651 Helen JohnsonJun-10 With the voluminousvoluminous literature available on educatio
Practical Research in Education and Students                                                    Beliefs, Policy, Practice And Research \
                                                                                  With the literature available on educational researc
Online Interviews in Real Time                                                    This book provides Contents \ Detailed Table scho
                                                                                                Table and experienced scholars the Co
                                         59119 Janet SalmonsFeb-10 This book provides emerging ofemerging and experiencedofthe
Introducing Paths of Inquiry Research 60816 Donald Treadwell                       Communication Research is an undergraduate tex
                                                                                                 Communication Research is an underg
                                                              Jun-10 Introducing Introducing Prologue: Welcome to Communication
Ethnography  Step-by-Step                                     Dec-09 The Third Edition of the best-sellingbest-selling Ethnography: S
                          Third Edition 50248 David M Fetterman                                 The First Step: An Overview \ Walking i
                                                                                  The Third Edition of the Ethnography: Step-By-Ste
Assessing Inequality                                           Jul-10 EstablishingEstablishing a between quantile CDFs, Quantile Fu
                                                                                                Introduction \ between quantile regress
                                         46243 Lingxin Hao and Daniel Q. Naiman a natural link natural link PDFs, regression and ine
                                                                Jul-10 An IntroductionIntroduction to Reviews provides a provides a b
                                                                                  An Thomas    APPROACHES TO REVIEWING \ Natu
An Introduction to Systematic Reviews54546 David Gough, Sandy Oliver and Jamesto Systematic Systematic Reviews brief overvie
            The Unity and Diversity of 55216
                         Second                               Aug-10 Ideal for capstone courses in undergraduate social science, or
Constructing Social Research EditionMethod Lisa Amoroso and Charles C Ragin       Ideal for capstone courses in undergraduate social
Fractal Analysis                                                Jul-10
                                        61169 Clifford Brown and Larry Liebovitch              Introduction to Fractal Analysis: What A
            Strategies                  61160 Dahlia          Jun-10 Research Methods Practice in Practice innovative, innovati
                                                                                  Research PART ONE: FOUNDATIONS \ state-of
Research in Practice for Description and Causation K Remler and Gregg G Van Ryzin in Methods provides anprovides an Researc
                         Second Edition                        Hesse-Biber and provides undergraduate to beginning Research \ g
                                                                                  This book provides undergraduate and beginning A
The Practice of Qualitative Research 61162 Sharlene Nagy Jun-10 This book Patricia Leavy InvitationandQualitative graduate stu
                         Fifth Edition
Designing Qualitative Research                                Jun-10 This popular textpopular text provides pragmatic Research Gen
                                                                                  This provides useful and useful and pragmatic gui
                                        61165 Catherine Marshall and Gretchen Rossman Introduction \ Qualitative guidance for d
                         Three Volume Set
Encyclopedia of Research Design                                                   Research its statistical underpinnings, can be esp
                                        60267 Neil J Salkind Aug-10 Research design, withdesign, with its statistical underpinnings,
            A Critical Introduction
Understanding Tourism                                          and Dan Knox       'At last! tourism students to concepts drawn from c
                                                                                               Understanding Tourism \ Regulating su
                                        46955 Kevin HannamMar-10 This text introducesA refreshingly lucid text for students thatTo
Key Concepts in Tourist Studies                                Nicola Tourism and fourth biggestRobertson the world. of tourism \
                                                                                  'The current Hart industry in market is saturated w
                                                                                                 tourism textbook
                                        46520 Melanie Smith,Mar-10 MacLeodis theMargaretIntroduction \ Anthropology What are th
Investigating Sociological Theory                                                 'This an encyclopaedic survey of And most influentia
                                                                                               Introduction \ Classic the Canon \ Desc
                                        58932 Charles TurnerMar-10 'This book is not book is not an encyclopaedic survey of the mo
            A Guide                     50473 Raymond Madden
Being Ethnographic to the Theory and Practice of Ethnography                      'Raymond Madden is to be congratulateda highlyTH
                                                                                               PART ONE: KEY for writing AND re
                                                              Mar-10 'Raymond Madden is to be congratulatedCONCEPTSfor writing
            The Politics
Race, Sport andSporting Black Diaspora                                            This is the first study that study that addresses R
                                                                                               Introduction: Sport and the Making of in
                                        36818 Ben Carrington Jul-10 This is the first book-lengthbook-lengthaddresses sport's role sp
                                        19858 Patricia Hill-Collins andWhat is the'In theof race and ethnic studies today? be alive and
The SAGE Handbook of Race and Ethnic Studies                                       state       century racism continues to Solomos
                                                              May-10 John Solomos 21st Patricia Hill Collins and JohnHow has th
            Selected Readings
                         Third (reader)                       Aug-10 This book is designed to build off to success of success Race
Race, Ethnicity, and Gender Edition 59107 Joseph F Healey and Eileen O'Brien book is designed thebuild off the Healey's of He
                                        23269 Akbar           Mar-10 ' a welcome addition to the already available introductory work
                                                                                               Part the - ISLAM AND MULTICULTUR
The Concise SAGE Handbook of Islamic Studies S Ahmed and Tamara Sonn'The chapters ofOne book combine depth of analysi
            Prisms, Patterns, and Possibilities
                         Third                                Sep-10 An accessible, accessible, timely, and stimulating Prism of Gent
The Kaleidoscope of GenderEdition 61266 Joan Spade and Catherine G Valentine                   PART I: PRISMS \ 1: The to the sociol
                                                                                  An timely, and stimulating introductionintroduction
                         Second Edition 61265 John Curra
The Relativity of Deviance                                                        The Deviance, Second Nature of Deviance \ Bein
                                                                                               The Deviance, Second Edition provide
                                                              Sep-10 The Relativity ofRelativity ofDynamicEdition provides a high-lev
            Social and Sociological Theory
A Primer in An Invitation to Democracy 59101 Kenneth D Allan                      This book equips students with skills in critical think
                                                                Jul-10 This book equips students with skills in critical thinking and the
Globalization East and West                                     and Habibul Haque Khondker Foreword by Roland ran Therborn, The
                                                                                  'A wide-ranging, significant contribution' - G Introdu
                                        47667 Bryan S TurnerApr-10 'A wide-ranging, significant contribution' - G Robertson \ranProf
Worlds Apart             Third Edition 61179                                      Worlds Apart provides a provides a framework for
                                                                                               PART I. ROOTS OF INEQUALITY \ fra
            Social Inequality in a Global Age Scott Sernau Jul-10 Worlds Apart 3rd Edition 3rd Edition sociologicalsociological1. T
            Social                      49392 Scott Capitalism
Intensive Culture Theory, Religion & ContemporaryLash                             Contemporary culture, today's-capitalism -informatio
                                                                                               today's capitalism our global our Cult
                                                              Jun-10 Contemporary culture, 1. Introduction : What is Intensive glob
City Life                               36319 Adrian Franklin                     'City Life grabs you by collar Traditional City \ The
                                                                                               Introduction \ entities than their deep in
                                                              May-10 Cities are more important as cultural Theand draws youmere fu
            Critical                    51473 Barry Smart                         Has consumer culture got out of hand? Are univer
                                                                                               Consuming: historical and conceptual is
Consumer Society Issues & Environmental Consequences Mar-10 Has consumer culture got out of hand? Are the costs ofthe cos
                                        48411                  and Chris Phillipson
                                                                                  This volume emergence of ageing as ageing as a
                                                                                               Section One: Fundamental global conc
The SAGE Handbook of Social Gerontology Dale Dannefer Jun-10 This volume reflects the reflects the emergence ofaand Disciplin
                                                              Mar-10 Social gerontology is a Introduction \ Advocacyreflecting the inc
                                                                                  'I welcome new and dynamic field \ Age Integratio
Key Concepts in Social Gerontology 46519 Judith E Phillips, Kristine J Ajrouch and Sarahthis book's refreshing approach. The join
Women, Gender and Disaster Initiatives
            Global Issues and                                                     Women, PART ONE: UNDERSTANDING and In
                                        59977 Elaine Enarson and P G Dhar Chakrabarti Gender and Disaster: Global Issues GEND
                                                              Dec-09 Women, Gender and Disaster: Global Issues and Initiatives ex
            Gender and Beyond
Borders, Histories, Existences          60587 Paula Banerjee                      This is work on borders on borders and bordered e
                                                                                               Introduction: Histories and Historians w
                                                              Dec-09 This is a historical a historical work and bordered existences,of
Encyclopedia of Motherhood Volume Set   60266 Andrea O'Reilly                     In the last topic of motherhood has emerged as a
                                                              Jun-10 In the last decade, thedecade, the topic of motherhood has em
Structure and Agency Four-Volume Set    55227 Mike O'Donnell                      The of social structure to individual and collective a
                                                              May-10 The relationshiprelationship of social structure to individual and
Secularization                                                                    Secularization traces of religion of the rise of the
                                        55110 Bryan S Turner Jul-10 Secularization traces the decline the declineandreligion andsecu
                         Four-Volume Set
Computational Social Science                                                      Computational social science is an approach increa
                                                                                                VOLUME 1 \ Introduction \ Robert L. A
                                        51934 Nigel Gilbert Apr-10 Computational social science is an approach increasingly influe
Realist Methodology Four-Volume Set                                               Realism is an approach PRACTICAL REALIST ON
                                                                                                 to humanity which recognizes the real
                                        51180 Wendy Olsen Mar-10 Realism is an approachVOLUME 1: to humanity which recogniz
                                                                                  The only compact andAbout undergraduate reader
                                                                                               Key Ideas portable Social World \ Indu
Key Ideas in SociologyThird Edition 61174 Peter Kivisto Jul-10 The only compact and portable book for thebook for undergrad
Social Statistics        Four-Volume Set                      Apr-10 Statistics and statistical VOLUME have become a become a o
                                                                                                 analyses 1: THE STATISTICAL ANAL
                                        52288 Roger Penn and Damon Berridge Statistics and statistical analyses havekey feature k
Islam                    Four-Volume Set52961 Mona Siddiqui Jun-10                              VOLUME 1: QUR'AN AND PROPHEC
New Testament Studies    Four-Volume Set                                                        VOLUME 1 Eldon unified - a select
                                                                                  New Testament Studies \offers a J. Epp approach a
                                        55102 Paul Foster May-10 New Testament Studies offers a unified approach andThe Mult
Time Use Management      Four-Volume Set                      Nov-10
                                        52962 Jonathan Gershuny and Kimberly Fisher
            A Student's Guide
Making Supervision Work for You                               Apr-10 'Amongst the plethora of advice up the Supervision Process \ T
                                        56039 Jerry J Wellington                               Opening and guidance books and book
                                                                                  'Amongst the plethora of advice and guidance articl
Understanding the Research Process 58227 Paul Oliver                              Understanding the Research Process aims to help
                                                                                               The Idea of Research The Conceptual
                                                              Mar-10 Understanding the Research Process aims to\ help students un
            Selections from CQ Researcher CQ Researcher
Issues for Debate in Corporate Social Responsibility                              Issues for Debate in Corporate Social Responsibilit
                                                                                               Annotated Contents \ Preface \ a conte
                                                              Oct-09 Issues for Debate in Corporate Social Responsibility isContribu
            Selections From CQ Researcher CQ Researcher
Issues for Debate in Social Policy      60423                                     Issues for Debate in Socialtimely supplementsupple
                                                                                               Annotated is a Policy is a timely for co
                                                              Sep-09 Issues for Debate in Social Policy Contents \ Preface \ Contribu
            Selections Social Work and Social Welfare
International Issues in From CQ Researcher CQ Researcher                          International Issues in Contents \ Preface \ is a col
                                                                                               Annotated Social Work and Social Welf
                                                              Nov-09 International Issues in Social Work and Social WelfareContribu
            Selections From CQ Researcher CQ
Issues for Debate in Environmental Management Researcher                          Issues for Debate in Environmental Management is
                                                                                               Introduction Tom Price - is a New Env
                                                              Dec-09 Issues for Debate in Environmental \Management The contemp
            Selections From             60813
Issues in K-12 Education CQ Researcher CQ Researcher                              Issues in K-12 Education is a contemporary collecti
                                                                                               PART contemporary IN JUSTICE, EQU
                                                              Dec-09 Issues in K-12 Education is a ONE: ISSUES collection of article
            Selections from CQ Researcher
Issues in Terrorism and Homeland Security CQ Researcher                           Issues and Homeland Homeland Security is a sup
                                                                                               PART I. UNDERSTANDING TERRORI
                                                              Dec-09 Issues in Terrorismin Terrorism and Security is a supplemental b
            Selections from CQ Researcher CQ Researcher
Global Issues                           60229                                     This lively collection of 12 contemporary articles Pe
                                                                                               12 contemporary articles ISSUES \ de
                                                              Dec-09 This lively collection of PART ONE: ECONOMIC covers coreco
            Selections From CQ Researcher
Issues in Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and 60580 CQ Researcher                         is a readerPeter Katel - Affirmative Action:articles
                                                                                                is a contemporary collection of Is it iss
                                                              Dec-09 This readerThis contemporary collection of articles covering tim
            Selections From CQ          60812
Issues for Debate in Sociology Researcher CQ Researcher                           Issues for Debate ONE: SOCIAL STRUCTURE, CQ
                                                                                               PART in Sociology: Selections from PR
                                                              Nov-09 Issues for Debate in Sociology: Selections from CQ Researche
            Selections from a CQ Researcher CQ Researcher
Social Problems                         60815                                     Social a contemporary collection of articles coverin
                                                                                               PART ONE: THE BASES OF INEQUAL
                                                              Nov-09 Social Problems isProblems is a contemporary collection of art
Series     Imprint Pages          BIC CodesSubjects Cloth ISBNs     Cloth Price            Paper ISBN
                                                                                Pre-Publication Price
                   224 pages      KMKH                   Cl 978-1-84860-679-1
                                                                        £68.00             Pa 978-1-84860-680-7
                                            Organization Studies (General),Organizational Behaviour (General)"Available as an in
                   288 pages                Organizational978-1-4129-5668-0
                                  KMKH,KMPL,GR                          £44.00             Pa 978-1-4129-5669-7
                                                         Cl Communication,Organization Studies (General),Public Relations (Anal
                   376 pages      KMMH,KMKH                                                Pa Management (General)"Available a
                                            Organization Studies (General),Human Resource978-1-4129-7235-2
                   256 pages      KM                     Management (General)"
                                            Business & Cl 978-1-84920-085-1                Pa 978-1-84920-086-8
SAGE Key Concepts seriespages     KMMH                   Cl 978-1-84787-330-9
                                                                        £60.00             Pa 978-1-84787-331-6
                                            Human Resource Management (General)"Available as an inspection copy
Response Books     212 pages      KFFK,KNST Banking,Financial Services"                    Pa 978-8-13-210245-8
                   432 pages                                                               Pa 978-1-4129-5028-2
                                  KMB,KMF Management and the Environment,International Business & Management (General)"A
                   256 pages      KM        Business & Management (General)"               Pa 978-1-4129-7776-0
                   440 pages      KMKH      Leadership"Available as an inspection copy Pa 978-1-4129-8019-7
                   256 pages                Organizational Communication,Management Communication,Leadership"
                                  KMT,KMKH,GR                                              Pa 978-1-4129-6667-2
SAGE Key Concepts seriespages     KMF                    Cl 978-1-84787-928-8
                                                                        as an inspection copy 978-1-84787-929-5
                                            Business Ethics"Available £60.00               Pa
                                                                                           Pa 978-1-4129-7453-0
                                  KMF,KMC Strategic Management & Business Policy (General),Business Ethics"Available as an i
SAGE Key Concepts seriespages KMKD                       Management (General)"Available as an inspection copy
                                            Operations Cl 978-1-84860-731-6                Pa 978-1-84860-732-3
                       240 pages KMHL                    Cl 978-1-4129-0884-9
                                                                        £75.00             Pa 978-1-4129-1012-5
                                            Small Business/Entrepreneurship"Available as an inspection copy
                       224 Series
SAGE Advanced Marketingpages KMP                         Cl 978-1-4129-3121-2
                                                                        £75.00             Pa 978-1-4129-3122-9
                                            Relationship Marketing"Available as an inspection copy
                       464 pages KMP                     Cl 978-1-84920-465-1
                                                                        £85.00             Pa 978-1-84920-466-8
                                            Marketing (General)"Available as an inspection copy
                       280 Series                        Cl 978-1-84787-926-4
SAGE Advanced Marketingpages KMP,JCADConsumer Marketing,Consumer Psychology" Pa 978-1-84787-927-1
                       624 pages KNSG                                                      Pa 978-1-4129-0590-9
                                            Hospitality, Travel & Tourism Management,Tourism Studies"
                                  KMMS                   Cl 978-1-4129-3520-3
                                                                        £60.00             Pa 978-1-4129-3529-6
                                            Quantitative Techniques for Business & Management Research"Available as an inspe
                                            Public                                         Pa Policy & Public Administration,Rura
                       336 pages KMHZ,JPP,JBMF & Nonprofit Management (General),Public 978-1-4129-7462-2
Response Books                                                                             Pa 978-8-13-210221-2
                       252 pages KM,KMKH Business & Management (General),Organizational Behaviour (General),Management
                                            Microeconomics,Financial Economics,Women's Studies (General)"
                       288 pages KFF,KCC,JBFF                                              Pa 978-8-13-210169-7
                       352 pages
Law and Criminal Justice System L,LJFH                   Cl 978-8-13-210223-6
                                            Law (General),Company Law"  £45.00
                                                         Cl 978-8-13-210242-7
                       280 pages KFF,KFCP Financial Economics,Public Finance"
Response Books         268 pages KMP        Brand Management,Marketing (General)"          Pa 978-8-13-210234-2
Response Books         412 pages KM,KMK Business & Management (General),Change Management" Pa 978-8-13-210233-5
Response Books         160 pages KMKH                    Cl 978-8-13-210244-1
                                            Organization Studies (General),Organizational Theory"
                       176 pages KCM,KCB Development Economics,Macroeconomics" Pa 978-8-13-210298-4
                                                         Cl 978-8-13-210313-4
                       268 pages KCM,RGP Development Economics,Historical Geography"
                                                         Cl 978-8-13-210300-4
                                                                     £1,100.00        900
Legends In Marketing 2208 pagesKM,KMP Marketing (General),Management Sciences (General)"
                       1128 pagesKM,KC                   (General),Business &
                                                                       £220.00        190
                                            Economics Cl 978-1-4129-6142-4 Management (General)"
                       1664 and Finances                 Cl Accounting,Social
SAGE Library in Accounting pagesRNS,KFC Environmental978-1-84860-169-7 Accounting"    550
                       1664 pagesKMKH,KMHQ,JP
Organizing & Managing Public Services                    Cl 978-1-84860-121-5
                                                                       £600.00        550
                                            Organization Studies (General),Organization Design and Development,Public Manage
                       1664 pagesKM,KMKH                 Management £600.00
SAGE Library in Business and Management Business & Cl 978-1-84860-666-1               550
                                                                       (General),Management Sciences (General),Knowledge Man
                       176 pages JBSN,LATC  CounsellingCl 978-1-84860-885-6
Legal Resources Counsellors & Psychotherapists                          £60.00             Pa 978-1-84860-886-3
                                                          and Psychotherapy (General),Counselling Ethics and the Law"Available a
                       200 pages JBSN,VFHM               Cl 978-1-84860-048-5
                                                                        £65.00             Pa 978-1-84860-049-2
                                            Couples, Marriage & Family Counselling,Counselling and Psychotherapy (General)"A
                       320 pages JBSN       CounsellingCl 978-1-84920-475-0
Published in association with The Open University                       £65.00             Pa 978-1-84920-476-7
                                                          and Psychotherapy (General)"Available as an inspection copy
                       464 pages VFH                     Cl 978-1-4129-0574-9
                                            Family Therapy"Available as an inspection copy
                       328 pages MMJT                    Cl 978-1-84787-605-8
                                                                        £65.00             Pa 978-1-84787-606-5
                                            Cognitive/Behaviour Therapy,Psychiatric Nursing,Counselling and Psychotherapy (Ge
                                            Counselling and Psychotherapy (General),Social 978-1-4129-6508-8
                       280 pages JBSN,VFPS,JBS                                             Pa Work Practice (General),Post-traum
                       320 pages JBSN                     Theory/Approaches (General),Counselling Training & Supervision (Gene
                                            CounsellingCl 978-1-4129-7328-1                Pa 978-1-4129-7329-8
                       400 pages JBSN,MMJ,JC              and Psychotherapy (General),Clinical Psychology (General),Counselling
                                            CounsellingCl 978-1-4129-6889-8                Pa 978-1-4129-6890-4
                                            Children,                                      Pa (General),Child Protection,Social W
                       448 pages JBNH3,JBQH,JBS Adolescents and Interpersonal Violence978-1-4129-6681-8
Compact Criminology 136 pages JBV                        Cl Criminal Justice (General),Criminal Justice,Criminology (General)"
                                            Criminology & 978-1-84787-350-7                Pa 978-1-84787-351-4
Compact Criminology 128 pages JBV                        Cl Criminal Justice (General),Criminal Justice,Criminology (General)"
                                            Criminology & 978-1-84787-924-0                Pa 978-1-84787-925-7
Compact Criminology 136 pages JBV                        Cl Criminal Justice (General),Criminology (General),Criminal Justice"
                                            Criminology & 978-1-84787-936-3                Pa 978-1-84787-937-0
Compact Criminology 136 pages JBV                        Cl Criminal Justice (General),Criminal Justice,Criminology (General)"
                                            Criminology & 978-1-84920-503-0                Pa 978-1-84920-504-7
                                                                                           Justice (General),Sociology (General)"
                       560 pages JBV,YJB Criminology (General),Criminology & Criminal Pa 978-1-4129-7971-9
                       624 pages JBV,LJR Criminal Justice,Criminal Law"                    Pa 978-1-4129-8130-9
                       480 pages JBVM                    Corrections,Corrections/Penology" 978-1-4129-7019-8
                                            CommunityCl 978-1-4129-7018-1                  Pa
                       392 pages JBV                                                       Pa 978-1-4129-7057-0
                                            Critical Issues in Criminology and Criminal Justice,Criminology & Criminal Justice (Ge
                       224 pages JBV                     Cl 978-1-4129-1924-1
                                            Criminal Justice"           £65.00             Pa 978-1-4129-1925-8
                       560 pages JBV                                                       Pa 978-1-4129-7875-0
                                            Criminology & Criminal Justice (General),Criminal Justice,Criminology (General)"
                       216 pages JBV                     Cl Criminal Justice (General),Criminology (General)"
                                            Criminology & 978-1-84787-067-4                Pa 978-1-84787-068-1
                       232 pages
Key Approaches to Criminology JBV                        Cl Criminal Justice (General),Criminal Justice,Criminology (General)"Avai
                                            Criminology & 978-1-84787-352-1                Pa 978-1-84787-353-8
                                                       Cl 978-1-4129-3556-2
                                                                      £65.00              Justice (General),Organized Crime"Ava
                     240 pages JBV,JBVF Criminology (General),Criminology & Criminal Pa 978-1-4129-3557-9
                                                                                          Pa 978-1-4129-8025-8
                     320 pages JBV,JBN Criminology (General),Violent Crime (General),Social Problems"
                     368 pages JBV,JP                                                     Pa 978-1-4129-8026-5
                                           International Security,Terrorism,Peace Studies/Conflict Resolution"Available as an ins
                     424 pages JBV                     Cl Criminal Justice (General),Criminal Justice,Criminology (General)"
                                           Criminology & 978-1-4129-2038-4
                                           Substance Abuse Counselling,Corrections/Penology,Social Work - Substance Abuse"
                     208 pages YXRM,JBVM,JBS                          £79.00
                                                       Cl 978-1-4129-7969-6               Pa 978-1-4129-7970-2
                     1120 pagesJBVC,JBV,JBS            Cl 978-1-4129-6047-2
                                                                     £220.00         190
                                           Victimology,Crime Prevention,Social Work & Social Policy (General)"
                     224 pages GRS                     Cl 978-1-84860-677-7
                                                                      £65.00              Pa 978-1-84860-678-4
                                           Research Methods & Evaluation (General),Research Methods for Business & Manage
                     320 pages JDC                     Cl 978-1-84860-209-0
                                                                      £75.00              in 978-1-84860-210-6
                                           Administration, Management, and Leadership PaEducation"Available as an inspection
                                                       Cl 978-1-84860-196-3
                                                                      £75.00              Pa 978-1-84860-197-0
                     368 pages JDS,JDDF Primary/Elementary Education,Mathematics Education,Primary/Elementary Mathema
                                                                                          Pa 978-1-84860-442-1
                     128 pages JDS,JDDF Primary/Elementary Education,Reading & Language Arts Education,Primary/Element
                     208 pages JDDB                    Cl 978-1-84920-005-9
                                                                       (General)"Available as an inspection copy
                                           Early Childhood Education£65.00                Pa 978-1-84920-006-6
                                                       Cl 978-1-84860-883-2
                     176 pages JDS,JDDB Early Childhood Education£60.00                   Pa 978-1-84860-884-9
                                                                       (General),Children's Play,Mathematics Education"Availabl
                     160 pages JDDB,JDGF               Cl 978-1-84860-986-0
                                                                       (General),DiversityPa Multicultural Education"Available as
                                           Early Childhood Education£60.00                 & 978-1-84860-987-7
                     144 pages JDGS                    Cl 978-1-84860-183-3
                                                                       Needs"Available as an978-1-84860-184-0
                                           Special Education/Special £75.00               Pa inspection copy
                     304 pages JDDH                    Cl 978-1-84860-712-5
                                                                      £65.00              Pa 978-1-84860-713-2
                                           Secondary/High School Education"Available as an inspection copy
                                           Primary/Elementary Education,Secondary/High School Education,Teacher Mentoring
                     256 pages JDDF,JDDH,JDCF                         £60.00
                                                       Cl 978-1-84860-615-9               Pa 978-1-84860-616-6
                                                       Cl 978-1-84920-125-4
                                                                      £65.00              Pa 978-1-84920-126-1
                     176 pages JDS,JDDH Science Education,Secondary/High School Education"Available as an inspection copy
                     336 pages KM,JD                                                      Pa 978-1-4129-7773-9
                                           Business & Management (General),Gifted & Talented Students"Available as an inspe
                                                       Cl 978-1-84920-143-8
                                                                      £65.00              Pa 978-1-84920-144-5
                     192 pages JDS,JDDF Primary/Elementary Education,Reading & Language Arts Education"Available as an i
                                                                                          Pa 978-1-4129-5522-5
                     320 pages JDS,JDGF Reading & Language Arts Education,Social Studies Education,Diversity & Multicultura
                     176 pages JDDB                    Cl 978-1-84920-134-6
                                                                       (General)"Available as an inspection copy
                                           Early Childhood Education£60.00                Pa 978-1-84920-135-3
                     256 pages JD                      Cl 978-1-84920-418-7
                                                                      £65.00              Pa 978-1-84920-419-4
                                           Education (General),Inclusive Education and Exceptional Students (General),Primary
                     144 pages JDDB,JDGS               Cl 978-1-84920-123-0
                                                                      £65.00              Pa 978-1-84920-124-7
                                           Children's Play,Special Education/Special Needs,Early Childhood Education (Genera
                     144 pages JDGC                    Cl 978-1-4129-4766-4
                                           Gifted & Talented Students"£60.00              Pa 978-1-4129-4767-1
                     144 pages JDGS                    Cl 978-1-84920-095-0
                                           Special Education/Special £75.00               Pa 978-1-84920-096-7
                     296 pages JDA         Education Theory & Practice/Foundations" Pa 978-1-4129-6593-4
                     216 pages JDS         Reading & Language Arts Education"             Pa 978-1-4129-5643-7
                     232 pages                                                            Pa 978-1-4129-7283-3
                     168 pages JDDF                    Cl 978-1-84920-029-5
                                                                      £60.00              Pa 978-1-84920-030-1
                                           Primary/Elementary Education"Available as an inspection copy
                                                                                          Pa 978-1-4129-5212-5
                     320 pages JBM,JBJC2Education and the Community,Education, Parenting & Families"
                     528 pages JDK                      Learning"     £85.00
                                           Teaching &Cl 978-1-84787-589-1
                     480 pages GR,JD,GRS               Cl 978-1-4129-7087-7
                                           Communication and Media£84.00 (General),Education (General),Research Methods
                     776 pages JDFX                    Cl 978-1-4129-6050-2
                                           Adult Literacy,Life Long Learning"
                     192 pages JDFT        HE/Adult Faculty Development and Training" Pa 978-1-4129-7519-3
                                                                                          Pa 978-1-4129-7822-4
                     128 pages GRS,JDL Scholarly Aids/Research Tools,Study Skills (General)"
                     288 pages JDFX                    Cl 978-1-84920-113-1
                                                                      £70.00              Pa inspection copy
                                           Higher/Adult Education (General)"Available as an978-1-84920-114-8
                                                                                          Pa 978-1-4129-7210-9
                     280 pages JDC,JDV Leadership in Educational Technology,Leadership in Education"
                                                                                          Pa 978-1-4129-7207-9
                     280 pages JBB,GRS Action Research in Education,Qualitative Research (General),Research Design, Skills
                     276 pages JD,JB                   Cl 978-8-13-210293-9
                                           Education (General),Sociology of Education"
                                                                                          Pa 978-1-4129-7526-1
                     272 pages JBB,GRS Research Design, Skills & Methods in Education (General),Qualitative Research (Gen
                     1000 pagesJD                      Cl 978-1-4129-5664-2
                                           Education (General)"      £220.00         190
                                                       Cl 978-1-4129-5883-7
                     1072 pagesGTS,JD Education (General),Cultural Studies (General)"150
                     1536 pagesJC,JCRP Sensation Cl 978-1-84860-093-5£600.00         550
SAGE Library of Cognitive and Experimental Psychology& Perception,Psychology (General)"
                     1240 pagesJD,GRS Education (General),Research Methods & Evaluation (General),Action Research"
Fundamentals of Applied Research                                     £450.00
                                                       Cl 978-1-84860-683-8          400
                                                       Cl 978-1-84860-207-6
                                                                     £600.00         550
                     1664 pagesJD,GRS Qualitative Research (General),Education (General)"
                     248 Publication       Student                                        Pa 978-1-4129-7048-8
          A Corwin Press pages JDK,JDGS,JDGS5 Behavior, Motivation & Discipline,Classroom Management,Special Education
                     176 Publication                                                      Pa 978-1-4129-4934-7
          A Corwin Press pages JDC,JDCF Leadership in Education,Principals/Headteachers,School and District Administration"
                     152 Publication       Diversity                                      Pa 978-1-4129-7794-4
          A Corwin Press pages JDC,JDCC,JDGF & Multicultural Education,School Change and Restructuring,Leadership in E
                     208 Publication       Inclusive                                      (General),Special Education/Special N
          A Corwin Press pages JDG ,JDGS2,JDGS Education and Exceptional StudentsPa 978-1-4129-7142-3
                     184 Publication                                                      in 978-1-4129-7873-6
          A Corwin Press pages JDC,JDCC School Change and Restructuring,LeadershipPa Education"
                     96 pages JDC,JDCC School Change and Restructuring,LeadershipPa Education"
          A Corwin Press Publication                                                      in 978-1-4129-8131-6
                     240 Publication                                                      Pa 978-1-4129-6908-6
          A Corwin Press pages JDC,JDCF Principals/Headteachers,Leadership in Education,School and District Administration"
                     152 Publication
          A Corwin Press pages JDC,JDK,JDV              in Education,Leadership in Education,Teaching Methods/Learning Styles
                                           TechnologyCl 978-1-4129-3843-3                 Pa 978-1-4129-3844-0
                     320 Publication
          A Corwin Press pages JDK,JDGS,JDV                                               Pa 978-1-4129-7937-5
                                           Special Education/Special Needs,Teacher Resources,Classroom Management"
                     160 Publication
          A Corwin Press pages JDFT,JDCF                                                  Pa 978-1-4129-8050-0
                                           Teacher Mentoring, Support, and Retention,Teacher Induction"
                     200 Publication       Classroom Applications of Technology,Teacher Resources,Curriculum & Content (Ge
          A Corwin Press pages JDCH,JDV,JDVC                                              Pa 978-1-4129-7747-0
                     152 Publication      Leadership in Education,Communication and Conflict Resolution in Education,Admini
           A Corwin Press pages JDC,JDGS5,JDCF                                           Pa 978-1-4129-6061-8
                     256 Publication      Leadership in Education,School Change and Restructuring,Education Theory & Pract
           A Corwin Press pages JDC,JDCC,JDA                                             Pa 978-1-4129-7923-8
                     184 Publication      Classroom Cl 978-1-4129-7149-2
           A Corwin Press pages YXD,JDK,JDVC                      #42.99                 Pa 978-1-4129-7150-8
                                                       Applications of Technology,Teaching Methods/Learning Styles,Student Mo
                     208 Publication                                                     Pa 978-1-4129-7541-4
           A Corwin Press pages JDVC,JDV Classroom Applications of Technology,Leadership in Educational Technology"
                     200 Publication
           A Corwin Press pages JDCF,JDFT                                                 in 978-1-4129-7975-7
                                          Staff Development/Professional DevelopmentPa Education,School and District Admin
                     144 Publication
           A Corwin Press pages                                                          Pa 978-1-4129-7175-1
                     144 Publication      Student Motivation,Teaching Methods/Learning Styles,Teacher Resources"
           A Corwin Press pages YXD,JDK,JDV                                              Pa 978-1-4129-7176-8
                     144 Publication
           A Corwin Press pages                                                          Pa 978-1-4129-7184-3
            Educational Leadership Series
                     184 Publication                                                     in 978-1-4129-8127-9
The Soul ofA Corwin Press pages JDC,JBJC Administration, Management, and Leadership PaEducation,Community and Family Iss
                     160 Publication                                                     Pa 978-1-4129-7819-4
           A Corwin Press pages JDC,JDCF Leadership in Education,Principals/Headteachers,Teacher Mentoring, Support, and R
                     600 pages RG                      Cl 978-1-4129-3508-1
                                                                  #75.00                 Pa 978-1-4129-3509-8
                                          Geographical Methodology"Available as an inspection copy
                     288 pages RG,RN                   Cl Studies/Physical Geography (General),Geomorphology,Geology/Earth
                                          Environmental978-1-84860-619-7                 Pa 978-1-84860-620-3
                     256 pages RGC,RP Planning (General),Human Geography (General)"Available as an inspection copy
Key Concepts in Human Geography                                   #60.00
                                                       Cl 978-1-84787-076-6              Pa 978-1-84787-077-3
                                          B            Cl 978-1-4129-1951-7
                                RG,RN,RGMiogeography,Environmental Studies/Physical Geography (General),Geography & En
                                          Geography Cl Environmental Science (General),Climatography,Conservation"
                     372 pages RG,YLGR1,YLNA                      #39.99
                                                       & 978-8-13-210228-1
                     176 pages RN                      Cl Studies/Physical Geography (General)"
                     5440 pagesRN,JPP,YLNAEnvironmental Studies/Physical Geography (General),Public Policy & Public Administ
                                RG                     & 978-1-4129-1081-1
                                          Geography Cl Environmental Science (General),Geographical Methodology,Human G
                     512 pages RG                      & 978-1-4129-4613-1
                                          Geography Cl Environmental Science (General),Planning (General),Urban Sociology"
                     208 pages JBV,MB,MQC              Cl 978-1-84787-261-6
                                                                  #60.00                 Pa 978-1-84787-262-3
                                          Health Sciences (General),Nursing (General),Social Work & Social Policy (General),C
                     312 pages YXRM,JC,JBS                                               Pa 978-1-4129-7577-3
                                          Social Work - Substance Abuse,Substance Abuse Counselling,Counselling Psycholo
                                                       Cl 978-1-84860-201-4
                                                                  #60.00                 Pa 978-1-84860-202-1
                     208 pages MB,JBS Health Sciences (General),Social Work & Social Policy (General)"
                     264                               Cl Social Policy (General),Study Skills (General)"Available as an inspectio
SAGE Study Skills Series pages JBS,JDL Social Work &978-1-84787-456-6                    Pa 978-1-84787-457-3
                                          Social       Cl 978-1-4129-8138-5
                     952 pages JBSN,JCA,JBS Work Practice (General),Counselling and Psychotherapy (General),Psychologi
                                                                                         Pa 978-1-4129-3909-6
                     304 pages JBS,JBQ Social Policy (General),Social Work and Older Clients,Social Work & Social Policy (G
                     240 pages JBS        Social Work & Social Policy (General)"         Pa 978-1-4129-1543-4
                                                       Cl 978-1-4129-6762-4
                     200 pages GRS,JBS Social Work Research #49.99                       Pa 978-1-4129-6763-1
                                                                   Methods,Qualitative Research (General),Health Research Met
                                                                                         Pa 978-1-4129-8042-5
                     112 pages MB,JC,JBSHealth Sciences (General),Social Work & Social Policy (General),Psychology (Genera
                     308 pages JBS                                                       Basic Methods & Skills,Case Work"
                                          Social Work Practice (General),Social Work - Pa 978-8-13-210238-0
                                                       Gender,Women's Studies (General)"
                     380 pages JBFF,JBN Health and Cl 978-8-13-210297-7
                     392 pages MMH,JC,JBS              (General),Psychiatry
                                          PsychologyCl 978-8-13-210299-1(General),Psychiatric Social Work"
                     240 pages AV,GR,GRS               Cl 978-1-84860-022-5
                                                                  #60.00                 Pa 978-1-84860-023-2
                                          Communication and Media Studies (General),Popular Culture (General),Sociology (G
                     240 pages JBKC,GR,GTS             Cl 978-1-84860-661-6
                                                                  #60.00                 Pa 978-1-84860-662-3
                                          Communication and Media Studies (General),Cultural Studies (General),Politics (Gen
                                          Journalism,Culture and Media,Sociology (General)"Available as an inspection copy
                     432 pages KNTJ,GTS,YJB                                              Pa 978-1-4129-6765-5
                     368 pages GRD,GTSC,JB                                               (General),Sociology of
                                          Rhetoric & Rhetorical Theory,Popular Culture Pa 978-1-4129-7568-1 Culture"Availabl
                     296 pages GR,GTS,JB               Cl 978-1-4129-5912-4
                                                                  #41.00                 Pa 978-1-4129-5913-1
                                          Mass Communication (General),Sociology of Race & Ethnicity,Culture and Media"Ava
                     504                               Cl 978-8-13-210227-4
Communication Processes pages GR,GTS Mass Communication (General),Culture and Media"
Response Books       412 pages GR                      Pa 978-8-13-210235-9
                                                                  #14.99                 Pa 978-8-13-210235-9
                                          Mass Communication (General),Communication and Media Studies (General)"
                                                       Cl 978-8-13-210240-3
                     252 pages GR,GTS Content Analysis,Culture and Media"
                     204 pages GR,JP                   Cl 978-8-13-210310-3
                                          Nonverbal Communication,Political Communication,Asian Politics (General)"
                                                                                         Pa 978-8-13-210301-1
                     356 pages KNTJ,RN Environmental Studies/Physical Geography (General),Journalism"
                                                                                         Pa 978-1-4129-7691-6
                     280 pages KMT,GR Organizational Communication,Speech Communication (General),Management Comm
                     264 pages GR,GTJ,JCF               Communication,Interpersonal Relations,Peace Studies/Conflict Resolutio
                                          InterculturalCl 978-1-4129-5790-8              Pa 978-1-4129-5791-5
                     1664 pagesGR,MB
SAGE Benchmarks in Communication                       Cl 978-1-84787-578-5 #550.00
                                          Communication and Media Studies (General),Health Sciences (General)"
                     1600 pagesGR
SAGE Benchmarks in Communication                       Cl 978-1-84860-165-9 #550.00
                                          Interpersonal Communication,Communication and Media Studies (General)"
                     1648 pagesGR
SAGE Benchmarks in Communication                       Cl 978-1-84860-113-0 #550.00
                                          Mass Communication Theory,Communication and Media Studies (General)"
                     1664 and Society                  Cl 978-1-84860-200-7 Culture
Sage Benchmarks in CulturepagesGTS,GTSCCultural Studies (General),Popular#550.00 (General)"
                     1664 and Society
Sage Benchmarks in CulturepagesGTS                     Cl 978-1-84860-633-3 #550.00
                                          Cultural Studies (General)"
                                                       Cl 978-1-84787-439-9
                     650 pages GR,JPVM3Political Communications,Political Communication"
                     640 pages JP                      Cl Governance,Public
                                          Government &978-1-84787-577-8 Policy & Public Administration,Public Management
                                                       Cl 978-1-84920-296-1
                                                                  #80.00                 Pa 978-1-84920-297-8
                     312 pages JPS,GTJ International History,International Relations (General),Peace Studies/Conflict Resolut
                                                                                         Pa 978-8-13-210120-8
                     208 pages JBS,JBQ Social Work Administration (General),Grantwriting & Fundraising for Social Work,Man
                                                       Cl 978-8-17-829948-8
                     356 pages 1QFG,JPS Politics of Developing Countries,International Relations (General)"
                     152 pages JP,JPS                                                    Pa 978-8-13-210121-5
                                          Foreign Policy Analysis,American Government and Politics,South Asian Politics"
                     188 pages JPP                     Cl 978-8-13-210147-5
                                          Public Policy & Public Administration"
Sage Texts                                                                               Pa 978-8-13-210225-0
                     472 pages YHB,JPA Political Theory & Thought (General),History (General)"
                       220 pages JWA                     Cl 978-8-13-210241-0
                                            Military & Strategic Studies"
                       332 pages 1FM,JP                  Cl 978-8-13-210222-9
                                            South Asian Politics,South East Asian Studies"
                       324 pages JP,GTJ,JPA
SAGE Studies on India's North East                       Cl 978-8-13-210237-3
                                            South Asian Politics,Peace Studies/Conflict Resolution,Political Sociology"
                       352 pages JPA                     Cl 978-8-13-210290-8
                                            Political Behaviour,Contemporary Political Theory"
Response Books                                           Cl 978-8-13-210246-5
                       472 pages KM,GTD Globalization,Business#45.00  & Management (General)"
                       160 pages JBV,JP                  Cl 978-8-13-210308-0
                                            Politics & International #27.00 (General),Terrorism"
                       400 pages YHB,JP                  Cl 978-8-13-210304-2
                                            Politics (General),History (General)"
                                                         Cl 978-8-13-210305-9
                       384 pages GTF,MBP Development Studies (General),Health Services / Administration"
                       1616 pagesJPA                     Cl 978-1-4129-5865-3 #225.00
                                            Political Theory & Thought (General)"
                       1624 pagesJPA
SAGE Library of Political Science                        Cl 978-1-84860-709-5
                                            Political Psychology" #600.00 #550.00
                       1664 pagesJP
SAGE Library of Political Science                        Cl 978-1-84787-580-8 #550.00
                                            Politics & International #600.00 (General)"
                       1664 pagesJP,JPA
SAGE Library of Political Science                        Cl 978-1-84787-458-0 #550.00
                                            Politics (General),Political Theory & Thought (General)"
                       1664 pagesJP,JBMG Politics (General),Urban Sociology"
SAGE Library of Political Science                                    #600.00
                                                         Cl 978-1-84787-610-2 #550.00
SAGE Library of International Relations                  Cl 978-1-84860-004-1 #675.00
                                            Politics & International #750.00 (General),International Relations (General)"
                       1800 pagesJP
SAGE Library of International Relations                  Cl 978-1-4129-4783-1 #550.00
                                            Politics & International #600.00 (General),Asian Politics (General)"
                       1664 pagesJP,JPS
SAGE Library of International Relations                  Cl 978-1-84787-899-1
                                                                     (General),Middle East
                                            International Relations #600.00 #550.00 Politics"
                       1528 pagesJP
SAGE Library of International Relations                  Cl 978-1-84787-272-2
                                            Politics & International #575.00 (General),Socialism,International Society,Ethnic Stud
SAGE Library of Economics pagesK                         & 978-1-84920-018-9 #550.00
                                            Economics Cl Development Studies (General)"
                       1664 pagesJP                      Cl 978-1-84860-784-2 #550.00
                                            Politics & International #600.00 (General)"
                       504 pages GTS,JCF,YJB             Cl 978-1-4129-3411-4
                                            Social Psychology (General)"
                       608 pages JCD                     Cl 978-1-4129-4486-1
                                            Developmental Psychology (General)"
                       224 pages JCB                     Cl 978-1-84860-020-1
                                                                     #60.00                Pa 978-1-84860-021-8
                                            Research Methods in Psychology"Available as an inspection copy
                                            Research Methods in Psychology,Social Research Methods,Counselling Research M
                       104 pages JBSN,JCB,JBB                                              Pa 978-1-4129-7976-4
                       288 pages JD,JCD,JBS              Cl 978-1-84920-019-6
                                            Developmental Psychology (General)"
                       512 pages JCR                                                       Pa 978-1-4129-6666-5
                                            Cognitive Development"Available as an inspection copy
                                                                                           Pa 978-8-13-210078-2
                       384 pages KMMH,JC Psychology (General),Human Resource Management (General)"
Response Books                              Stress                                         Pa 978-8-13-210085-0
                       220 pages JBSN,JBNH3,JCRManagement,Violence & Health Issues,Counselling and Psychotherapy (Gene
                                            Group                                          Pa 978-1-4129-7762-3
                       376 pages KMKH,JCH,JCF Processes/Dynamics,Occupational/Industrial Psychology,Teamwork in Organiz
                       550 pages JBSN,MMJ,JC             Cl 978-1-4129-7763-0
                                            Clinical Psychology (General),Counselling Psychology,Counselling and Psychotherap
                       1600 pagesJCJ
SAGE Benchmarks in Psychology Series                     Cl 978-1-84787-953-0
                                            Forensic Psychology" #600.00 #550.00
                                                         (General),Communication and
                       1072 pagesGR,JC,YJBPsychologyCl 978-1-4129-5153-1 #190.00 Media Studies (General),Sociology (Gener
                       1664 pagesJC,JCRM Memory,Psychology (General)"#600.00
SAGE Library of Cognitive and Experimental Psychology Cl 978-1-84920-020-2 #550.00
                       384 pages GRS,JBS,JBB                                               Pa Methods,Social Work Research Me
                                            Sociological Research Methods,Health Research978-1-4129-7853-8
                                                         Cl 978-1-84787-472-6
                                                                     #65.00                Pa as an inspection copy
                       168 pages JBKH,JBB Ethnography,Social Research Methods"Available978-1-84787-473-3
                                                         Cl 978-1-84787-910-3
                                                                     #65.00                Pa 978-1-84787-911-0
                       272 pages JCB,GRS Research Methods in Psychology,Qualitative Research (General)"Available as an ins
                       640 pages GRS                     Cl 978-1-4129-4814-2
                                            Test & Measurement" #90.00
                       160 pages GRS                     Cl 978-1-84860-192-5
                                            Research Design"Available as an inspection copyPa 978-1-84860-193-2
                                                                                           Pa 978-1-4129-7496-7
                       432 pages GRS,YM Research Methods & Evaluation (General),Mathematics & Statistics (General)"
                       600 pages GRS                     Cl 978-1-84787-292-0
                                            Health Research Methods,Qualitative Research (General)"
                                                         Cl 978-1-84787-286-9(General),Social Research Methods"Available as an
                       216 pages GRS,JBB Quantitative/Statistical #65.00                   Pa 978-1-84787-287-6
                                                         Cl 978-1-4129-7266-6
                       768 pages JBB,GRS Research Methods & Evaluation (General),Mixed Methods,Research Design, Skills &
                       128 pages KMMS,GRS                                                  Pa 978-1-4129-7963-4
                                            Quantitative/Statistical Research (General),Quantitative Techniques for Business & M
                                                                                           Pa 978-1-4129-7950-4
                       584 pages JC,GRS Psychology (General),Quantitative/Statistical Research (General)"
                                                                                           Pa 978-1-4129-7951-1
                       584 pages JC,GRS Psychology (General),Quantitative/Statistical Research (General)"
                       184 the Social Sciences series
                                            Quantitative/Statistical Research (General),Sociological Research Methods,Research
Quantitative Applications inpages JCB,GRS,JBB                                              Pa 978-1-4129-6887-4
                       96 pages GRS                                                        Pa 978-1-4129-8041-8
                                            Quantitative/Statistical Research (General),Scholarly Aids/Research Tools"
                       420 pages GRS                                                       Pa 978-1-4129-7494-3
                                            Quantitative/Statistical Research (General),Research Methods (General)"
                       296 pages KMMS,GRS                Cl 978-1-84860-132-1
                                                                     Business              Pa 978-1-84860-133-8
                                            Research Methods for #85.00 & Management (General),Research Methods (Gener
                       200 pages GRS                      & Narrative Analysis"Available asPa 978-1-84920-612-9
                                            Case StudyCl 978-1-84920-611-2                  an inspection copy
                       216 pages GRS                     Cl 978-1-84787-003-2
                                                                     #60.00                inspection copy
                                            Research Methods (General)"Available as an Pa 978-1-84787-004-9
                                            Social       Cl 978-1-4129-4582-0
                                                                     #70.00                Pa 978-1-4129-4583-7
                       256 pages GRS,GTSC,JBB Research Methods,Communication Research Methods,Research Methods for
                       184 pages JBB                     Cl 978-1-84860-172-7
                                                                     #60.00                Pa 978-1-84860-173-4
                                            Research Design, Skills & Methods in Education (General)"Available as an inspection
                       248 pages GRS        Research Methods & Evaluation (General)" Pa 978-1-4129-6895-9
                       240 pages GRS                                                        Methods (General)"
                                            Communication Research Methods,Research Pa 978-1-4129-4457-1
                       200 pages series
Applied Social Research Methods GRS                                                        Pa 978-1-4129-5045-9
                                            Qualitative Research (General),Ethnography,Qualitative Evaluation"Available as an in
                       130 the Social Sciences series
Quantitative Applications inpages GRS                                                      Pa 978-1-4129-2629-4
                                            Quantitative/Statistical Research (General),Mathematics & Statistics (General)"
                       176 pages GRS                      Cl 978-1-84920-180-3(General)"Available as an inspection copy
                                              Quantitative/Statistical #65.00                Pa 978-1-84920-181-0
           A a New Century series
                       264 pages GRS,JBB                                                     Pa 978-1-4129-6018-2
Sociology for Pine Forge Press Publication Sociological Research Methods,Research Methods & Evaluation (General)"
                       112 the Social SciencesResearch                                       Pa 978-1-4129-7165-2
Quantitative Applications inpages KC,RGC,RPCseries Methods for Economics,Human Geography (General),Urban Planning"
                       520 pages GRS                                                         inspection copy
                                              Research Methods (General)"Available as an Pa 978-1-4129-6467-8
                       448 pages GRS                                                         Pa 978-1-4129-7457-8
                                              Qualitative Research (General),Research Methods (General)"
                                                                                             Pa 978-1-4129-7044-0
                       312 pages JBB,GRS Qualitative Research (General),Research Design, Skills & Methods in Education (Gen
                       1736 pagesGRS                      Cl 978-1-4129-6127-1 #265.00
                                              Research Design"         #310.00
                                                          Cl 978-1-4129-2277-7
                                                                       Leisure               Pa 978-1-4129-2278-4
                       240 pages KNSG,JB Sociology of Sport and #65.00 (General),Tourism Studies,Hospitality, Travel & Touris
SAGE Key Concepts seriespages JB                          Cl 978-1-4129-2104-6
                                                                       Leisure               Pa 978-1-4129-2105-3
                                              Sociology of Sport and #65.00 (General),Tourism Studies,Hospitality, Travel & Touris
                                                          Cl 978-1-84920-374-6
                                                                       #65.00                Pa 978-1-84920-375-3
                       216 pages YJB,JBA Social Theory,Sociology (General)"Available as an inspection copy
                                                          Cl 978-1-4129-4696-4
                                                                       #65.00                Pa 978-1-4129-4697-1
                       224 pages JBKH,GRSEthnography,Qualitative Research (General)"Available as an inspection copy
                       240 pages GTS,YJB,JB   Sociology Cl 978-1-4129-0102-4
                                                                       Leisure               Pa 978-1-4129-0103-1
Published in association with Theory, Culture & Society of Sport and #75.00 (General),Sociology of Race & Ethnicity,Culture, Spor
                       448 pages JBV,JP,JBS               Cl 978-0-7619-4220-7
                                              Sociology of Race & Ethnicity,Race, Ethnicity and Crime,Race and Social Policy"
                       504 pages YJB,JBF,JB                                                  Pa 978-1-4129-7823-1
           A Pine Forge Press Publication Sociology of Race & Ethnicity,Sociology of Gender,Sociology (General)"Available as a
                       384 pages 1FB,JPS,JB               Cl 978-0-7619-4325-9
                                              Sociology of Religion,International Relations (General),Middle East"
                       600 pages JBF,JBFF                                                    Pa (General),Women's
           A Pine Forge Press Publication Sociology of Gender,Gender & Sexuality Studies 978-1-4129-7906-1 Studies (Genera
                       216 pages YJB,JB
           A Pine Forge Press Publication Sociology (General),Sociology of Deviance" Pa 978-1-4129-6466-1
                       296 pages YJB,JBA                                                     Pa 978-1-4129-6051-9
           A Pine Forge Press Publication Sociology (General),Social Theory"Available as an inspection copy
                       256 pages GTD,JPS,YJB              Cl 978-1-4129-2852-6
                                                                       #65.00                Pa 978-1-4129-2853-3
                                              Sociology (General),Globalization,Social Theory"Available as an inspection copy
                       392 pages YJB                                                         Pa 978-1-4129-7791-3
           A Pine Forge Press Publication Class and Inequality,Social Stratification,Globalization"Available as an inspection cop
                       280 pages GTS,YJB Social Theory,Cultural Theory,Sociology (General)"
Published in association with Theory, Culture & Society Cl 978-1-4129-4516-5                 Pa 978-1-4129-4517-2
                                                          Cl 978-0-7619-4475-1
                                                                       #75.00                Pa 978-0-7619-4476-8
                       264 pages RGL,JBMGUrban Sociology,Urban Geography,Cultural Studies (General),Tourism Studies,Socio
                       240 pages GTS,YJB,JB               Cl 978-1-84787-049-0
                                                                       #75.00                Pa 978-1-84787-050-6
                                              Sociology (General),Cultural Studies (General),Human Geography (General),Consum
                       736 pages YJBK5,MJX,JB             Cl 978-1-4129-3464-0
                                              Sociology of Age,Gerontological Health / Gerontology,Social Work & Social Policy (G
SAGE Key Concepts seriespages MJX,JBS,JB                  Cl 978-1-4129-2271-5
                                                                       #60.00                Pa 978-1-4129-2272-2
                                              Sociology of Age,Gerontological Health / Gerontology,Social Work & Social Policy (G
                       404 pages JBF,RGXD,YLNA            Cl Sociology,Gender
                                              Environmental978-8-13-210148-2 & Sexuality Studies (General),GIS"
                                                          Cl 978-8-13-210226-7
                       292 pages JPQ,JPA Political Sociology,Government & Governance"
                       1640 pagesJBJC,JBFF,JBF            Cl 978-1-4129-6846-1 #190.00
                                              Sociology of Gender,Women's Studies (General),Family Studies (General)"
SAGE Key Debates in 1656 pagesYJB                         Cl 978-1-84860-031-7
                                              Sociology (General)" #600.00 #550.00
SAGE Key Debates in 1512 pagesJP,YJB                      Cl 978-1-84860-087-4 #550.00
                                              Sociology (General),Politics & International Relations (General)"
                       1656 Research
SAGE Benchmarks in SocialpagesGRS Methods                 Cl 978-1-84787-171-8 #550.00
                                              Research Methods & Evaluation (General)"
                       1626 Research
SAGE Benchmarks in SocialpagesGRS Methods                 Cl 978-1-4129-4863-0 #550.00
                                              Research Methods & Evaluation (General),Research Methods (General)"
                       224 pages YJB,JBA                                                     Pa 978-1-4129-7811-8
           A Pine Forge Press Publication Social Theory,Sociology (General)"Available as an inspection copy
                       1608 Research
SAGE Benchmarks in SocialpagesGRS Methods                 Cl 978-1-84787-356-9 #550.00
                                              Research Methods & Evaluation (General)"
                       1568 pagesJB,HR
SAGE Benchmarks in Religious Studies                      Cl 978-1-84787-360-6 #550.00
                                              Sociology of Religion,Theology and Biblical Studies"
                       1742 pagesHR
SAGE Benchmarks in Religious Studies                      Cl 978-1-84860-168-0 #550.00
                                              Religion (General)"      #600.00
                       1664 Research
SAGE Benchmarks in SocialpagesJBB Methods                 Cl 978-1-84920-028-8 #550.00
                                              Social Research Methods" #600.00
                       192 pages JDL                       (General)" #60.00
                                              Study SkillsCl 978-1-84860-617-3               Pa 978-1-84860-618-0
                                                          Cl 978-1-84920-111-7
                                                                       #60.00                Pa 978-1-84920-112-4
                       192 pages JBB,GRS Research Methods (General),Research Design, Skills & Methods in Education (Gene
                                              Public                                         Pa 978-1-4129-7756-2
                       376 pages KMF,KMKH,KMC Relations (Analysis),Business Ethics,Public Relations (Practice)"Available as a
                                                                                             Pa 978-1-4129-7941-2
                       472 pages JPP,JBQ Public Policy & Public Administration,Social Policy (General)"Available as an inspectio
                       352 pages JBQ,JBS,YJB                                                 Pa & Social Policy (General),Social W
                                              Public Policy & Public Administration,Social Work978-1-4129-7940-5
                                                                                             Pa and the Environment"
                       448 pages KM,KMF Business & Management (General),Management978-1-4129-7877-4
                                                                                             Pa 978-1-4129-8007-4
                       464 pages JDA,JDK Education Theory & Practice/Foundations,Teaching & Learning,Philosophy of Educat
                       408 pages JBV,JP,YJB                                                  Pa & International Relations (General),S
                                              Criminology & Criminal Justice (General),Politics 978-1-4129-7989-4
                       368 pages YJB
           A Pine Forge Press Publication Comparative Sociology"                             Pa 978-1-4129-8037-1
                       408 pages JB
           A Pine Forge Press Publication Sociology of Race & Ethnicity"                     Pa 978-1-4129-7967-2
                       456 pages YJB
           A Pine Forge Press Publication Sociology (General)"                               Pa 978-1-4129-7860-6
                       416 pages YJB,JBN
           A Pine Forge Press Publication Social Problems,Sociology (General)"               Pa 978-1-4129-7862-0
          E           ISBN
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