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Camp record


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									The Camp Record

   date                              note 1                                        note 2

  7/7/09    Robyne Camp notes IUFSD should become a                    Linda Leary (audience) asks
            “destination” school for tuition-paying students           Board why non-resident tuition
                                                                       rates are so low

  7/29/09   —

  9/8/09    A motion was made to appoint Maryann Doyle as Part-
            time Director of Curriculum and Instruction; 1 nay vote:
            Robyn Camp

            The Superintendent recommends that Maryann Doyle
            be appointed as an emergency conditional employee;
            vote 4—0, Camp temporarily out of room

  9/22/09   —

  10/6/09   motion to rescind Reese resignation; “nay” Robyne

            motion made to to approve Letter of Agreement with
            Reese; “nay” Robyn Camp

 10/20/09   Camp not present

 11/10/09   Motion to appoint special counsel in regards to special
            education case; “nay” Robyne Camp

 11/24/09   —

  12/8/09   —

 12/22/09   acceptance of agenda; “nay” Robyne camp

  1/19/10   —

  2/2/10    —

  3/9/10    Motion by Robyn Camp: “Do you vote to abandon
            Trailblazer (Math) for 2010-11 and implement
            Singapore Math? “Aye” Camp, “nay” Kerner, Eisland,
            Morley, “abstain” Dawson. (inversely-worded motion)

  3/23/10   —

  4/20/10   —

  5/4/10    Acceptance of Minutes; “nay” Robyne Camp

  5/19/10   —

  6/8/10    Robyne Camp: absent (tenure was a large item on
The Camp Record

   date                             note 1                                        note 2

  7/6/10    motion to approve “summer curriculum work on math”:
            “yes’ Dawson, Grados, “no” Camp, “abstain” Kerner,

            a motion to rescind above vote and re-vote: “yes”
            Grados, Kerner, Dawson, “no” Camp, “abstain”
            McCann; approved 3-1-1

            motion re “early retirement incentive”: “nay” Camp

  7/27/10   motion “re unpaid leave of absence”: “abstain” Camp

  8/24/10   Motion to approve “Summer Math Curriculum Work”;
            3-1 approved, Camp “nay”

  9/7/10    —

  9/21/10   —

  10/5/10   a motion by Robyne Camp to adopt a policy re student
            inappropriate behavior:4-0-1, Camp “abstain”

 10/19/10   motion to accept Independent Audit: “nay” McCann,

  11/2/10   —

 11/16/10   —

  12/7/10   —


 12/21/10   motion to accept contract with Easter Seals: “nay”

            motion to approve hiring a full-time administrator for
            Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment”: 3-1-1; Camp
            “nay”. “abstain” Dawson, “yes” McCann, Grados,

  1/11/11   Ms Camp states she is not in favor of accepting non-      see previous position on 7/7/09
            resident tuition-paying students

            motion to approve increasing non-resident tuition rate:
            “nay” Camp

  1/25/11   motion to accept amended motion re field work change
            order to not exceed $50k: 3-2, “nay” Camp, McCann

  2/15/11   —
The Camp Record

   date                             note 1                           note 2

  3/1/11    motion to extend probationary period: 4-0-1, “abstain”

  3/15/11   Board Work Session re budget: RC left at 9:00pm

  3/29/11   —

  4/4/11    —

  4/12/11   minutes missing from IUFSD archives: this is the
            meeting where Robyne Camp votes against the school

  4/26/11   —

  5/3/11    —

  5/9/11    —

  5/17/11   —

  6/7/11    —

  6/21/11   motion to accept faculty furlough agreement: Robyne
            Camp leaves meeting during vote, passes 4-0

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