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					9. Vicmap Topographic
Themes Update
2010 - 2011
Vicmap Information Session Broadford 19 August 2011
Vicmap Topographic Themes Update 2010 - 2011

  2010 – 2011 Vicmap Themes Topographic Update

    1.   Notification and Edit Service (NES)
    2.   CFA Edition 3 Check Map Progress
    3.   Bureau of Meteorology Funded Projects

    4.   Vicmap Transport Update
    5.   Vicmap Features of Interest Update
Vicmap Topographic Themes Update 2010 - 2011

As of June 2011 Vicmap Topographic Themes:
7.8 million pieces of data
Increasing at 1000 a week
  Admin                      50k
  Elevation                  500k
  Features of Interest       1.6 million
  Hydro                      2.5 million
  Shared                     20k
  Transport                  3.2 million
                        1. Notification and Edit Service (NES)

                                                   NES Topographic Edits June 2010 - June 2011
                                                     1,565 Topographic Edits Submitted (Down 28% 2009 - 2010)
  250                             64%
CFA                               13%
ESTA                              7%                                                                               All Edits
                                                 Strathbogie 7%
SII                               7%                                             What                              Accepted
Number of Edits

                  150                            Southern                                                    Why
Vicroads                          7%                                             Roads        76%
                                                 Grampians 5%
                                                                                 CFA Check Maps              Road Name Error
AV100                              1%            Wyndham             4%                                      44%
DSE Roads <1%                                    Mount Alexander                                             New Name 16%
                                                                                 FoI           10%
                   50                            3%
Land Reg                          <1%                                                                        Road Alignment
                                                                                 Hydro          1%
                                                 Wangaratta 3%                                                         14%
YVW0                              <1%
                                                                                 Elevation <1%
                         Jun-10   Jul-10   Aug-10 Sep-10   Oct-10   Nov-10   Dec-10Jan-11 Feb-11 Mar-11
                                                                                                             CFA Check Maps
                                                                                                               May-11 Jun-11
                                                                                 Error in NSW                             13%
                                                                                 Data       <1%
                                                                                                             Delete Road 2%
1. NES CRs in Government Gazette
2. CFA Vicmap Map Books

2010 – 2011
•   Two map books are produced each year of five covering the
    state. (2010 – 2011 South West Edition 3 and North East Edition 3)
•   Pre production check maps are distributed to CFA Brigades for
    ground truthing.
•   Check Maps are supplied back to CFA, DSE and Spatial Vision
    for data and cartographic edits
•   Data edits are passed to the Vicmap Topo maintainer for
•   Road name queries are submitted into NES for road manager
•   DSE pays an annual W of VG licence for government usage
2. North East Edition 3 Map Book Check Maps

                                  12% Received at Vicmap
                                  100k :         11%
                                  50k   :         8%
                                  20k   :        22%
                                  From 80 CFA Brigades
   2. North East Edition 3 Map Book Check Maps

CFA Feedback:
Road Seal,
Road Extent
FoI locations
3. Bureau of Metoerology Funded Projects (BoM)

• DSE Office of Water sought funding from Bureau of
  Meteorology under the Modernisation and Extension Funding
  to support the Victorian Water Program
• Vicmap received a portion of this which added an extra 43%
  funding to the Vicmap Topographic Theme Maintenance
  Contract 2010 - 2011.
• Funding was to improve Vicmap Hydro across the state of
• This initiated a number of data quality improvement projects
3. Bureau of Metoerology Funded Projects (BoM)

1. Incorporation of 11 NTICI work areas into Vicmap Topographic
2. Hiring of contract personnel to compare GNR points with
   Vicmap Hydro data themes by feature type
3. Incorporation of custodial agency data into Vicmap
4. The piloting of a hydrological hierarchy within Vicmap Hydro
5. Data capture and verification in the outer metro area
6. The creation of a ongoing data checks between GNR and
7. All funding had to be spent by 10 June 2011!
  3. National Topographic Information Cooperative
  Initiative (NTICI)

National Topographic Information Cooperative Initiative:
Nation wide topographic data capture program in operation since
Uses existing Vicmap Data Models and themes.
Capturing data to Vicmap data specifications and standards.
In 2005 SPOT Imagery was used but now solely using aerial imagery.
Initially all topographic data themes were captured but now the focus
is hydrographic and cultural (features of interest) data types.
3. National Topographic Information Cooperative
Initiative (NTICI)
     3. Hydro Hierarchy Pilot

Hydro Hirearchy Project
8 classes 1 – 8 instead
  of three (High
  Medium Low).
Pilot completed for
  Mitchell River Basin
  June 2011
Look for industry
  acceptance before
2010 – 2011 Hydro Upgrade Results

                        Hydro - Water
                     Hydro - -Water polypoints
                      Hydro Watercourse

                     3% 7% Increase
4. Transport Update

1. Limit anomalies between Vicmap Address and Vicmap
  Transport (<1%) Buffer Project

2. Limit anomalies between proposed roads and approved
  address road names Ongoing

3. Expand upon existing relationships with LGAs,
  Vicroads, DSE Roads, Melbourne Water and Parks
  Victoria NES

4. Walking / Bicycle Tracks and PV roads are an emerging
  focus of activity
4. Transport Update

                      Eleven Road Types
                        Freeway           1%
                        Highway           3%
                        Arterial          5%
                        Sub-Arterial      7%
                        Collector         2%
                        Local           41%
                        2wd             35%
                        4wd               4%
                        Proposed          1%
                        Bicycle Track     1%
                        Walking Track     1%
4. Transport Road Name vs Address Road Name vs
Rates Road Name Comparison

Road Name Buffer Process
Managed by the Ballarat Custodial Support Team
Total statistics to date are:
No of LGAs completed:                48
No of errors:                        23,000
Errors distributed to LGAs           14,376

Errors may relate to Property and Rating System, Vicmap
   Address or Vicmap Transport and may also require
   further investigation.
Road errors account for 30% – 40% of the total
4. Transport Road Name vs Address Road Name vs
Rates Road Name Comparison
4. Roads Edited 2010 -2011

                             3% Increase
                             In Roads
                             12% Edited
5. Vicmap Features of Interest Update (VMFoI)

    •Released in September 2009

    •Held as a product in the Vicmap suite

    •Focusing on emergency and governance

    •Whole of state coverage

    •Accessible, available and maintained

    A growing database of ‘features of interest’
    Reserves, sporting facilities and parks

    11% increase in data 2010 – 2011
5. Vicmap Features of Interest Update (VMFoI)
5. Vicmap Features of Interest

 FIELD                    Data type       NULL   Column Description

 FEATURE_SUBTYPE          Varchar2 (30)   Y      Feature subtype
 AUTH_ORGANISATION_CODE   Varchar2 (4)    Y      The code of the
                                                 Organisation where
                                                 record sourced

 AUTH_ ORGANISATION _ID   Varchar2 (30)   Y      The identifier of the     Asset ID
                                                 Organisation’s record –
                                                 will enable updates and

 VICNAMES_ID                              Y      Official Name sourced
                                                 from Geographic Names
                                                                           Official Name

 VMADD_PFI                Varchar2 (10)   Y      Vicmap Address PFI –
                                                 links associated Vicmap   Where
                                                 Address record
5. Vicmap Features of Interest Update (VMFoI)
     5. Vicmap Features of Interest Update (VMFoI)

Integrated Vicmap

Position                                 GNR (30k points)

       Parcel        Admin


                                              Hydro (Name)
                                              Elevation (Name)

2011 – 2012 and beyond

       •2011 – 2012 BoM money
               •CFA Mapbook Processing (SE Ed3 & Central Ed4)
               •Gippsland NTICI Areas
               •Cross border data incorporation
       •DSE Rivers Health Program
       New imagery and hydro watercourse centrelines
           Input into Vicmap Hydro?

       •Future Coasts Program
           Working with LGAs and MAV for data capture
              Input into Vicmap Hydro?

       •Road Management Table in Vicmap Transport
          Will require cooperation and coordination by all
          Victorian Public Road Managers
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