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					April 23 and 25, 2012                                             doc.: IEEE 802.18-12/42r0

                                             IEEE P802.18
                                         Radio Regulatory-TAG

                 [Radio Regulatory Technical Advisory Group Minutes]
                                          Date: April 25, 2012

   Name          Affiliation(s)          Address                     Phone            email
                 Smart Utility Network
    John Notor           Alliance                  San Jose, CA        408-799-2738
                    Notor Research

                 [Minutes of the RR-TAG conference call meeting April 23, 2012,
                      which was recessed and continued on April 25, 2012]

RR-TAG Minutes April 23 and 25, 2012             page 1                               John Notor
April 23 and 25, 2012                                           doc.: IEEE 802.18-12/42r0

These are the minutes of IEEE 802.18 Telephone Conference Call held on April 23, 2012, recessed, and
then continued on April 25, 2012.

The meeting was originally intended to addresses two documents proposed as position papers re:
TVWS, one intended for the FCC, one for the ITU-R. The meeting adjourned before addressing the
document intended for the ITU-R.

Michael Lynch, 802.18 Chair, prior to the meeting, uploaded documents 18-12/30r3, for submission to
the FCC, and 18-12/30r4, for submission to the ITU-R. The document for the ITU-R was later changed
to 18-12/41r0 by the acting Secretary.

Monday, April 23, 2012

   1. The Chair called the meeting to order at 10:36 AM CDT.
   2. The acting Secretary, John Notor, Smart Utility Network Alliance, asked attendees to email the
       Chair and Vice Chair their name and affiliation to establish attendance.
   3. The Secretary verified that a quorum was on the call.
   4. The Chair summarized the IEEE 802 patent policy.
   5. The Chair gave an overview of the purpose of the meeting. The meeting focused on the
       document to be submitted to the FCC.
   6. There was discussion of the state of revisions, and people felt that having two DCNs rather than
       trying to track revisions was a better idea.
   7. The Chair began the discussion by addressing 18-12/30r3. Apurva Mody, BAE Systems,
       presented the document.
   8. Roger Marks, Consensii LLC, asked about the point of the document, since it did not address a
       specific proceeding. Jay Ramasastry, Silver Spring Networks, pointed out that the document
       would go to the FCC as a general statement. There was general discussion of this point.
   9. Paul Nikolich, representing himself, YAS Broadband Ventures, Silver Spring Networks,
       Samsung, and Intel, gave his perspective on the purpose of the document, which is stated in the
       closing paragraph of the document.
   10. Bruce Kramer, Marvel Semiconductor, commented that it still isn’t clear how this will affect the
       FCC’s action moving forward.
   11. James Gilb, Tensorcom, commented that the document was appropriate based on his
       understanding of how the FCC worked.
   12. Richard Kennedy, Research In Motion, objected to the document, because the document does not
       clearly address what IEEE 802 wants, and appears to show ignorance on the part of IEEE 802 of
       what’s going on. Rich reported that proceedings are being developed that may include new
       unlicensed spectrum.
   13. Jay Ramasastry reported that his discussions with the FCC indicated that the document is
   14. The Chair indicated his feeling that silence with respect to the TVWS issues at the FCC is not the
       best approach.
   15. Dan Lubar, Relay Services, supports the document, but suggested some general improvements.
   16. The Chair accepts the advice of the group as to whom the letter should be directed, i.e., the FCC
       Chairman, the Commissioners, Julius Knapp, and the FCC secretary.
   17. Rich Kennedy left the call. The Secretary stated that the meeting still had a quorum.
   18. The Chair continued review of the document. There were various editorial changes proposed and
       accepted. The document draft revision is d5.

RR-TAG Minutes April 23 and 25, 2012         page 2                                   John Notor
April 23 and 25, 2012                                            doc.: IEEE 802.18-12/42r0

   19. Bruce Kramer suggested that the document is repetitious, and should be revised to make it look
       less repetitive. The Chair edited the document per the group’s input. James Kilb suggested
       changes to make the references within the document consistent with the edits.
   20. Additional changes were suggested and made.
   21. There was considerable discussion about including additional references to Smart Grid.
   22. Subir Das, Applied Communication Sciences, suggested some re-sequencing of the document.
       There were additional comments and discussion on this point.
   23. The Chair recessed the meeting until 10:30 AM CDT Wednesday, April 25, 2010.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

   24. The Chair reconvened the meeting at 10:33 AM CDT.
   25. The Secretary reminded those in attendance to email their attendance to the Chair and the
   26. The Secretary verified that a quorum is present.
   27. The Chair began reviewing document 18-12/30r5. There were questions about adding specific
       text referring to each of the projects and published standards in paragraph 3. There was
       considerable difference of opinion on this issue among those on the call. A final resolution of the
       issue developed and the group moved on to the remaining paragraphs.
   28. There were questions in paragraph 4 regarding whether the emphasis on license-exempt
       spectrum, as opposed to licensed and license-exempt spectrum, is the appropriate way to go. A
       compromise was found and the group moved on.
   29. The review and editing continued. Paragraphs 7 and 8 were swapped and additional edits of the
       specific text in each paragraph.
   30. The emphasis on promoting license-exempt use continued to be a major theme of the discussions
       and editorial changes.
   31. Additional minor edits were made to the rest of the document, with some more substantial
       changes to the conclusion.
   32. There was considerable discussion about the relevance of the list of references. The consensus
       was to delete the references altogether.
   33. The discussion moved on to the list of persons to whom the letter should be sent. Some felt that
       all of the commissioners should be included, and others suggested sending it to Julius Knapp and
       the FCC secretary. Another suggestion was to empower Michael Lynch to determine the best list
       of recipients.
   34. There was additional discussion about the timing of the letter.
   35. The Chair uploaded the document as 18-12/30r6 for final review. A misspelling was spotted, and
       paragraphs 7 and 8 were not flipped in this version. The Chair uploaded 18-12/30r7 as the
       corrected document.
   36. The following motion was made:

      Motion: To approve 18-12/30r7 for submission to the EC for approval and forwarding to the
      FCC. The Chair of the RR-TAG is authorized to make editorial changes as necessary.

              Move by: Apurv Mody
              Second by: Bruce Kraemer
              Discussion: none
              Vote: 5 Yes 0 No 0 Abstain
              Motion: Passed

RR-TAG Minutes April 23 and 25, 2012          page 3                                   John Notor
April 23 and 25, 2012                                       doc.: IEEE 802.18-12/42r0

   37. The meeting was adjourned at 12:07 PM CDT.

Meeting Attendance:

            Name                        Affiliation                    Email Address
 Michael Lynch                 MJ Lynch Associates, LLC
 John Notor                    Smart Utility Network
                               Alliance, Notor Research
 Roger Marks                   Consensii, LLC       
 Apurva Mody                   BAE Systems          
 Subir Das                     Applied Communication
 Bruce Kraemer                 Marvel Semiconductor 
 Paul Nikolich                 Himself, YAS Broadband
                               Ventures, Silver Spring
                               Networks, Samsung, and
 Winston Caldwell              Fox Entertainment    
 Richard Kennedy               Research in Motion   
 Jim Ragsdale                  Ericsson             
 Jay Ramasastry                Silver Spring Networks
 Cristina Seibert              Silver Spring Networks
 Pat Kinney                    Kinney Consulting, LLC
 Kuor-Hsin Chang               Elster Solutions     
 Laura Stefani                 Goldberg, Godles, Wiener &
 Ruben Salazar                 Landis+Gyr           
 John Buffington               Itron Inc.           
 James P.K. Gilb               Tensorcom            
 Dan Lubar                     Relay Services       
 Ivan Reede                    AmeriSys Inc         

RR-TAG Minutes April 23 and 25, 2012     page 4                                John Notor