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					                                                                                                    Lifting                  2-1
TO ORDER FAX: 1-800-892-9651


                                                                       *includes newly
 AKS250CS02                                                           engineered wheel
                                                                      vise (not shown)


TechLift — Ultra Pro                        TechLift — Pro Comp                          TechLift — Air-Powered
Split Lift                                  Split Lift                                   Super Sport Lifts
This scissors-type lift has been designed   The TechLift Pro Comp scissors-type lift     Both TechLift Super Sport lifts are
with safety in mind to handle the V-Rod     is designed for working on over 95% of       hydraulic/air-powered scissors-type lifts
and large motorcycles. It gives the         the Harley-Davidson and Buell motor-         and are designed for working on over
same smooth and safe rise up as do all      cycles. It comes equipped with the           95% of the Harley-Davidson and Buell
of the Bike-Lifts to the maximum of 48"     same safety features as its big brother,     motorcycles. These lifts come equipped
high and has (10) safety stops to work      with a slightly smaller tabletop that goes   with the same safety features as the Pro
from. This heavy-duty equipment             from 6 – 39" high and has (6) safety         Comp Split, with the tabletop that goes
surpasses all others of its type and        stops to work from. It comes complete        from 6 – 39" high and has (6) safety
promises to be in service at your           with both a rear slide gate and a drop       stops to work from. The first model has
dealership for many years to come.          table front.                                 the built-in rear-sliding tray, while the
                                                                                         second model is a standard flat table.
Features:                                   Features:                                    Both of these lifts can accommodate a
    Tray slides forward to permit easy          Rear tray slides forward to permit       16" front extension (special order) and/
    access and removal of the                   easy access and removal of the           or 11" side extensions (AKS250SW50) in
    motorcycle’s rear wheel.                    motorcycle’s rear wheel.                 order to work with trikes or sidecars.
    Front tray drops to permit easy             The front tray drops permitting
    removal of the front wheel or               easy removal of the front wheel or       Specifications:
    suspension.                                 suspension.                                  Tabletop dimensions: 82" l x
                                                                                             29-1/2" w
Specifications:                             Specifications:                                  Lifting height range: 6 – 39"
    Dimensions: 87" l x 29" w                   Tabletop dimensions: 82" l x 23" w           Capacity: 1,100 lbs.
    Lift height range: 6 – 48"                  Lifting height range: 6 – 39"                Weight: 380 lbs.
    Capacity: 1,500 lbs.                        Capacity: 1,100 lbs.
    Weight: 475 lbs.                            Weight: 380 lbs.                         Models:
                                                                                         AKS250MG02 Equipped with a sliding
Models:                                     Models:                                                 rear tray and no drop
AKS250CS02       Air/hydraulic powered      AKS250SS02        Air-powered                           front. Includes wheel
AKS250CS03       Electric-powered           AKS250SS03        Electric-powered                      vise. Air/hydraulic
Includes:                                   Includes:                                    AKS250M002 Flat-top lift with no rear
    Heavy-duty wheel vise.                      Heavy-duty wheel vise.                              tray or drop front. Air/
    Access ramp — extra long for low            Access ramp — extra long for low                    hydraulic powered
    motorcycles.                                motorcycles.
    Side tool gutters.                          Side tool gutters.                       Includes:
    Front wheel bar stoppers.                   Front wheel bar stoppers.                    Access ramp — extra long for low
    Metal and rubber tabletop work              Metal and rubber tabletop work               motorcycles.
    mats.                                       mats.                                        Side tool gutters.
    Heavy-duty tie-down nylon straps.           Heavy-duty tie-down nylon straps.            Front wheel bar stoppers.
    Handheld air/hydraulic controls with        Air/hydraulic pump with connecting           Metal and rubber tabletop work mats.
    10' of control line.                        hose.                                        Heavy-duty tie-down nylon straps.
                                                                                             Handheld air/hydraulic controls with
                                                                                             10' of control line.
                                            Supplied By: America Kowa Seiki
                                                                           TO ORDER CALL: 1-877-HDEQUIP (433-7847)

                                  Lifts/Motorcycle Stand
TechLift Lift Side                          TechLift — Cruiser                          TechLift — Screw Drive
Extensions                                  Custom Floor Lift                           Mini-Center Lift
Model No. AKS250SW50                        Model No. AKS250CFL5                        Model No. AKS250MCL2
(1) pair 11" w x 91" l each, weight: 50     A portable, compact floor lift designed     This is a one-piece stand that is indis-
lbs. each. Heavy-duty all steel side        specifically for motorcycles not equipped   pensable when working on motorcycles
extensions come equipped with extra         with center service stands. An excellent    without central support. It is designed
long bolts to attach securely to the side   choice for the owners of the shop that      for use in combination with a TechLift
of either Super Sport lifts, rear access    needs to frequently service custom          when significant disassembly of the
ramps and front stop plates. The side       cruiser motorcycles. Wear-resistant         front or rear of the motorcycle is
extensions are designed to allow the        metal casters allow you to slide the lift   required.
TechLifts to safely accommodate             under benches for storage and will
motorcycles with sidecars, trikes,          permit you to move a motorcycle
                                                                                           Dimensions: 27" l x 14" w
ATVs, etc.                                  around the shop once it’s secured to
                                                                                           Lift height range: 4 – 18"
                                            the lift.
Dolly Lift Wheel-About                                                                     Weight: 35 lbs.
System                                      Specifications:                      NOTE: To be used with hand tools only.
                                               Dimensions: 34" l x 26" w         Do not adjust with impact or air tools.
Model No. AKS250DOLY                           Lift height range: 5 – 17"
Make your lift portable with the new           Capacity: 1,100 lbs.
retrofit dolly wheel system. This              Weight: 81 lbs.
includes (2) adjustable wheels to be                                  AKS250SW50
mounted to the rear sides of the Bike-
Lift® lifts and a front handle/double
wheel setup that will allow you to raise
and move your lift on a smooth surface
with little effort.
                                                                 AKS250CFL5              AKS250MCL2           AKS250DOLY

Motorcycle Stand
A freestanding, portable stand designed
to hold a motorcycle in an upright
position. The stand will secure the
motorcycle “straight up” and will hold
the bike and a rider or two without
having to balance the bike. Quick setup
also makes suspension adjustments,
maintenance and cleaning safe and
easy. A choice of show chrome or
tough powder-coat finishes puts this
                                            SUD101HAB                                        SUD101HAC
stand at home in any environment.

    Secures the motorcycle — motor-
    cycles won’t tip over.
    Freestanding unit — no side stand
    needed.                                                                             Models:
    Adjustable to fit tires from 3 – 10"                                                SUD101HAC Standard (3) hole chrome
    wide.                                                          SUD101HABF                      plated
    Fits front or rear tires.                                                           SUD101HAB Standard (3) hole black
    Quick and easy setup.                   Specifications:                                        powder-coat
    Lightweight/portable.                       All 1/4" steel construction             SUD101HACF Chrome plated with flame
    Easily mounts to trailers for               Stand weight: 45 lbs.                   SUD101HABF Black powder-coat with
    transporting.                               Dimensions: Sides 22" w x 19" h,                   flame
    Show chrome finish or black                 base 14" w x 30" l
                             Supplied By: America Kowa Seiki/Straight Up Stands Inc.
                                                                                                 Lifting               2-3
TO ORDER FAX: 1-800-892-9651

Handy Standard                                 HYI10732     Lift Dolly — our lift is
                                                            heavy, so glide it around
Air Lift 1000                                               your shop easily. Weight:
Model No. HYI10740                                          15 lbs.
The HYI10740 Handy Air Lift is used in
shops around the world. It has a lifting       S.A.M. 1000 Air Lift
capacity of 1000 lbs. and an 80" x 24"         Model No. HYI16000
deck, making it ideal for working on           Same great lift as our standard Air Lift          HYI10740
motorcycles. It rises to a working height      with additional features of a drop-out
of 30" and when lowered, it is only 7"         panel and 84" length for working on
high, allowing for easy on-off loading.        longer motorcycles.
The lift is a solid steel fabrication and is
powered by a pneumatic cylinder from           Specifications:                                             HYI10730
your air source (90 – 100 p.s.i.). The             Capacity: 1,000 lbs.
convenient foot valve allows easy up/              Air requirement: 90 – 100 p.s.i.
down with intermediate stops. Pick                 Table top dimensions: 24" w x 84" l
from the lift accessory attachments to             Maximum height: 30"
customize your lift.                               Minimum height: 7"
                                                   Weight: 330 lbs.                                         HYI10728
    Capacity: 1,000 lbs.                       Accessories:
    Air requirement: 90 – 100 p.s.i.           HYI14476     CV-17 Cycle Vise — the
    Table top dimension: 24" w x 80" l                      essential lift accessory.
    Maximum height: 30"                                     Position your cycle upright.
    Minimum height: 7"                                      Vise opening: 7-1/2".
    Weight: 304 lbs.                                        Dimensions: 21" w x 15" h.
                                                            Weight: 37 lbs.
Accessories:                                   HYI16003     8" Side Extensions — ideal
HYI14476      CV-17 Cycle Vise — the                        for larger bikes, ATVs and                           HYI16000
              essential lift accessory.                     extra work space. Expands
              Position your cycle upright.                  width of lift from 24" to
              Vise opening: 7-1/2".                         40". (2) ea. Ramp exten-
              Dimensions: 21" w x 15" h.                    sions included. Dimensions:
              Weight: 37 lbs.                               8" w x 82" l. Weight:                                HYI16003
HYI10730      8" Side Extensions — ideal                    85 lbs.
              for larger bikes, ATVs and       HYI16002     12" Side Extensions — the
              extra work space. Expands                     perfect add-on for big
              width of lift from 24" to                     cruisers, ATVs and more
              40". (2) ea. Ramp exten-                      work space. Expands
              sions included. Dimensions:                   width of lift from 24" to
              8" w x 80" l. Weight:                         48". (2) ea. Includes                          HYI16002
              80 lbs.                                       stabilizer and ramp exten-
HYI10728      12" Side Extensions —                         sions. Weight: 125 lbs.
              the perfect add-on for big       HYI16011     13" Front Extension —
              cruisers, ATVs and more                       ideal for extra length when
              work space. Expands width                     working on long bikes.
              of lift from 24" to 48". (2)                  Weight: 29 lbs.
              ea. Includes stabilizer and      HYI10732     Lift Dolly — our lift is
              ramp extensions. Weight:                      heavy, so glide it around      HYI14476
              115 lbs.                                      your shop easily. Weight:                        HYI16011
HYI10736      13" Front Extension —                         15 lbs.
              ideal for extra length when
              working on long bikes.
              Extends lift top to 93".
              Dimensions: 3-3/4" h x
              24-1/2" w x 24" l.
              Weight: 29 lbs.                                                                         HYI10732
                                                 Supplied By: Handy Industries
                                                                                 TO ORDER CALL: 1-877-HDEQUIP (433-7847)


                                        KLS379885                                                               KLS359872
                                        shown with
                                                                                          MC460 Shop Dolly
Bestway In-Ground                              MC550 Multi-Lift                           This dolly allows bikes to be easily
                                               Multi-lift jack can be adapted to work     moved around the shop. Works with
Hydraulic Lifts                                with most motorcycles. Minimum             custom lift-type jacks and MC450 center
These heavy-duty, air/hydraulic motor-         height: 4-1/2", maximum height: 17".       stand.
cycle lifts are easily installed and require   Available in powder coated blue or red.
a 4-1/2' deep hole. Minimum height is                                                     Features:
3", maximum rise above floor is 36". All       Features:                                      Adjustable width from 13 – 20" at
units come complete with a three-way               1-1/2" square tubing.                      base
valve for attaching air line to operate.           Locking caster wheels.                     12 – 15" adjustable height.
Motorcycle lifts can be turned 360°.               16" padded contact area.                   (4) tie-down attachment points
Lifting capacity is 1,200 lbs. for units           Foot-operated locks.                       and rubber pads at frame contact
with 5" pistons and 1,800 lbs. for units           Tie-down points provided.                  points.
with 6" piston.                                    4-ton, foot operated bottle jack.          Swivel neoprene wheels.
KLS359316      Standard lift for Harley-       Models:                                    Models:
               Davidson service, 5"            KLS379885     Multi-lift (blue)            KLS359872     Shop dolly (blue)
               piston, 18" x 18" top           KLS379906     Multi-lift (red)             KLS359996     Shop dolly (red)
               plate dimension, comes
               with predrilled top
               designed for securing
               motorcycle frame to top                              Program Benefits!
               of lift
KLS359318      Standard lift for Harley-
               Davidson service, 6-1/2"           • One-stop shopping.                    • Special purchase
               piston, 18" x 18" top                                                        opportunities
               plate dimension, comes
               with predrilled top,               • Products from the best                  throughout the year.
               designed for securing                sources in the service
               motorcycle frame to top
               of lift                              equipment industry.                   • Price matching.
KLS359319 Harley-Davidson platform —              • Competitive lease rates.              • And much more …
          18" w x 18 " l.
KLS359321 Standard casing, 5" PVC
          for ground moisture                     • Knowledgeable
          protection — use for                      customer service
KLS359322 Standard casing, 6-1/2"
          PVC for ground moisture
          protection — use for
WARRANTY: One year on workmanship
                                                    Supplied By: K&L Supply
                                                                                                      Lifting                 2-5
TO ORDER FAX: 1-800-892-9651

Wheel Maintenance Stands/Wheel Vise/Ramp/Truing Stand
MC455 Fat Jack
Everything you like about the MC450
and more. Fat Jack’s wider deck with
rubber non-skid pad increases your
lifting area for increased stability with
the reliability of K&L engineering.

MC450 Center Jack
This easy-to-use scissor jack is the
answer for raising bikes and ATVs. Lift
front or rear of bikes that are on lifts.
Add the adaptor kits for more flexibility.   KLS378660
    Minimum height: 3-1/2"
    Maximum height: 13"
    KLS378660 405 mm (16") l x                                                                    KLS358621
                  255 mm (10") w
    KLS379841 405 mm (16") l x
                  135 mm (5-1/2") w                                                        MC305 Wheel Truing and
    Maximum height: 330 mm (13")                                                           Balance Stand
    Base width: 355 mm (14")
    UPS shippable                                                                          Model No. KLS358621
                                                                                           This portable wheel truing stand works
Models:                                                                                    on all motorcycle wheel sizes from 14 –
KLS378660       MC455 Fat Jack with pad      MC650/MC600                                   21" wheels. Wheel can be mounted on
KLS379841       MC450 Center Jack                                                          adjustable centering cones or ball
                                             Wheel Vise                                    bearings (using axle) for truing and
Options:                                     Model No. KLS359926                           static balancing of wheels. Frame rails
KLS369830       MC450 Rubber Non-Skid        New heavy-duty design features a              can be adjusted for wide rims/wheels.
                Pad mounts to top            redesigned shape, zinc plated steel           Lightweight, zinc plated press steel
                surface of the center        wheel clamps with rubber inserts to           frame.
                jack. Has self-adhesive      protect rims and brass bushings for
                backing.                     durability. Mounting rails allow quick and
KLS379896       Adaptor plate — mounts       easy removal and fore/aft adjustments.        KLS350900    6 into 1 spoke wrench.
                onto the MC450 and                                                                      Sizes:
                features (4) adjustable                                                                    6.46 mm (.254"),
                frame contact points. Fits                                                                 6.09 mm (.240"),
                MC450s manufactured                                                                        5.7 mm (.224"),
                1999 on.                                                                                   5.45 mm (.215"),
KLS379134       MC450 repair kit — fits                                                                    4.97 mm (.190"),
                MC450s manufactured                                                                        4.35 mm (.172")
                1999 on.                                   KLS350808                       WARRANTY: One year against material
WARRANTY: One year against material                                                        defects and workmanship.
defects and workmanship.                     Low Riding Ramp
                                             Model No. KLS350808
                                             Constructed from .125" thick diamond
                                             plate metal, this ramp will raise the front
                                             or rear wheel 4-1/2". The bottom
                                             features rubber footing to ensure a
                                             positive grip. This ramp is essential
                                             when lifting a lowered motorcycle with
                                             the MC550 Multi-Lift. Features a built-in
                                                   Supplied By: K&L Supply
                                                                       TO ORDER CALL: 1-877-HDEQUIP (433-7847)

        Floor Service Jacks/Jack Stands/Hand Trucks
2-1/4 Ton Capacity Low                    3-Ton Jack Stands
Profile Floor Service                     (sold in pairs)
Jack                                      Model No. NRI81004C
Model No. NRI71240                        Specifications:
Features:                                    Low height: 12"
   4-3/4" square polyurethane                High height: 17-1/2"
                                             Height interval: 9/16"                                       HMHR3010FP
   covered saddle for better grip.
   Additional foot pedal pumping             Base: 7-1/2" x 7-7/8"
   feature provides fast saddle raising      Shipping weight: 19 lbs. per pair
   to the load.
   Controlled load lowering by pulling
   “T” handle and rotating clockwise
   1/4 turn.
   Long, removable “T” handle with
   rubber hand grips provides ease of
   pumping, longer reach for position-
   ing under overhang and ease for
   transportation and storage.                                                    Medium-Duty
   Safety bypass system protects
   pressure cylinder.                                                             Hand Trucks
   Non-marring front wheels and rear
   caster wheels protect dealer                        NRI81004C                  Features:
   showroom floors.                                                                  Medium-duty hand trucks for day-
                                                                                     to-day work.
Specifications:                           2-1/4 Ton Capacity Floor                   Welded steel construction supports
   Overall length: 58"
   Overall width: 17-1/2"                 Service Jack                               up to 300 lbs.
                                                                                     13-gauge, 7/8" o.d. welded pipe
   Lift height (low): 4"                  Model No. NRI71230A                        frame, 1/8" wall.
   Lift height (high): 20"                                                           Standard 6" x 14" heavy gauge
   Shipping weight: 135 lbs.              Features:                                  steel nose plate.
                                             Long, removable two-piece handle
                                                                                     Ships completely assembled and
                                             with rubber hand grip.
                                                                                     ready to use.
                                             Safety overload system prevents
                                                                                     Optional 10" x 14" or 14" x 14"
                                             jack from being used beyond its
                                                                                     nose plate available.
                                             rated capacity.
                                                                                     Concave cross straps and straight
                                             Heavy-duty constructed chassis for
                                                                                     vertical strap strengthen frame.
                                             added strength and dependability.
                                                                                     Heavy flat bar and tube for climbing
                                          Specifications:                            stairs.
                                             Overall length: 28-1/2"                 5/8" diameter axle.
              NRI71240                                                               45" h x 22" w.
                                             Rear maximum width: 15"
                                             Front maximum width: 11-1/2"            Choice of 10" diameter air-filled full
                                             Extended height: 20"                    pneumatic tires or semi-pneumatic.
                                             Low height: 3-3/4"                      Color: Gray.
                                             Shipping weight: 97 lbs.
                                                                                  HMHR3010FP        Full pneumatic tires
                                                                                  HMHR3010SP        Semi-pneumatic tires

                                 Supplied By: Norco/Hassel Material Handling Co.

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