; Air Culinaire In-Flgiht Catering Prepared for London Olympics
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Air Culinaire In-Flgiht Catering Prepared for London Olympics


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									Media Contact:
Louis Smyth
On-site at EBACE: (713) 703-3269

    Air Culinaire In-Fight Catering Prepared for London Olympics
    Chefs will consult with clients at EBACE to develop Olympics in-flight catering strategy

EBACE, Geneva, (May 12, 2012) – With record business-aviation traffic expected to descend
on London for this summer’s 2012 Olympic Games, Air Culinaire (exhibit #2366 ) is expanding
its distribution strategies at its London kitchen to ensure it can keep pace with the anticipated
demand for in-flight catering.

“With all the steps that go into pre-planning an operation to the 2012 Olympic Games, such as
slot reservations, parking, and booking hotels, it’s easy to overlook the importance of pre-
planning in-flight catering,” said Neil Pope, Operations Director, Air Culinaire-London. “The
London Olympics will, we hope, leave a lasting impression on attendees, and we want to ensure
that operators’ catering experiences are a continuation of that. Our Air Culinaire-London kitchen
is prepared for the influx of traffic and catering demand, and our chefs are ready to work with
operators to develop a strategy that ensures this critical component of their trip is a success.”

Operators should keep their entire schedule in mind when considering catering options, said

“To ensure efficiency and save our clients money, we will review their entire itinerary to develop
an in-flight catering strategy that meets their specific needs,” said Pope. “For example, for flights
parked at outlying stations picking up passengers in London, it may be more efficient to have
catering delivered to the crew before leaving to get the passengers, so that it is available when
the passengers are picked up. Or we can deliver directly to the passengers’ departure airport.
Whatever works for the individual operator’s schedule, we can facilitate.”

Although the more time and preparation given the better, Air Culinaire will be able to meet last-
minute and special requests during the 2012 Olympic Games.

“In an ideal situation, we would have at least 24-hours’ notice for all orders, but we understand
that in the business-aviation world, schedules change frequently,” said Pope. “The key is
providing a high level of detail on the specific requirements needed, such as any allergy
restrictions, the type of on-board reheating devices on the aircraft, unique packaging needs, or
specialty items that could be difficult to source.”

In-flight catering orders will be in high demand throughout the London Olympics, peaking
during the closing ceremonies, advised Pope. “The busiest time will likely be following closing
ceremonies, when aircraft will be trying to exit the country en masse over a 24-36 hour period,”
said Pope.

“Special requests can still be met during this period, but again, operators can help ensure a
successful catering experience by working ahead.”

For more information on Air Culinaire-London and to speak directly to an Air Culinaire chef,
visit exhibit #2366, call +44 (0) 1582 417 475, or e-mail london@airculinaire.com.

About Air Culinaire
Air Chef Holdings, LLC is the parent company of Air Culinaire International Limited, including
Air Culinaire-London. Air Chef Holdings, LLC is a Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. wholly
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