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puppy mills by ruby marqueznperiod 5


									                                       Puppy mills
                 Ruby Marquez                                                             May 14, 2012            Volume 1, Issue 1

T h e c r u e l t y o f p u p py m i l l s
                                                        is deadly. Not all pet stores tell their costumers that         In this issue:
                                                        their puppies come from puppy mills. Most puppy
                                                        mills are not all supervised by the state, which
                                                        means that not all owners are following their state
                                                        regulations. There can be up to four or five dogs in
                                                        one small cage. Dogs that are in these horrible                 The cruelty of      1,
                                                        conditions in puppy mills do not get any exercise               puppy mills         2
                                                        which means that are very weak they can be two
                                                        years old and they have never been on a walk.
                                                        Puppies are not happy being born in puppy mills. A
                                                        female dog that is being bred can be stuck in a puppy           Ways to help stop   1
                                                        mill her entire life. Puppy mills dogs are never petted         puppy mills
                                                        or treated with love or care. Their owners use
                                                        these puppies only for profit. Puppy mill dogs are
                                                        never groom or vaccinated. When a puppy mill dog
                                                        gives birth they are never seen by a veterinary many            What you didn't     2
                                                        dogs come out of puppy mills with lost limbs. Puppy             know
                                                        mill dogs are sold to a dealer then the dealer sells
                                                        them to the pet shops. Pet shops sell puppies that
                                                        are sick. Puppy mill owners do not care about if the
                                                                                                                        What didn't know    2
                                                        dogs do not care if they ate or not. You don't want
                                                        to buy a puppy mill dog just because you may think
                                                        its pre bred. You cannot be guaranteed that your
                                                        puppy is one hundred percent pure breed.

           Puppy mills are a dog’s worst night mare.
Female dogs are bred to they cannot bred any
more. When the puppies are born they are only
with their mother for about four weeks. Four
weeks is not sufficient time. Female dogs that are
bred do not get any medication while being
pregnant. When puppies get to the pet stores there
is a chance that the puppy may have something that

Way s t o h e l p s t o p p u p py m i l l s
                        There are     from a pet store and tell people      the yellow pages. You should
                        many ways     that you know that most puppies       never do this because without
                        to help       come from puppy mills. You can        knowing it you are helping puppy
                        puppy mills   also buy from stores that             mill owners make more money
                        dogs. The     promote to stop puppy mills.          and they think this okay when its
following are examples of what        There is a huge demand on pure        not. Continued on page 2.
you can do to help them have a        bred puppies what you need to
brighter future. First of all you     do is go to a shelter. Do not buy
can stop from buying a puppy          puppies over the Internet of from
 Always try to see the dogs mother so you can see if she was healthy there will be a probability so will the puppies. Always get a back ground check of the
person you are buying the puppy from to see if they have a credible reputation. When you do this back ground check you will see if the dogs this person
were treated right. Try to volunteer at your local shelters and give donation so they can continue to do the amazing work that they do. Most animal shelters
like the human society and the ASPCA help rescue dogs from puppy mills. If you can donate money and the most important your time you are making a
huge difference in these poor defenseless animals. You can also adopt these puppy mill dogs that have been rescued. You can also be a foster mom that
means you don't have the dog for a certain amount of time but you still helping them to become a lovable pet for someone else. Again most of the dogs that
are in the shelters are pure bred dogs. When dog is taken by a person you are giving them a second chance that they thought they would never get. By
adopting one dog your making a change for another do that also may need to be rescued. There are many websites that you can go to help donate like

                                                         W h a t y o u d i d n ' t k n ow
                                                                     You will be surprised about you       percent of dogs in kennels are from
                                                         didn't know about puppy mills. Many people        breeders. Kennels are regulated by the state.
                                                         do not know that there are only seventy           There are about one thousand dealers and
                                                         inspectors. This means that they cannot           also brokers in the state. Currently there is
                                                         check every single puppy mill. This also          only twelve employed to check puppy mills
                                                         means that a lot of puppy mill owners do not      conditions. When you adopt a puppy mill
                                                         follow the rules and get away with a lot of       there many responsibilities that come with
                                                         things. Puppy mills can also be inside. When      adopting a puppy, for example you need to
                                                         puppy mills are inside they stink really badly.   be sure that the dog is comfortable around
                                                         There can also be up to seventy dogs around       people. You can’t immediately try to hug
                                                         a wire fence. The wire fence cuts the puppy’s     your new pet. Many puppies are smuggled
                                                         feet when there trying to learn how to walk.      from Mexico to the United States. Each
                                                         Not all puppy mills are checked by the            defect is passed on from generation to
                                                         USDA. Not all dogs that are born in puppy         generation. Just because you bought you new
                                                         mills are pure bred. The purpose of the           brand puppy it does not guarantee you that
                                                         wires is to let the waste go down. When the       your puppy will be okay and healthy and live
                                                         puppies are cut by the wire they do not get       up to twenty years, so be sure to do you
                                                         treated and that can leave serious                research before you go to any pet store.
                                                         consequences. There is a animal welfare act
                                                         that has to be followed by the United States
                                                         department of agriculture. In Pennsylvania
                                                         there about one hundred kennels that do
                                                         not have any heat. Only sixteen percent of
                                                         all dogs in kennels are adopted. Thirty one

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