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									                                                            (IJCSIS) International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security,
                                                                                                             Vol. 10, No. 3, March 2012

         Developing Multi-platform package for Remote
                    System Administration
                                                    Rawaa Putros Polos Qasha
                                                Department of Computers Sciences
                                          College of Computer Sciences and Mathematics
                                                       University of Mosul
                                                          Mosul, Iraq

      Abstract – This paper presents Multi-Platform System                  The aim of this work is to develop an administration
 Administration (MPSA) software for administrating and                  system capable of performing many administrating and
 controlling different operating systems such as Linux and              controlling services remotely in a hidden manner. Therefore
 Windows system, based on XML-RPC technique and Python                  the remotely PC does not recognize any activity has performed
 libraries.                                                             by the administrator PC.
      MPSA software consists of two distinct components:
                                                                            MPSA introduces new two advantages. The first one is
 Administration server and administration agent. The server
 components, work on Linux system, are responsible for                  implementing various important system administration and
 communicating with the agents, sending the queries, and                controlling remotely in an efficient and high speed
 retrieve the performance and status data from them.                    performance, since the software depends on XML-RPC
 Administration agent, that can be working either in Linux or           technique for managing the connection between server and the
 Windows system, is going to proxy the server requests to build         agents, in which the server performs services by calling
 functions and pass the results back to server.                         specified procedure resides in the agents. The second
      MPSA introduces many services, such as processes                  advantage is introducing a portable client agent to work on
 management, resource management, gathering system                      different versions of Windows and Linux systems.
 information, system booting, and file browser, by using the
                                                                             II. RELATED WORKS
 advantages of XML-RPC.
      MPSA services were implemented to work on the
 background at the administration Agents, so that the software              Many efforts and application programs have been produced
 works in a hidden manner without needing to agents permission          to facilitate the task of system administration. Machail, Craig
 or attention.                                                          and Janet presented NetReg program for remotely managing
                                                                        system registry for NT system[3]. This work can be used for
Keywords- Remote System Administration; XML-RPC; Process                specific system and perform limited system administration
management; Port scan, WMI;                                             service.
                                                                            According to Anis, Mohammad and Haissam, many
                                                                        different remote administration tools exists in the market, each
                                                                        of which offers some features for system administration[4].
    The world is driven by technology, in which the vast
                                                                        These tools differs in its capabilities and platform they
majority of companies, organizations and institutions rely on
                                                                        support, for example GoToMyPC is a powerful tool work on
computers to some extent to connect their work. Whenever                different platform except Windows7 and does not support
there is a problem with one or more computers within a                  services for managing essential system parts such as process,
network that requires system administration, and this cannot            resource.
be delivered in a timely fashion, the delay in resuming the                 Sebastian and their partners suggested a new approach for
work process results in losses for the company or institution,
                                                                        system management services over a Wide Area Network
losses that can be significant at times.
                                                                        (WAN) which performs easy selection and configuration of
    system administrators are in an increasing degree involved          booting options for only Linux system[5].
with the troubleshooting of solving many type of problems                   Most of the previous works have used client-server
concerning the quality of service for the different                     approach to make a connection. This technique increases the
applications[1].                                                        network traffic loads. Moreover, the programs which have
    According to [2] the common method to perform system
                                                                        been introduced by previous work depends on client
administration is by accessing the remote system via network            permission and works as foreground process.
communication by means of client-server protocol.                           MPSA has been implemented to overcome the above
    Remote access via network communication are identified              problems by using XML-RPC and Python libraries in different
as idol solution for performing system administration,                  modern platform.
irrespective of the administrator position. A fast, reliable and
effective system administration services can be easily
performed via remote connection.

                                                                                                   ISSN 1947-5500
                                                               (IJCSIS) International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security,
                                                                                                                Vol. 10, No. 3, March 2012
          III. DIFFERENT TECHNIQUES WERE USED FOR REMOTE                       The ability to inspect a running process and control its
                         ADMINISTRATION:                                    execution is a basic requirement security tool may require
        This section presents different tools that had been used to         controlling opportunities. This work offering new
     administrate remote Linux and Windows systems and to                   capability for process administration. It uses an efficient
     access services for performing different tasks on the agents.          method to view hidden processes depending on keep
                                                                            tacking of /proc system file, which contains information
     A. XML-RPC                                                             about each process. Also the work implements a new
         As mentioned in [4] Remote Procedure Call (RPC) is a               method for process deletion to delete specified process
     mechanism offers the capability of data exchange and                   and all its children in order to avoid creation of zombie
     invocation of functions residing in different process. That            processes.
     process can be on the same computer, on the local area ii.             System Resources Monitoring             & Performance
     network “LAN”, or across the Internet. With RPC, essential             Controlling:
     program logic and related procedure code can exist on
     different computers, which is important for distributed                    If system resources become too low, it can cause a lot
     applications.                                                          of problems. The ability of resource monitoring can help
         In this work XML-RPC, which is a set of specifications             to determine whether system is stable, or if some services
     that allow software running on disparate operating systems,            need to be terminated or suspended temporarily
     have been used for running in different environments to make           depending on some criteria such as amount of CPU or
     procedure calls over the network[6], since a heterogeneous             memory usage.
     environment in terms of operating systems are used.          iii.      File Systems Monitoring
     B. WMI
         Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) is a set of                   In any administration system, management files and
     Windows Driver model that provides an operating system                 directories represent an essential part. In this work, to
     interface, it allows scripting languages like Python to manage         manipulate files and directories, related system calls had
     Microsoft Windows personal computers, both locally and                 been used in Linux and special API functions for
     remotely [7]. It is the management framework available in              Windows. The API functions and system calls provide
     recent Windows systems. WMI is built on the COM                        complete control over the creation and maintenance of
     “Component Object Model” infrastructure and can thus
                                                                            files and directories.
     operate remotely, using DCOM “Distributed COM”[8].
         WMI had been used in this work to access Windows
     system parts and information.                                  iv.     Desktop Screenshots

     C. GTK                                                                     A snapshot is the state of a system at a particular point
         GTK (GIMP Toolkit) was originally developed as a toolkit           in time. It can refer to an actual copy of the state of a
     for the GIMP (General Image Manipulation Program). It is a             system or to a capability provided by certain systems.
     set of functions that have been used in implementation of                  Implementing desktop snapshot remotely could
     screen snapshot in Linux and Windows systems[9].                       provide a appropriate means for monitoring user activity
                                                                            in the target machine in any given time and rapidly.
     D. Python Libraries:
                                                                       v.   Gathering System Information.
        Python has built-in support for the XML-RPC protocol and
     offers tools for implementing client-server applications
                                                                               One of the basic task of system administration is how
     without needing to install any additional packages.
        In this work, python have been used to develop server and           to find general system information when the system is
     agents programs working in different operating system.                 running, such as CPU usage, the amount of memory on a
                                                                            system and its usage, and the amount of available disk
                  IV. SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION TASKS:                          space and its usage. Some of these tasks are performed
          According to Eleen, the most important features/functions         repetitively, at regular intervals. Other tasks need to run
      of the system administration are monitoring system activity,          only once.
      File management, system rebooting, and software monitoring vi.        Port Scanning
      [10]. This work implements an efficient and fast techniques
      to introduce a portable agent which contains all of these                This feature helps the administrator to check the
      functions. The most important features which have been                network ports on the clients and to check the ports statues
      implemented by MPSA are described below:                              with giving the administrator the ability to close any
                                                                            unauthorized port to protect the clients’ computers.
i.       Process Administration

                                                                                                    ISSN 1947-5500
                                                            (IJCSIS) International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security,
                                                                                                             Vol. 10, No. 3, March 2012
         MPSA consists of two main components:
     administration server and administration agent. The                                            Run Server Program

     following scenario is used by software components to
     perform MPSA tasks: XML-RPC had been used to                                                     Enter IP’s Range
     communicate between server and the agents program so
     that the agent programs defines functions including the                           Checking for Open Port in the IP’s Range
     implementation, the parameters and interfaces. These
     functions performing system information gathering and
     applied system tasks when the server calls one of the                            No                 Is there
     functions by following the function interface. The                                                 open port?
     function may return a value contains system information
     performed into a suitable data structure. Figure (1)                                                     Yes
     represents a high-level components of MPSA software.                           Checking for System type in the target machine

                     Administration Server
                                                                                                   Connect to target PC

                           Server Options
                                                                                                 Displaying Admin. Options

              Receiving and               Connecting and
                Managing                    Requesting                                            Selecting Admin Service
               Information                   Process

                                                                                       Using XML-RPC to Call Service’s related
                                                                                             function from selected Agent

                                          Connecting and
              Sending Result                                                               Display the results returned from the
               Information                                                                                 agent
                              Agent’s Functions
                         Administration Agent
                                                                                        Figure (2) Administration Server
              Figure (1) MPSA Main Components

                                                                        b.    Administration Agent
a.    Administration Server:
                                                                                MPSA’s contains two agent programs to support
        This part, which is responsible for controlling and
                                                                             system administration for different types of systems.
     managing all the clients agents, should be setup on the
                                                                             These programs must be loaded by the administration for
     server computer. This part is responsible for detecting the
                                                                             the first time, and be executed at system startup in Linux
     opened network port among a range of IP addresses,
                                                                             or Windows agent machines to make the agent system
     which already had been specified for the clients
                                                                             under administration. The server part will gather the
     computers in advance. When detecting an opened port for
                                                                             information and pass operations and commands to be
     the target PC, the server performs checking operations to
                                                                             performed on the agent system using XML_RPC
     determine the type of operating system exists in the agent.
                                                                             technique. On the other side agent program is responsible
     The flowchart in figure (2) demonstrate the algorithm
                                                                             for performing the operations and passing back the
     which is implemented by MPSA server program to
                                                                             resulted information to the server in the other side to be
     administrate and control target system.
                                                                             displayed. The flowchart in figure (3) demonstrate the
                                                                             algorithm which is implemented by MPSA agent program
                                                                             to perform tasks received from the server depending on
                                                                             agent system type.

                                                                                                        ISSN 1947-5500
                                                            (IJCSIS) International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security,
                                                                                                             Vol. 10, No. 3, March 2012
                              start                                        •    The agent’s programs for different system performs
                                                                                their task in a high speed time as a result of using
                                                                                XML-RPC protocol for responding for server
             Run Agent Program at Computer startup
                                                                           • All tasks had been performed precisely on the target
                                                                                PC, and the system information and status are correct
               Waiting for connection from Server                               comparing to that obtained when using system tools
                                                                                such as task manager in Windows system or system
                                                                                manager in Linux system
               Receiving Function call from server                         Figure (4) depicts the first interface for MPSA server
                                                                        which is used to check for opened ports for the target
                                                                        computers and get information for their system then connect
              Apply Service’s Function that called by                   to the selected computer to start administration procedures
                    Server through XML-RPC                              using options explained in table (1).

              No           Is function
                          Return Values


                     Return Results to Server



                                                                                 Figure (4) MPSA Server First Interface Window

              Figure (3) Administrating Agent
                                                                                            Table (1) MPSA’s Options

             VI. EXPERIMENTS AND DISCUSSION                               Main Option         Sub-Option            Function
    MPSA software implements remote system controlling                                           CPU           Displays
and administration on different operating systems: Linux and                                                   processor info.
Windows using Python language with different programming
libraries such wxPython for performing software GUI, GTK,                      Sys. Info.        RAM           Displays memory
and WMI to manage many system parts in each of Linux and                                                       info.
Windows. XML-RPC technique is used to exchange                                                    OS           Displays OS info.
information between software parts.
    MPSA software was tested successfully in the University                                     Hidden         Shows all hidden
of Mosul/Computer Sciences Dept. lab contains 5 computers.                                      Process        process
The first one was used as administration server working in                                    All Process      Shows all process
Linux system with Ubuntu distribution, version 10.4. the
others are used as agents working in Linux Ubuntu 10.4,                                           Kill         Terminates
Linux Ment12, Windows XP SP2, and Windows7. The                                                                specified process
results have shown efficiency in performance and speed in
                                                                                                Suspend        Suspends
performing tasks on the target PC.
                                                                                                               specified process
    The most effective and powerful results are:
    • It works efficiently on many types of systems such                                        Resume         Resumes
         as: Windows with different versions (XP and 7) and                                                    suspended process
         Linux with various distributions and versions.
                                                                                                 CPU           CPU Percentage
    • Administration and controlling operations, that                      Sys. Status
         applied in the target PC did not appear any activity or
         be recognized from the agent user.

                                                                                                    ISSN 1947-5500
                                                          (IJCSIS) International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security,
                                                                                                           Vol. 10, No. 3, March 2012
                      RAM        RAM percentage
                                 usage                                                             REFERENCES
                    Processes    No. of running,
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   Figure (5) Administration Server’s Options Interface

  This paper develops a new software for remote system
administration and controlling different operating systems.
The software depends on XML_RPC technique, which is fast
and efficient method to exchange data and commands
between server and agent. The software offers many valuable
tools for controlling essential parts of target systems and
gathering system information suitable for maintaining target
system stability and controlling system usage, also system
administration tools can be used to modify the behavior of

                                                                                               ISSN 1947-5500

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