Sculpture Assessment by emmahogan


									Rubric Assessment Sheet
Scheme Title                                  Study the human figure through drawing and use this work to conceive and create a site-specific figurative
                                              sculpture for your school.
Class group                                   5th year
Date:                                         13th March – 4th May

Drawing & Exploration                           Technical Skills                          Knowledge & understanding                   Attitude
Ability to record and convey qualities of       Ability to develop and translate          Show awareness of the importance of         Show willingness to participate to
the subject matter such as; form, space,        visual information recorded about         drawing for visual analysis, exploring      the best of their ability.
proportion, vitality, light and dark            the subject matter in regard to form,     subject matter and planning for three-
through observational drawing using             space, vitality / tension into the        dimensional work.                           Open to embracing the discipline
exercises in line and tone.                     drawing.                                                                              of drawing and sculpture, new
                                                                                          Knowledge and awareness of                  techniques and experimentation.
Demonstrate an understanding of form            Ability to be creative and highly         international and Irish sculptors working
and space and how it can be                     proficient in their application of        with the human figure (Rowan Gillespie,     Adapts a creative attitude – uses
created/conveyed in a drawing.                  materials and techniques to convey        Paddy Campbell) and examples of site-       their imagination regarding
                                                contours, form, space,                    specific and public work in Ireland and     theme and placement.
Use drawing media to creatively to              action/mood/tension in the                abroad.
describe the features, stance and vitality      drawings.                                                                             Works well individually and
of the figure.                                                                            Introduction to production techniques       within a team. Is conscientious
                                                Ability to pre-plan and solve             and processes in sculptural work.           and self-motivated.
Ability to work and rework a drawing            technical issues as they arise in
without pressure of creating a finished         relation to casting a figure in packing   Understanding of the concept and            Is proactive.
work. Drawing for analysis and planning         tape, installing a sculpture on site      creation of ‘site-specific’ work.
of sculptural work.                             and ensuring the sculpture is             Understanding of how to ‘pitch’ and idea
                                                structurally sound.                       to client.
Evidence of Learning
Students drawings are proportionate and         Students show development in their        Students gather adequate visual             Effective use of class time.
show understanding of form, space and           figure drawing skills and display         information in class and on location to     Commitment and effort goes into
the use of the line, light and shade to         awareness of form, space, depth and       inform their sculptural work.               developing and planning design.
depict the three-dimensional form.              vitality, through competent use of
                                                mark-making techniques and                Students to competently describe, analyse   Students show effort to develop
Ability to use the full page to best            experimental / well-executed              and discuss works of art shown in           their drawing skills thorough
advantage. Positioning and fitting the full     explorations.                             presentation and to show evidence of        observation and testing new
figure onto the drawing sheet (not cutting                                                understanding in their work.                ideas, materials and skills within
off the head or legs.)                          Sculpture stands free or is                                                           their drawings.
                                                hung/mounted as designed.                 Students to create a professional
Appropriate and effective use of                Sculpture is structurally sound with      presentation and present this to their      Demonstrates enthusiasm in all
materials – pencil, conte or oil pastel /       added support where necessary.            ‘client’.                                   aspects of the project, co-operates
crayon investigating subject matter                                                                                                   well with other students and
qualities such as colour, form and surface      Execution is neat and with smooth,        Students to rationalise the choice of       works to the best of their ability.
interest.                                       high quality finish. Assemblage and       theme and location for their sculpture.
                                                proportion are correct.
Drawing of figures on and in location.

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