Essential Guide to Protect Adsense Account

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Essential Guide to Protect
Adsense Account

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                                         Author: Deepak Singh
Table of Contents:

   Essential Guide to Protect Google Adsense Account
   Top Reasons for Getting Banned by Adsense
      o   Copycatted Contents
      o   Fraudulent Clicks Detection
      o   Excessive Early Back-linking
      o   Keyword Stuffing
      o   Hidden Links or Texts
      o   Cookie Stuffing
      o   Malware Hosting
      o   Cloaking Redirects
      o   Site Navigation
      o   Spamming Other's Sites with Your Domain
   Precaution is Better than Cure
   Protecting your Adsense Account: Tips to Follow
      o On-Page Factors to Take Care About
      o Off-Page Factors to Take Care About
   5 Must Avoid Things to Protect Adsense Account
   What to Do when Adsense Account Got Disabled?

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Essential Guide to Protect Google Adsense Account

Google Adsense is one of the best Contextual Advertising Program for Web
Publishers to monetize their websites and blogs. There are a large number
of similar Advertising Solutions but none of them has reputation like as
Adsense, at present Adsense is monetizing over 10 millions web pages. That's
the reason every Web Publisher wants to have an Adsense Account. Google
has been changed its Adsense Publisher Policy and it has been become very
though job to maintain a Google Adsense Account so far. I am seeing many
publishers almost every day whose Adsense account getting disabled.
Nowadays protecting Adsense Account has been become harder job rather
than of getting accepted by Adsense. On some cases I noticed that the main
reason was just unawareness of account holders. Google Adsense could be
best solution to monetize your websites or blogs but only if you handle them
very carefully. The most frustrating part of getting disabled is that, Google
would never tell you any reason for "Why they disabled your Account?”

If you also have a Google Adsense Account then you should know the most
common reasons for which Google can disable your account. After a long
research I found some of the most common reasons, are as mentioned below.

Top Reasons for Getting Banned by Adsense

10 Best known reasons behind any Banned Adsense Account are as discussed.

Copycatted Contents:

This is most common reason I noticed that forces Google to disable your
Adsense Publisher Account. Remember even a single copycatted Article could
be the reason.

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For example, A is running a great website with high quality and unique
contents and running Adsense Ads there but he/she copied an article from B's
website. B noticed that and complains Google about that, Google guys checked
and found true, then they will remove that article listing from their search
results. And if the process will be repeat twice or three times they
could Ban your site permanently along with Adsense Account.

One of my fellow blogger got disabled by Adsense for the same reason
recently, and after hanging our heads for finding the reason we found, there
were only 3 Articles, for which his account got disabled. His blog had 600+
quality articles.

Fraudulent Clicks Detection:

This is another common reason for which Google often disables Adsense
publisher accounts. Fraudulent Clicks means the clicks you got on your ads
were unnatural. If your Ads would get a bunch of aggressive clicks from
the similar IP range, they treat all those as Fraudulent Clicks and simply flag
the account. If they found the process is repeating on regular basis they will be
disabled your Adsense Account forever.

Remember Google is the King of Internet they are able to track your IP
Range, Country, City and even you’re Streets (on some areas) along with
your System Details, Browser you are using, your ISP etc. So don't try to play
any cheap trick to earn money with them.

Excessive Early Back-linking:

Backlinks are treated as a prime factor for quick online success. If your
website/blog has a good number of quality backlinks then no any doubt your
site's ranking will be boosted rapidly along with Google PR and Alexa Rank.
That's the reason webmaster use some unnatural linking tactics to get early
backlinks. Google hates those tactics at all and if caught you, they will flag your
account. So build backlinks but using White-hat SEO Techniques.

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Keyword Stuffing:

Keywords are the key of online success at both Google Search and Adsense. If
you are targeting appropriate keywords for your niche then you are an
intelligent webmaster but remember every webmaster know this, some play
very politely with keywords while some other makes excessive use
of similar keywords and keywords phrase to get quick result. I have been
explained clearly the role of Keywords inside article on my previous article. If
you are repeating keywords many times and using them at unsuitable places
inside articles and headings by breaking the rules of grammar then remember
you are going to burn your a**. Don't ever do keyword stuffing simply always
check keyword density in your article is not exceeding the safe limit of
about 7%. Instead of repeating same keyword at every place use
its Synonym or Phrase.

Hidden Links or Texts:

Some webmaster thinks they are smart than Google Guys, they could be but I
have not seen anyone who had been cheated Google for a long period of time.
Some newbie webmasters could be misguide by some fake articles available
on some spam websites. Using Hidden Links or Texts on your WebPages is
a Black-hat SEO tactic and Google hates those at all. Some webmasters
participates in link exchange programs to get quick traffic and use hiding
properties of CSS to hide them by reducing their font size and changing links
colors similar to    background.      Remember       you    can    hide SPAM
links or Unnatural Links from you and yours visitor’s eyes but cannot from
Google's bot. So that using such type of black-hat techniques will not boost
your traffic but may offer a chance to Google to ban your Adsense Account.

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Cookie Stuffing:

Cookie Stuffing is another black-hat SEO technique of online marketing and
used to get illegitimate traffic or increase Ads Click. Cookie stuffing mostly
occurs when a visitor visits your website/blog and as a result of this
visit receives      a third-party cookie       from         an entirely unknown
blog/website. This technique treated as Black-hat SEO technique because the
visitor not being aware of it. There are a bunch of websites who offer this
service and may boost your site's traffic initially but this is a paid method of
Getting Traffic and violates Adsense's Terms of Service. That's why if you are
involved in such type of activity no doubt your Adsense account would be
banned soon.

Malware Hosting:

If your site is hosting Malware then Google will not take much time to ban
your     site and     flag  for suspicious activities.  There    may    be
some competitors who feels jealous and may inject Malware to your site by
opting to a number of methods such as SQL injection etc. So keep checking
your site for Malware on regular basis, the best tool for this is Google
Webmaster Tool.

Cloaking Redirects:

When      you      mask    the    identity    of    the    real   website    and
use YourPurchasedDomain instead, this technique is known as Link Cloaking.
Link Cloaking is very easy to do with GoDaddy. You simply buy the name, visit
the Domain Manager at GoDaddy, select the domain name that you want to
mask, click on the "Forward" tab above, and choose 'Forward with Masking"
and done. I can't understand why people use this anyhow its increase the
chances of you getting the affiliate click, and thus the revenue, are diminished
significantly. It could be beneficial for a short while but would not works for
you very long period of time. Read Google's view on Cloaking Redirects.

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      Google Says, “Cloaking refers to the practice of presenting different
      content or URLs to users and search engines. Serving up different
      results based on user-agent may cause your site to be perceived as
      deceptive and removed from the Google index.”

And if they would have a reason to remove your site from Google Index then I
am sure they would be having a solid reason to ban your Adsense Account

Site Navigation:

A well navigated site is, on that you can reach to any page just in 3 clicks. I
saw many Website where it takes 8-to-15 clicks to reach some pages. This
is unacceptable by Google, although this doesn't violate any Term of Service
but they can disable your account even for this issue also. So keep navigation
as much as easy you can do. This will not only increase your site performance
but also increase visitors trust along with Search Bots.

Spamming Other's Sites with Your Domain:

Comment Spamming is the easiest method to build some links for your
website that's why webmaster searches for DoFollow Blogs and Sites to do
comment there aggressively with improper anchor tags. While if the site
Admin is smart then he/she will never approve your comments. While I saw
many Site Admin doesn't cares about this.

It doesn't matters that, the subjected site is a Do-Follow or No-Follow website,
if you are commenting there aggressively, aggressive means commenting on
almost every article with Same Domain but Different keywords in Anchor
Tags, that will be treated by Search Engines as SPAM comments and they
hates this at all.

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Precaution is Better than Cure
Although there is an option to submit a request to Google Adsense to review
your account but why take a chance, 95% of Review Request (appeal) refused
by them. You can count those people on your figures that got their same
Adsense account back. So that only one thing I can suggest you is
'Precaution is better than Cure". Don't take any chance keep your eyes open
for Adsense Statics always.

Protecting your Adsense Account: Tips to Follow

There are a large number of Sites where you can found lots of tips to protect
your Adsense Account some works while some doesn't. Anyhow here I am
sharing few essential tips on the basis of my Experience, Knowledge and

On-Page Factors to Take Care About:

   Avoid Keyword Stuffing on everywhere, Meta
    Description, Title, Heading Tags etc.
   Use Easy Navigation Structure for your Site Menu and Pages.
   Don't Create Copycatted Articles.
   Protect your Site from Malware.
   Avoid too much Pop-up or Pop-inside ads.
   Don't give backlinks to unrelated website/blog.
   Don't make use of Hidden Texts, Images or Links.
   Use Accurate Keyword inside Anchor Tags when linking to third-party
   Keep Keyword Density between 2.5 to 4.5%.
   Don't use Adult, Spammy, or Similar looking Ads along with Adsense

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Off-Page Factors to Take Care About:

     Don't participate in any kind of Traffic Exchange Program.
     Don't Participate in Link Exchange program.
     Avoid Cloaking and Sneaky Redirect Techniques.
     Don't SPAM on other sites with your Domain.
     Don't Place Link of your site at Copycatted websites offering
      Copyrighted Multimedia contents specially Torrent site.
     Don't Pay for Traffic.
     Don't make use of Paid Incoming Links.
     As long as Possible avoid Off-page SEO Techniques.
     Build Backlink for your Site with similar Niche.
     Don’t ask your friends to manually click on your Adsense Ads.

5 Must Avoid Things to Protect Adsense Account

  1. Don't Place Too many Ads above the Folds, and also don't place too
     much ads along with Adsense Ads.
  2. Don't Place more than 3 Ad blocks and 3 Link units on a single page.
  3. Don't use any technique or method to motivate visitor to Click on Ads.
  4. Always     keep    analyzing    your    Adsense      Ads    Statics    to
     find Fraudulent Clicks Attack. And Report Google immediate about
     this here.
  5. Only allow those sites to show Adsense Ads which are subjected to you.
     You can block other sites under Adsense Ad Settings.

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What to Do when Adsense Account Got Disabled?

If your Adsense account got disabled, on such condition an only thing you
can do; is find the possible reasons behind this (Google will not tell you) and
fix all those issues and submit your Adsense Account for Review here. You
will be a lucky one if your appeal will be accepted by them.

If you really want to earn most from Adsense then always keeps your eyes
open and are ready to fight with undesired issues. There are not any exact
method which can give you guarantee that your Adsense Account would not
be disabled ever. Google always keep on changing their System algorithm.
So no one could tell you the exact reason neither Adsense nor other
webmasters, when your Account got disabled. The only thing you can do is,
opt and follow the legal methods and always check your Site
Traffic Analytic along with Adsense Ad units and Link unit’s performances on
regular basis. And if you find suspicious visitors immediately block their IP
range. Sometimes it takes few weeks and even sometimes it takes few months
to track unsupported behavior of Adsense Ads on your websites by them. So
there would be a 3 month old issue that caused penalization now, you could
know that only if you have complete details about your Visitors and Ads

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Best Wishes

 Deepak Singh

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