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     Welcome to all new residents and families                                                           Neighborhood
     of our community.                                                                                   Watch Begins
                                                                                                         KRISTIN JONES

                                  We hope you all enjoy living                                           Thanks to everyone for your support of

                                  in the Vistas at Green Hills                                           starting up a Neighborhood Crime Watch in
                                                                                                         our community. Due to the tremendous
                                                                                                         support we have already received and the
                                  community, one of the best                                             number of people who have signed up for
                                                                                                         the crime watch, South Whitehall Township
                                  in the Lehigh Valley!                                                  is in the process of posting two crime watch
                                                                                                         signs at the entrance to our neighborhood.
                                                                                                         One sign will be located at the corner of
     Welcome to The Vistas at Green Hills’ first official online newsletter! We hope that
                                                                                                         Clauser and Majestic and the second will be
     everyone will find this new format of the newsletter user-friendly and as usual, informative.
                                                                                                         located on the corner of Clauser and
     We would also like to take a moment to welcome all of our new neighbors to the                      Chandler. With more participation, we will
     community. We are sure that you enjoy this neighborhood and with the warm                           be eligible for additional signs at the other
     summer weather here, hope you have many opportunities to meet other residents                       entrances – so if you have not already signed
     of the Vistas community.                                                                            up, please contact me for an application at
     The Vistas at Green Hills website has been expanding to include many new features.
     Home and condo owners have access to a “Member’s Only” area where you can                           When you sign up to be a member of the
     view specific information on board members, upcoming events, and much more.                         crime watch, you will be assigned an
     The Vistas website is the best way to stay informed about the surrounding                           ID number. This ID number can be used by
     community and a great place to discover areas where you can become involved.                        you to report suspicious activity anonymously
     If you have not already registered for your personal user name and password, please                 and quickly. As a member you are invited to
     contact our webmaster, Brian Kester, at for more                             monthly meetings held by the officers in
     information. If you are renting a home, you still have access to some information on                charge of the crime watch for South
     the website, so check it out!                                                                       Whitehall Township. These meetings are
                                                                                                         voluntary and if you do not attend, you will
                                                                                                         be sent the minutes from the meeting so you
                                                                                                         can stay in the loop with what is happening.
                                                                                                         Please consider becoming a member of the
Fence Ban Passed                                     The Vistas at Green Hills board is working hard
                                                     to manage the community according to the            crime watch – it not only helps to protect the
                                                     rules and regulations set forth in the              neighborhood but most importantly, it helps
                                                     documents you received at the closing of your       to protect your family.

Thanks to the support of everyone in the             home. The board is in place to protect the
community, the amendment to the HOA rules            homeowners and to keep our neighborhood in
and regulations to ban fences from our               good shape. Although sometimes it is
neighborhood recently passed. While some             frustrating to have others dictate what is and is
types of fences are still allowed with board         not appropriate for your home, we have to
approval (privacy fences, landscaping, etc.),        remember that we were all aware of the HOA
these changes prevent you from enclosing your        when we purchased a home in this community.
front or back yard. The board understands that       If there is ever something that you personally
there are many details left to finalize. The final   wish to discuss and propose changing, it is
language of the amendment is still being             important to attend the board meetings and be
discussed and will be distributed soon.              an active member of this community.
Summer Has Arrived !                              Musikfest
                                                  Located in the heart of Bethlehem, PA, this       Family Fun Run & Walk
KRISTIN JONES                                     10 day music festival features over 500           JENNIFER LALIK
                                                  performances of musicians from across the
Summer is here – time to get outdoors and         country including some headlining acts like,      On Saturday, October 4, 2008 the
enjoy the great weather! Since many               Avril Lavigne, Live/Collective Soul, and Earth,   Kay Brook Green Hills neighborhood is
homeowners may not be native to the               Wind, & Fire, just to name a few. Check out       hosting a 5K Fun Run and Walk. Bring the
Lehigh Valley, we wanted to share some fun        their website for a complete listing of events.   family out for exercise at this first time
summertime activities with you and your family!                                                     event and help make it a combined
                                                  Rascals is an indoor entertainment center         neighborhood success. For more info
Have kids? It is hard to keep kids busy during    with two restaurants.                             email Kim Delaney or call 610-737-7657
the long summer days. Try some of these
ideas to keep kids and parents happy:             The Great Allentown Fair
                                                  For over a century and a half, The Great
Dorney Park and Wild Water Kingdom
has something for everyone at this amusement
                                                  Allentown Fair has operated annually at the
                                                  fair grounds in Allentown. Running from
                                                                                                    Timbertown Park
park–from roller coasters and thrill rides to     August 26 – September 1, the fair provides a      JENNIFER LALIK
Camp Snoopy for the kids and a water park         little something for everyone including
complete with wave pool!                          carnival rides, shows and musical acts, which     This park is perfect for younger children.
                                                  this year include The Jonas Brothers, Toby        The address is 7625 Imperial Way,
Kaybrook Green Hills Swim Club located            Keith and Daughtry plus many more!                Allentown. The park was built by fathers
right around the corner in Green Hills, is a                                                        and residents out of wood timbers in a
fun, safe, members-only swim club                                                                   fort type structure. Lots of climbing and
complete with swim lessons, a swim team,          Dorney Park and Wild Water Kingdom                sliding and swinging are included. Picnic
and many social activities. Check the website                                tables, water fountains and bathrooms at
for membership information.                                                                         the nearby pavilion are handy. They also
                                                  Kaybrook Green Hills Swim Club
Hershey Park                                                                                        have a sandbox, some remember to bring
“The Sweetest Place on Earth!” A slightly                                                           your own toys.
further drive than Dorney Park, but just as       Hershey Park
much fun! Home to Hershey’s Chocolate,  
you can enjoy an amusement park, water
park, Chocolate World and much, much
                                                                                                    Shankweiler’s Drive-in
more! Turn it into a weekend trip and spend                                                         BRIAN KESTER
the night at one of the many great hotels in      The Great Allentown Fair
the area.                                                          Did you know that one of America’s last
                                                  Rascals                                           operating drive-in movie theatres is just
For more adult-style entertainment, check
                                                                 up the street? They show current movies
out these great events happening this
                                                                                                    with a one-of-a-kind atmosphere. This
summer in the Lehigh Valley:
                                                                                                    month they are showing WALL-E and
                                                                                                    Kung-Fu Panda.
                                                                                                    To check their current show times
                                                                                                    and ticket prices visit:

Neighborhood Block Party                                                                  

                                                                                                    Leaving for Vacation?
The first annual Green Hills block party is scheduled for September 6th, 4PM-dark. We would         The South Whitehall Township Police
like to block off Echo Street for the event because it’s a perfect size and because it’s a side     Department has vigilance forms available
street, it would not block any traffic. A food table, drinks, and gas grill for a community         to fill out on their website to request
cookout will be provided, so please bring something to share with everyone. There will be fun       extra police attention during your time
stuff for the kids to keep them busy, and adults can bring a lawn chair to relax. I have a few      out of town. Click here to download form.
neighbors who have already volunteered to help out so I’m in great shape to organize the
event. Please come out and meet your neighbors to help build a stronger Vistas community.
Anyone with comments or whom is interested in helping to organize this event please email
Jenny Lalik or call her at 610-530-7775 as soon as possible.
If you are a resident of Echo Street please contact Jenny Lalik immediatly with any
questions or concerns before July 25th.

Summer Gardening Tips
                                                 Annual Community Yard Sale
                                                 JENNIFER LALIK
Now is the time to enjoy what you’ve
planted and maintain it by watering and           Start putting those items together, our larger neighborhood, Green Hills 200+ yard sale event
pulling weeds. I used to say my summer part      is this September, only two months away! Mark your calendars for September 5th–6th
time job was as a weed gardener. If you          (Friday/Saturday) 8AM–2PM. (There are early birds that want to buy so make sure to put
check your beds once a week, it’s easy to        your stuff out that morning). A sign-up sheet will be posted in early August on our website.
keep up with any new pests. I see some           The more homes involved the better the traffic, yard sale customers love close developments
Japanese beetle traps out, Now is also the       where they can walk to multiple homes. Cost estimate is $5 per participate for signs
time for the bugs, augh! If your leaves have     and newspaper advertisements. If you are interested, please send me an email at
holes from those creatures you can buy the We will be joining the entire Green Hills (surrounding single
traps at any local hardware store. Look for      home developments) sales publicity and I’ll have Yard Sale signs to lure them into Vistas as
the “green” remedies too, there are some         Green Hills. Balloons at your house will identify your participation, I’ll get all the information
great environmentally safe options. Water is     to all that participate in advance.
the key to outdoor life – water early morning
or late evening so it doesn’t dry out fast.

Fly Eagles Fly!                                  Baseball Fever
BRIAN KESTER                                     BRIAN KESTER

                                                 Do you love watching the fightin’ Phillie’s as much as I do, but find it hard to make the
                                                 long trip down to Citizen’s Bank Park from the Lehigh Valley? Well, you’re in luck because
                                                 you are located in the trifecta of Philadelphia baseball! Many of you might not know that
                                                 you are within 45 minutes of the Philadelphia Phillie’s AA team, the Reading Phillies, and
                                                 15 minutes of the AAA team, the Lehigh Valley IronPigs. This is the IronPigs inaugural
                                                 season and it could be your opportunity to see the next Cole Hamels begin his career.
                                                 What is so great about the Reading Phillies and the IronPigs are the numerous
                                                 promotions, beautiful ballparks, and reasonable ticket prices that has something to offer
“Faster and more agile” is the promise
                                                 the entire family. Ticket prices start at $7.00 a game, and both parks offer special
coming from Andy Reid this season, but
                                                 admissions that include all-you-can eat packages. If you are looking for something to do
Eagles fans will be the judge of that. If your
                                                 with a large group, the IronPigs provide amazing “Party Porches” and the “Picnic Patio”
like me, you already have the date circled
                                                 that offer full buffets, private restrooms, and great views. Come out and support your
with a big green marker on your calendar,
                                                 local baseball teams, and welcome the IronPigs to the Lehigh Valley.
but if it slipped past you, the Philadelphia
Eagles will be returning to Lehigh University    For available schedules or to purchase tickets online visit one of the links below:
for the 13th season on July 22nd. This season,
the Lehigh Valley will get to enjoy the Eagles
for 4 days longer, until August 13th. The
Eagles need your support now more than
ever as we have a number of new members
to the squad, so come out and support the
players and get an autograph or two.
For a full training camp schedule and
directions to Lehigh University visit the
link below:
Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp
trainingcamp.html                                Lehigh Valley IronPigs                            Reading Phillies

Keeping Green by Sorting Recyclables                                                           Living the Green Life
JENNIFER LALIK                                                                                 KRISTIN JONES

Many of us are using our green recycling           Let's help keep America green and be        “Living Green” – seems like we cannot
containers, I see them out every Wednesday.        kind to the ozone layer.                    avoid this phrase these days. We all know
Did you know you can recycle paper as well                                                     what it means to live green, but do we
                                                   For a list of many other items that can
as plastics and aluminum? Waste                                                                really know how?
                                                   be taken to the recycling center visit:
Management will take office paper, letters,
                                                                                               Here are some simple and quick tips
junk mail, etc if you separate it from the         Lehigh County Recycling or
                                                                                               we can all use to help us live more green:
plastic/aluminum, which can become                 contact the county at 610-398-0401
commingled together. I use a second                                                            ■   Recycle – of course we all know we
recycling container and they pick it up every                                                      should recycle, but do you recycle
week. I also put my newspapers in a paper                                                          every single time? Be creative – before
store bag, place it on top and they take that                                                      you simply throw something away,
too! Cardboard boxes and posters can also be                                                       consider donating it or giving it to
folded and added in! I have so little “real”                                                       someone else who might be able
garbage now.                                                                                       to use it. For some creative ways to
                                                                                                   recycle just about anything visit

Pain at the Pump
                                                                                               ■   Use reusable shopping bags – You
                                                                                                   can pick these up at just about every
                                                                                                   major grocery store today. When you
EDMUNDS.COM                                                                                        are running in for just a gallon of milk or
                                                                                                   some bread, why waste a plastic bag?
With fuel prices in the Lehigh Valley rising above $4.00 a gallon, many drivers cringe             Not only are they environmentally
every time they have to fill-up at the pump. Many of us in the Vistas have long commutes           friendly, but they are trendy, too!
with tight budgets and we are all looking to cut-back on fuel cost.                            ■   Be a green consumer – There are so
Here are a few helpful tips that can help you stretch the gas in your tank.                        many easy ways you can help the
                                                                                                   environment every time you shop, it just
   ■   Make sure your tires are properly inflated for starters. Besides posing a safety            takes a second to stop and think.
       hazard, underinflated tires can reduce your fuel economy by as much as 15 percent,          Consume less – use things until they
       based on's 2005 study.                                                          wear out. Repurpose old things into
   ■   Removing excess weight from your car can also help save you gas. The Department             something new, or purchase products
       of Energy estimates that drivers can save anywhere between                                  that are made out of recycled material
       3 and 6 cents a gallon just by removing those golf clubs and other unnecessary weight       (ie. printer paper, bank checks, and
       from your trunk                                                                             clothing).
   ■   Keep your engine in tune. Fixing a car that is out of tune or has failed an emissions   ■   Support companies that think
       test can boost gas mileage by about 4 percent. So be sure to give your car regular          about the environment like you do.
       tune-ups. You'll also want to watch out for worn spark plugs and dirty air filters. A       Companies like Office Depot, McDonald's
       misfiring spark plug can reduce a car's fuel efficiency by as much as 30 percent.           and Starbucks are all devoted to doing
   ■   If your car comes equipped with cruise control, make sure you use it, especially on         business as environmentally friendly as
       long trips.'s study revealed that using cruise control at highway speeds        possible. Do a little bit of research to
       offered an average fuel economy savings of 7 percent.                                       see if your favorite companies are
   ■   But the biggest fuel saver is the hardest to implement—driving the speed limit and          doing their part to help the environment.
       driving sensibly. Rapid starts and stops and exceeding the speed limit will dent your
                                                                                               ■   Switch to CFL light bulbs – they may
       pocketbook. Increasing your highway cruising speed from 55mph to 75mph can
                                                                                                   not be the most attractive light bulbs I
       raise fuel consumption as much as 20%. I know we're all busy and we've all got
                                                                                                   have ever seen, but compact florescent
       places to go. But stop and consider just how much time you're saving by driving
                                                                                                   light bulbs use about 80% less energy
       faster. If you need to go 30 miles, driving at 60 mph will get you there in 30
       minutes. Whereas driving 75 mph will get you there a whole six minutes earlier. On          than traditional light bulbs.
       top of that, you used up way more gas for going the same distance! Slow down, be        There are many ways to help our Earth
       safe, and save money!                                                                   and the more you incorporate these easy
                                                                                               ideas into your every day routine, the
                                                                                               easier it becomes for you to live green, too!
Using the links below you can keep an eye on local fuel prices and even get a
SMS text message when prices are expected to spike.
Gas Buddy                     Gas Price Watch                    MapQuest Gas Prices        

                                                                                                     Attention Pet Owners
    Pulte Corner

    Dear Vistas at Greenhills Homeowners:
    We hope this note finds everyone enjoying their summer!                                          Many Vistas residents are proud owners of
                                                                                                     cats and dogs. However many Vistas
    First of all, we just wanted to introduce Jason McConnell from Pulte Homes. Jason                residents have not been properly picking up
    has been serving on the boards at the Vistas since last year and many of you have                after their pets. Residents have observed an
    met him on the site or at your respective homeowners’ association meetings. Jason                increase in the number of pet droppings
    has been with Pulte since September, 2007 and is the land manager for our Lehigh                 throughout the neighborhood.
    Valley communities as well as our Windsor Ridge community in Chester County. He
    enjoys the diversity of job responsibilities working at Pulte.                                   Please remember that picking up after
                                                                                                     your pet is not an option, it is mandatory
    Prior to his employment here at Pulte, Jason worked for Allan A. Meyers and spent                for ALL owners.
    time working with them doing land development at Coldwater Crossing. Jason
    grew up in Coeburn, Virginia and graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in civil                ■   Pet waste can contain a number of
    engineering.                                                                                            harmful bacteria that threaten the
                                                                                                            health of other animals and people in
    On a personal note, Jason and his wife reside in Pottstown and have an active 15                        the area, especially children. Pet waste
    month old little boy named Tyler. Jason enjoys the outdoors and is an avid hunter. He                   also contains strong nutrients that
    also enjoys woodworking and spending time with his family.                                              encourage excess weeds in grassy areas
                                                                                                            and eventually seep through the soil
    As far the site goes, Pulte is working to complete the recreational facilities, i.e. the
                                                                                                            back into our area watershed. Owners
    basketball court and tot lot towards the end of this season. The soccer fields are
                                                                                                            may believe that waste will dissolve
    being worked on at present and will hopefully be ready for play next year.
                                                                                                            quickly, however harmful parasites or
    Our sales managers continue to work diligently through the challenges of the                            bacteria can remain in the soil for months.
    current market and are eager to see continued sales with the Longwood                               ■   Please be courteous to your fellow
    (condominium) model! Two of the seventy-seventy Longwood style models have                              neighbors and dispose of your pets
    sold to date. We should see the first building of Longwoods completed this fall.                        waste properly. Condominium owners
    Presently, there are only twelve twin style homes and townhomes left to sell. The                       have dedicated dog-walking areas with
    Silverbrook condominium model is sold out as is the single family section.                              waste bags available. Owners should
                                                                                                            obey all posted signs, and remember to
    We hope to see the Planned Community HOA members at the next meeting on July
                                                                                                            NOT USE THE COMMON AREA to
    16th (twins/towns/singles only) at 6:30 p.m. at St. Joseph’s. We encourage members
                                                                                                            toilet your pets. Our children play in this
    to fax in their data sheets to Bruce Undercuffler at Danella Realty (610-834-6204) if                   very same area during the summer and
    they are interested in serving on the board. After this election, this particular                       many use this area to cut through to the
    Association will be consist entirely of homeowners.                                                     mailbox units.
    Thank you and enjoy the rest of the summer!                                                      When you pick-up after your dog, you are
                                                                                                     part of the solution, rather than part of the
                                                                                                     problem. Your actions will help set an
                                                                                                     example for others in the neighborhood with
                                                                                                     the right thing to do.
                                                                                                     All owners who do not follow the rules
                                                                                                     will be subject to a fine.

                                                 access the St. Joe’s parking lot using that         picking up after your dog, collecting trash
Tot-lot walkway                                  common area, it is not OK to use the                from a blown over can, or not using
                                                 property of the homeowners surrounding              someone’s yard as a cut-through, a little
Many of the residents in our neighborhood        the tot-lot instead. Not only is it disruptive to   respect can go a long way to developing a
are anxiously awaiting the completion of the     these homeowners, but it has also been              friendly community where we can all enjoy
recreational facilities, which are planned for   destructive to their property. Pulte has            the surroundings.
The Vistas at Green Hills community. The tot-    recently poured a stone path to use until the
lot on Emerald Drive appears to have been        completion of the future tot-lot. Please
started, but obviously this area is still not    remember to use this path when going
completely passable. As we wait for the tot-     back and forth to St. Joes. Living in a
lot to be finished, it is important to           community requires all of us to be respectful
remember that although it may be difficult to    of the property of our neighbors whether it is

Private and Semi-Private Swim Lessons are available by
appointment. Please email to: .

Private: 30 mins - $20/student / Semi (2): 30 mins - $15/student

Instructor-Coach Joanne Koury has been a swim instructor for
26 years. Certified as a USA Swim Coach-ASCA Level 2 and an
                                                                                       brian kester
                                                                                       C R E AT I V E P R I N T & W E B S O L U T I O N S
American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor and Lifeguard,
Joanne has coached children from levels pre-school to competitive
high school swimmer and has worked with tri-athletes and fitness
swimmers as well. Joanne earned her Master’s Degree in Health              W W W.B R IA NK E STE R .C OM
and Physical Education/Exercise.                                           B R IA N.K E STE R @GM A IL .C OM                        (t) 2 6 7 - 2 2 1 - 8 0 3 0
                                                                           5234 C HA NDL E R WAY, OR E FIE L D,PA                   (f) 6 1 0 - 3 6 6 - 0 6 3 9

                 YOUR AD HERE                                                                YOUR AD HERE

                 YOUR AD HERE                                                                YOUR AD HERE

 Advertising is currently offered as a free service to Vistas at Green Hills homeowners. To submit an advertisement for
 the next newsletter or the website Click here and obtain a copy of the “Advertising Policy Guidelines”.
 Most ads will run continuously until the requester asks to have them removed. The Items for sale and nonresident services ads
 generally will run only once.
 We also have a “Classified” section on our website that is available to all homeowners, if you would like to submit an advertisement
 for this section click here.


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