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									      What You Should Know about Choosing and Installing a Water Filter

The best way of ensuring that you have clean drinking water in your home is to install a water
filter. Water filters remove minerals, germs and impurities from water making it safe for drinking.
For the filters to work effectively, they must be installed properly.

If you are considering installing a water filter, you ought to know there are several of them in
the market. There are carbon, alkaline, reverse osmosis and ceramic carbon filters. Of the
four, carbon water filters are the most common. Carbon filters make use of block or granulated
carbon to purify water. The reason why they are popular has to do with the fact that they
are also very efficient. However, they require recurrent replacement. Carbon ceramic filters
come with additional ceramic and silver components. Unlike carbon filters, these last up to a
year. Reverse osmosis filters are the priciest. They work by forcing water through a special
membrane that removes all the impurities. On the contrary, alkaline filters do not only purify the
water, but they also adjust the ph making it alkaline thus making it even more beneficial to the

Cost is the first and most important thing you need to consider when choosing and installing
water filters. A good number of the filters in the market today do not last long. They are only in
use for a short time after which they are replaced with new ones. When making the decision
to buy a filter, consider after how long you will have to replace it. Do not opt for very expensive
filters if they will only be used for a short period of time. Another thing you need to take into
consideration is the placement. You have the option of installing a single source or a whole
house water filter. Single source filters purify water at different points in your home. On the other
hand, whole house filters purify all the water that enters the house from one point. Whole house
filters are more expensive and are complex to install. In opposition, single source filters are
cheaper and are easier to install. Your household needs will determine the filter you choose.

A water filter helps purify water. Different types of filters are available in the market. Common
ones include carbon, reverse osmosis, ceramic carbon and alkaline filters. Cost, placement and
household needs are some of the things you should take into consideration when choosing and
installing water filters.

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