Wasp (PDF) by Joe1Wheeler


									                       Getting Rid of a Wasp Net

With great weather comes the desire to relax outdoors. Unfortunately, the moment you decide
to this; so do wasps. These flying insects are very annoying and can turn a wonderful afternoon
into a nightmare. Even when you decide to enjoy a quick picnic with your loved ones, you can
expect to spot a wasp joining in even when all they bring is intention to fight for all foods you
carried to your picnic.
If you are in a public area, there is not much you can do to get rid of them. If anything, all your
attempts will finally come down to leaving the spot and scouting for a different one. However,
if they want to fight you at home, then this is a different story. If anything, getting rid of these
insects is the only sure way to enjoy fun times with your family. As soon as you spot these
insects in your property, chances are there is a larger number somewhere very near. It could be
on your property or on your neighbour’s.

Rather than looking for ways to deal with one, what you need to do is identify their nest and get
rid of their queen. This takes a lot of courage. Also, keep in mind that you need to learn how to
do this without getting any injuries. The moment the sun is up, wasps start leaving their nest.
This makes early morning or night time perfect for destroying the wasp nest – all wasps will be
in the nest.

To get rid of the nest, purchase a gallon of diesel or kerosene. Never use gas. It will not work.
Instead, you will only alert them of your presence and only end up fighting against a swarm of
angry wasps. So, pour the kerosene very carefully into the nest’s opening. Use a wet blanket or
piece of wet cloth to cover the nest. This will prevent the insects from escaping. The smell of the
kerosene or diesel is enough to kill them. So, do not light anything.

When getting rid of the nest, remember that wasps do not love visitors. So, wear protective gear
just in case they manage to escape. Choose clothes that cover your whole body. You may also
tuck in the legs on your trousers in your socks while ensuring you have boots and gloves on.
Do not shy away from wearing multiple layers of clothes. Do not leave any spaces that wasps
can use to get into your clothing. If you have allergic reactions to wasp, never attempt to get rid
of them by yourself. Instead, get an exterminator.

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