my angel story by ravnamma


									I would like to share my angel story with you.

                                             Approximately 1994,
I had gone to Bulgaria on a mission’s trip. We flew into Sofia
and were to catch a train to go to Russia. While in the train
station we tried finding someone who could speak English to
advise us what train to take. I couldn't believe it but we could
not find anyone who spoke English. We asked the employee's
at the station, military personal, priest and nuns, we asked
everyone we could, but no one seemed to speak English. It was
getting close to the time our train was to leave, a friend of mine
and I stood in front of the leader board praying.going to turn
into English.

While we were praying a man walked up to us and said he
spoke English. We told him of our plight, he said he would walk
us out to the train and show us were to get on. We followed
him out to the train, he got the conductor and told him where
we were going, and asked him to make sure we got to the right
town. When we turned around to thank him he was gone. We
were standing on this long runner the trains pulls up to, to load
passengers and there was no way he could have walked down
that runner in the time we turned from the conductor to say
thanks. I believe the Lord sent an angel to get us on our way to
do our work for him.
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Blood Drain Angel's Story
by April Rena Moore

ISBN:Hard 978-1-46855-001-6 Soft
978-1-46855-003-0 Ebook


here is a bit of it

Turning to leave Angel walked up to Adam and pulled at his
shirt he had on, and whispered in his ear. I love you Adam I will
be ok. Kissed him gently on the lips He looked at her and
grabbed her so gently and kissed her so deeply so intense, she
couldn't see nothing but Adam. Wow! The way you kiss me I
never feel that with anyone else I have kissed. See, Angel that
means you are supposed to be mine. She smiled. Ask him to put
her back on the ground.
 Sorry, my sweet pink flower. Smiling, you like calling me that.
Yep, I do. Before, you go. Would you like to see me transform
into wolf? Yeah, that would be kool, does it hurt transforming?
No, did at first cause I was not use to it. But now it's like natural
to me. Ok kool. You won't go crazy and kill me will you? No,
now stand there and watch me.
   started to change and so did his body, hair grew and his eyes
 started to glow silver. All she could say was WOW! Amazing! So
  beautiful, His hair was a dark gray. His teeth were inches from
                               her face.

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