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					Unit 4
Learning about language
Discovering useful words and expressions

     Answer keys for Ex1 on Page28:
 •   1 useless              2 nation
 •   3 a great number of    4 dirt
 •   5 at an end            6 extreme
 •   7 right away           8 steam
 •   9 shock                10 track
 •   11 rescue              12 ruin
     Discovering useful words and expressions
    Answer keys for Ex2 on Page28:
         Feelings                        Damage
Before:                       Before:
Curious anxious surprise      Cracks pipes burst
Amazed puzzled confused       After:
                              1.Great destruction
                              2.Houses in ruins
After:                        3.Roads destroyed
Shocked horrified relieved    4.Water, gas and electricity hard
Worried scared angry          to get
Distressed sad terrified      5.People killed or injured
Frightened hopeless hopeful   6.Cracks cut across roads and
 unbelievable encouraged      canals
                              7.Hills of rock became dirt
                              8.Children lost parents
    Discovering useful words and expressions
  Answer keys for Ex2 on Page28:
          Events                     Rescue work
Before:                        After:
1. Animals behaved strangely   Calm practical hard-
2. Lights in sky               working
3. Sound of planes             Selfless helpful brave
4. Well waster rose and fell   courageous     kind
                               thoughtful    prepared
                               tireless   understanding
After:                         Organised strong – willed
1. Ruins                       determined
2. 2nd quake
3. Army came
Discovering useful words and expressions

Answer keys for Ex. 3 on page 28:
   It was a frightening night .The dam cracked
  and then burst under the weight of the water.
  The water went all over the fields and
  destroyed quite a few villages along the river.
  Some buildings were in ruins and some
  farmers were trapped at the top of their
  houses. The water filled the canals and the
  wells. Dead bodies and injured animals
  were seen everywhere. People were
  shocked , but they had to bury the dead
  bodies for health reasons
   Discovering useful

The Attributive Clause
Titanic is the ship that sank after hitting an iceberg.
Rose and Jack are the lovers who met on the ship.
                     the lady/meet Jack on Titanic
                       Rose is the lady who
                                    met Jack on Titanic

the young man /want to save Rose
  Jack is the young man who
                    wanted to save Rose

                        the man /want to kill Jack
         Cal            Cal is the man who wanted to kill Jack.
the ship/is the most beautiful
in the world at that time

Titanic is the ship that
 was the most beautiful in the word at that time.

                                 the ship/sink into the ocean

                                      Titanic is the ship that
                                   sank into the ocean.
the diamond/is worn by Rose
The Heart of Ocean is the diamond
                              that was worn by Rose.

                      the diamond/is dropped
   the Heart of Ocean
                      into the ocean by Rose
     The Heart of Ocean is the diamond that
                     was dropped into the ocean by Rose
                        born in 1847/
                        man/ invent the
                        first telephone

Bell who was born in 1847 is the man that
invented the first telephone.
that which who whom whose
  1)A plane is a machine that can fly.( 主语)
  2)The noodles that I looked were delicious.(宾语)
  3)Let’s ask the man that is reading the book over
  4)The girl that we saw yesterday is Jim’sister.(宾
2. Which 在从句中作主语或宾语,指物
1) They planted the trees which didn’t need
much water. (主语 )
2) The fish which we bought were not fresh.
3. who whom 在从句中分别作主语和宾
语 (口语中who也可作宾语)
1) The foreigner who visited our school yesterday
is from Canada.(主语)
2) The boy who broke the window is called
3) The person to whom you just talked is Mr. Li.
4) Mr. Read is the professor to whom you should
write . (宾语)
4. whose 在从句中作定语,指人或物
1) Miss Flower is the teacher whose house caught
fire last week.
2) This is the boy whose composition the teacher
talked of .
3) This is the book whose cover is blue.


  The boss in whose company my father
worked is a very kind person.
NOTE that和which在指物的情况下一般都可以互换,
但在下列情况下, 一般用that而不用which。
(1) 先行词为all, everything, nothing, something,
   anything, little, much 等不定代词时。
 I am sure she has something (that) you can borrow.
(2)先行词被all, every, no, some, any, little, much等
  I’ve read all the books that are not mine.
 This is the first book (that) he has read.
(4)先行词被the only, the very, the same, the last修饰时。
 This is the very book that belongs to him.
Are you clear now?
OK . Let’s do some exercise!
Fill in the blanks with who, whom, that, which
or whose
                     that / which
1. The earthquake___________ hit the city in 1906
was the biggest in American history.
2. We don’t know the number of people
    that / who
____________ lost their homes in 1906
                 which /that
3. The house ____________ they built in 1987
stayed up in the earthquake.
            which / that
4. A house ____________ is built on sand may fall
down in a earthquake.
5. Luckily none of the people ______________ I
know were killed in the earthquake .
6. Harry is the boy ________ mother is our maths
teacher .
• 1.The famous basketball star, _______ tried
  to make a comeback, attracted a lot of
  attention. (北京 2002春季)
  A、where B、when C、which D、who
    答案 D
  从句意可知先行词the famous basketball star
• The film brought the hours back to me _____
  I was taken good care of in that far-away
  village.(NMET 2001)
  A、until B、that C、when D、where
     答案 C
  的先行词the hours被其它成分分割,只要考生能
  够 认 清 真 正 的 先 行 词 , 就 不 难 得 出 答 案 , the
• 3._____ is known to everybody, the moon travels around
  the earth once every month. (NMET2001)

    A、It B、As C、That D、what
    答案 B
  as在从句中充当主语时,常用下面的结构:as is know,as is
  said,as is reported
1. Finish the exercises
  on page 29 and page
2. Surf the internet to
  find more information
  about the attributive
  clause and sum up the
  rules of it.

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