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					       Simple Ways to Get Rid of a Rat Problem

Having a rat present in your home is as good as creating a perfect ground for diseases
and property damages. These rodents pose a serious health risk to your entire household
including pets. They carry various diseases like Salmonella, Tuberculosis, Weil’s disease and

Rats also carry fleas, ticks, mites and can cause serious allergic reactions. Their sight alone is
enough to give you chills and prevent you from enjoying the comfort of your own home. Whether
outside in your garden on inside your living room, these rodents cause a high risk. Luckily, there
are many ways to deal with these rodents. However, you will first need to look for signs that
prove their existence in your home. The signs are:
    ● Scratching noises under the floor, in walls or under decks.
    ● Dark sausage shaped droppings about 1-2cm long.
    ● Damages on plastic, wood, mild steel, cables and wiring. Look for gnaw marks left by
       tiny teeth.
    ● Distinctive smell almost ammonia-like smell in loft spaces, cupboards, garages etc.
    ● Ripped food packages with some teeth marks on the packaging.
    ● Nests containing young rats or built in warm, hidden places usually under shredded
       materials like fabrics and plastics.
    ● Look for burrows in your garden especially under sheds or in compost heaps.

Once you have established that there is a rat problem, you first defence against the rodent
is proofing your home. Rats can squeeze themselves through holes that are less than 1cm.
Once you spot any holes that can act as entry points, seal them off immediately. You may use
materials like steel wool as rats are never able to chew them.

You may also use ultrasonic repellers, which emit sounds that rats find very uncomfortable. Do
not worry about the sound, as humans cannot hear it. Consider proper food storage as this will
not make food readily available to rats. Store foods that can be refrigerated in refrigerators and
ensure you use airtight containers with lids to store other foods. All trash must also be kept in
proper containers. As soon as you are done feeding our pets, clean their bowls to get rid of any
foods that may just be hanging around.

Basically, there are many ways to kill a rat. You can also decide if rodent poison is good for you.
Rodent traps and baits can also help you get rid of the problem especially when the infestation
is not serious. Any dead rats should be removed from your home. Just make sure you wear
gloves and that you disinfect the spot you found the rat. Do not hesitate to call an expert in case
the infestation is serious.

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