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Kohala Coast Vacation Rental Specials


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									Kohala Coast Vacation Rental Specials

Aloha again,

to those visitors who come back again and again to the Kohala Coast on the Big Island and to those who
want to visit the Big Island for the first time.

More and more people find our comprehensive website Kohala Coast Vacation Guide and this blog
Vacation on Kohala Coast of Hawaii Big Island with lots of information about Kohala Coast vacation
rentals, activities, beaches, homes for sale, hotels, resorts, restaurants, wedding and so much more. If
our last blog about how to plan a 7-day Kohala Coast vacation, was not only of interest for you but
helpful for planning your vacation, we'd appreciate to leave a short comment for other Kohala Coast

Today, a short note for those visitors who can take off short notice and take advantage of all kinds of
specials...Cancellation Specials, Last Minute Specials, Hot Deals, Low Season Specials. If you are
interested in our vacation rental SPECIALS for the month of September, please, visit our new vacation
rental Specials page in Kohala Coast Vacation Guide, which is easy to use (just click on the title and you
will get to the owner's listing to see more details and photos about the vacation property).

Hope the introduction of our Vacation Rental Specials page reaches you just at the right time to find a
nice place for your Big Island visit in September. We will continue posting specials. So check back with
the Kohala Coast Vacation Guide and the Kohala Coast Blog frequently.

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