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Hawaii Game Fishing A Hawaii Story


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									Hawaii Game Fishing A Hawaii Story

Dear Hawaii visitors,

First things first, the Kona Ironman condo (sleeps 6) at the best rate for Kona Ironman accommodations,
is still available at this moment. What do realtors always say 'Hurry, this won't last long'. Well, we are
not realtors but definitely would like to help those Hawaii visitors who still want to visit Kona for the
2009 Ironman and were just not lucky yet to find a Kona vacation rental for the price they can afford.

We are also happy to welcome back Bill for one of his fantastic stories about Hawaii and island life. His
story fits right into the time frame of the First Hawaiian Storytelling Conference with people from Hawaii
and from around the world. Story telling starts today in Honolulu 7/16 - 20. There will also be a
continuing part on the island of Maui on 7/23/09. We are so happy to hear about this new event to keep
Hawaiian traditions not only alive but further support the tradition of storytelling in the Hawaii's culture.
Let's get right to our today's Hawaii story about Hawaii Game Fishing.

Bill picks up Big Game Fishing in Hawaii which experiences a high season during Hawaiian summer. If you
are interested in fishing, not just the little fish but big game fishing, check out our article about
'Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament July 20 - 24, 2009'. or visit their site about the Kona Billfish

"As the summer blooms full and broad across the boundless Hawaii sky, days are long and lazy, and the
nights are brightened by a zillion stars. The sun baked land seems to sigh as the cool evening casts
welcome shadows across the brilliant flanks of towering Mauna Kea. The daily flock of trade wind clouds
now gathers in the lee of Hualalai, and the reaching leaves of the high forest embrace soft rains at
Kukuiohiwai. We see these things, and our hearts rejoice that we are among the luckiest to enjoy this
wonderful natural theatre each day.

While the shimmering summer air sweeps and swirls around our towering mountain peaks, lacy patterns
of bright daylight and racing shadows play over the vast stretches of pasture and forest, lava and sun
beaten coastline. This is the sea of air that we live within, the vast atmospheric ocean of north Pacific
breezes with their rich currents of oxygen and cooling squalls, while just below us the deep currents of
the sea itself surge and grunt against the incredible bulk of the Island. Summer in the off shore waters
has a story of its own to tell, and we big game fisherman listen very closely.

Game Fishing for Ono Ahi and Mahimahi on the Kona Coast with Bill on his boat 'Kakalina'
Far below the marching waves, where the rough skin of the Island stirs dark currents of rich, cold water
up into the warm surface layers, great plumes of kailua stretch up and down the coast, attracting
hundreds of schools of opelu and young aku with a swelling banquet of shimmering nehu and clouds of
plankton and algae. Pelagic hunters migrate across the endless expanses of ocean to feast on this rich
gift. These oceanic hunters arrive as schools of giant ahi, packs of high speed ono and the always
terrifying Pacific Blue Marlin. Few people know that the Pacific Blue Marlin was not documented as a
separate species until Captain George Parker, of Kailua-Kona, caught one in November of 1954. That fish
weighed 1002 pounds, and Captain George caught it single-handedly from the Mona H on his way to
Honolulu for dry dock.

While the ahi and ono provide wonderful meals to friends and family, the marlin provides the most
hair-raising episodes a fisherman or woman will ever experience. We don’t hang those fish much
anymore. On our boat, Kakalina, we tag our marlin and send them on their way instead of killing them
just to weigh. It is good to know that same fish may come back to wrestle with us another day.

Going fishing is the sort of thing that occupies the mind during the soft summer months in the world’s
most beautiful place to live. Aloha, Bill"

Thanks Bill for this wonderful story about fishing big fish in Hawaii ocean waters. Not to forget the fun
youtube video of your fishing tour in Kona with family and friends. What do you think of big game
fishing in Hawaii on vacation? We'd love to hear from you. Mahalo and aloha, Pua Hawaii Vacations

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