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									Happy New Year from the Kohala Coast

Hope all of you had wonderful holidays and a great New Year’s celebration. Already thought about your
new year’s resolution? What about making the so long overdue and longed for trip to Hawaii your 2007
New Year’s resolution?!

When you followed our blog for some time, you know that it’s all about falling in love with the Kohala
Coast of the Big Island. You don’t need to have the big bucks for a 5-star Kohala Coast Hotel – OK
admitted it would be nice but it is not an urgent necessity – in order to be able to enjoy the beautiful
Kohala Coast beaches and resorts. Vacation cottages & homes: nicely appointed, private, fully equipped
with short drives to the best Big Island beaches are available by Kohala Coast hosts.

Plan your Kohala Coast vacation for the right time of the year and it will be affordable for you. Once
again, be aware that January till March are high season months on all the Hawaiian Islands, including the
Kohala Coast of the Big Island. However, April, May and June offer the same beautiful weather, as the
Kohala Coast has sunshine all year round (most of the time, no way to guaranty the weather though for
any month of the year). Those wonderful spring months when it can be still rainy and cold at your
Mainland home, are not only the perfect time for vacation rental discounts but also for Big Island car
rentals and airfares to Hawaii.

Got interested? Come visit the Kohala Coast Vacation Rental Guide. Make your Kohala Coast vacation
come true in 2007.

Don't miss our Kohala Coast Rental Vacancies for January for Last Minute travel to Hawaii. Aloha, Pua


Here is our New Year's resolution for our Kohala Coast blog...with each post, we will include a photo of a
beautiful 'wahine' (in Hawaiian 'girl') from the Kohala Coast. You can find more photos at Wahine Style.

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