Building boom on Kohala Coast of Big Island

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					Building boom on Kohala Coast of Big Island

Aloha Kohala Coast lovers,

Not everybody can afford an annual Hawaii visit. Trips to Hawaii don’t come cheap. So, let’s assume you
have not been back for another vacation on the Kohala Coast for about two to three years but plan
another return visit for next year.

Well, you’d better be prepared for changes, big changes in the Kohala Coast scenery you have come to
get used to in those past years. Hawaii Big Island was always the island, which was laid back and low key.
Beautiful Kohala Coast beaches have been a big attraction to travelers who did not want lie on one of
those crowded Maui beaches but rather spend some peaceful time on one of the best Big Island’s
beaches, like Hapuna or Mauna Kea beach.

However, as we all know, the ‘only constant in life is change’! Finally, the building boom from Oahu and
Maui has caught up with the Big Island. Kona has changed a lot but the Kohala Coast as well. Even
though we are all well aware that the economy of West Hawaii, like the entire State of Hawaii, is
dependent on the visitor or tourism industry (West Hawaii welcomes more than a million visitors
annually!), not all residents approve of the current situation. More and more condos and town houses
are already up or are still getting developed on both sides of Highway 19 on your way from Kona to the
Kohala Coast. Waikoloa Beach Resort added two more condo or town house complexes, as did Mauna
Lani Beach Resort and Waikoloa Village area. Many more complexes are just new where there was bare
land before.

Infrastructure changes with shopping centers and additional lanes on the Highway will have to follow!
Hey, you know what the good part of all that additional building here on the West coast is: It will
increase the number of available Kohala Coast homes, houses and condos, adjust the asking prices and
by doing so, it will eventually create a buyer’s market, which can already be observed at certain Big
Island areas and certain medium level prices. Perfect for the average buyer looking for an affordable Big
Island home for sale or property to buy.

Plus, it will also increase the available Kohala Coast vacation rental units, as a lot of those new
homeowners use their Hawaii home as a vacation rental condo or home to help pay for their mortgage.
With more vacation rental units being available close to the beaches, your chances for finding a great
place at a perfect rate are getting better by the day. Long story short, for our Kohala Coast visitors it’s a
win-win situation! Happy? I bet! Stay tuned for more from the Kohala Coast. Aloha, Pua Kohala Coast
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