8 Best Maui Vacation Tips

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					8 Best Maui Vacation Tips

Is Maui your favorite island for Hawaii vacation? Our '8 Best Maui vacation tips' by today's guest author
Melinda is perfect for you. Melinda fell in love with Maui on her first beach vacation in Kihei. Sunny Kihei
has been her Hawaii vacation destination ever since. Good reason for her to share her ideas and
vacation tips with everybody who plans a Maui vacation.

8 Best Maui Vacation Tips by Melinda

"Whether you are visiting Maui for a wedding, an extended stopover on the way to Asia or just plain rest
and recreation vacation, well-informed planning ensures a Maui vacation that lives up to your
expectations. Based on many trips to Maui ranging in duration from several days to several months,
here are my 8 Best Maui Vacation Tips:

1. When to visit Maui?

High season on Maui is Christmas through Easter. Is it the best time to visit Maui? Nope! That's just
when the most people are eager to escape winter on the Mainland. What little bad weather Maui has
actually clusters in the winter months. The rest of the year, Maui weather is warmer but not
unpleasantly hot. Maui hotel or vacation rental rates are lowest during fall and late spring.

2. How long to stay in Maui?

You can see the whole island in four days, but to have a real Maui experience, you should stay 10 - 14
days. After the first week you'll find yourself slowing down and mellowing to a Maui rhythm, enjoying
life the way it was meant to be.

3. Where to stay on Maui vacation - condo or hotel?

There are very few traditional hotels and next to no motels on Maui. Your two main choices are Maui
resorts (expensive) and Maui vacation condos (generally cheaper). Many condo complexes offer nearly
everything you'd want from a resort except the high prices. The least expensive Maui condo rentals are
available directly from the owners. Many of those Maui vacation condos include kitchens, giving you the
ultimate flexibility in being able to dine in or out. Not to forget all those FREE amenities like Internet
access and tons of beach equipment

4. Maui Beach vacation

In looking through Maui condo and resort descriptions, be aware that in Maui no one owns the beach.
All of Maui's wonderful white sand beaches have public access, even the most high-priced Maui resorts .
If you plan to swim or snorkel a lot, you might be better advised to book one of those Maui beach
condos adjacent to one of the public beaches, such as Kamaole Beach Park I, II or III. Unlike most of the
resort beaches, these are manned by lifeguards seven days a week, and they're clean, with restrooms.

5. Maui vacation locations

The two main beach locations for an extended stay are West Maui (Ka'anapali and Lahaina) and South
Maui (Kihei and Wailea). Of these, Kihei is the least expensive, and its beaches are just as nice as
elsewhere. If you prefer a resort atmosphere, gravitate to Ka'anapali or Wailea instead.

6. Do you need to rent a car on your Maui vacation?

Most visitors to Maui rent a car, but it's possible to have a great vacation without that expense. Simply
choose a Maui vacation condo at the beach, surrounded by plenty of eatery choices. Then book
sightseeing tours through any one of the plentiful activity kiosks you'll see nearby, selecting operators
who will pick you up at the hotel. You can visit the top of Haleakala, ride the road to Hana and take
snorkeling trips this way.

7. What to pack for your Maui vacation?

Maui is relentlessly casual. It's also warm, both day and night. This means you can travel light when
visiting Maui. All you need in the way of clothing are shorts and shirts, one pair of pants or one light
dress, your bathing suit of course, a light jacket or sweater, sandals and sneakers. If you plan to visit the
top of Haleakala, where it can be as cool as 40 degrees, bring a down vest or fleece as well. I
recommend a pair of binoculars as well, for watching whales and surfers.
8. Day planning of Maui activities

Most guidebooks don't tell you that the ocean is quietest in the morning prior to about 10 a.m., and
therefore that's when you should plan swimming, snorkeling and boat tours. They also don't advise you
to plan to watch the nightly sunset, especially in winter, when the sky puts on a spectacular show.
Afternoons are great for sitting by the pool or sightseeing.

Use a few of my personal vacation tips, or best all of them, and have the best Maui vacation of your

Much mahalo, Melinda, for your great vacation tips for our Maui visitors fitting right into our Maui
vacation articles. Maui visitors, what's your best Maui vacation tip? We love to hear from everybody
who has Maui in his heart. Mahalo and aloha, Pua Hawaii Vacation

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