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									                                   Xbox Live Code
If you have come across the term, “Xbox Live codes,” you may have probably wondered
what this really means. If you’re not really a techie, or are not an avid computer gamer,
you are, perhaps, like most of the people who wonder about the meaning of this particular
The Description

Simply put, Xbox Live is actually a multiplayer gaming service used online. Operated by
Microsoft Corporation, this service has two game versions (the Xbox Live Gold and the
Xbox Live Silver) that you can check out on the Internet.

When you check out the features of this service, you would see that it actually comes with a
lot of valuable offers that you may be glad to have. Some of these features include
videochat, multiplayers, avatars, game achievements, Friends list, a guide to using it,
Integration with Windows Live Messenger, and others.

Is it cheap?

One of the questions that you may ask about this is how much this would cost you. Well, by
far, it is a bit expensive. But if you only need the Xbox Live codes, you may search for that
online and see that there are free offers for that.

Free Offers from Microsoft

For those who like freebies, you may be pleased to know that Microsoft actually offers
such. There are free weekends given to members of the site where the members get to play
online for a number of hours. These weekends are usually sponsored by corporate
organizations. Aside from these free weekends, there are incentives given Microsoft for its
The Codes

As mentioned, the codes can be searched for on the Internet. Typically, these free offers
can be garnered when you choose to play some of the games that they offer. Sometimes, all
you need to do is fill up surveys and questionnaires, and you can avail of the free offers on
the codes of this gaming service.

Getting Codes Online

But for all of the sites where you can find the codes, you may notice that you may be asked
to register. To do that, you may have to create your own login name and supply a password
that you will use on that site. Some personal information may also be needed. That would
usually include your street address and phone number.

When you receive the codes, you will then have to login and select Promotional Code or
Redeem Prepaid Card. Then, simply enter the codes you have, and start playing.

The Sites
To make it simpler, here are some of the online sites where you can avail of the free codes
for this gaming service.

Free Zone Rewards

Game Zone

Invision Free Site 1

Invision Free Site 2

Gaming Lagoon

Team Box Forum

Getting the Xbox Live codes for free is definitely a good offer to grab. Aside from this short
list of Internet sites, you can also do your own search to get the codes for this gaming
service of Microsoft.


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