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					Dear Senator Collins,

 I filed my taxes this year and when we went to our tax preparer he said the IRS changed the way we get
adoption credit. He stated that we would have to prove to the IRS we adopted our two boys and would
have to prove they have disabilities. We would, per IRS rules, have to mail our tax return with the
documentation. We did as he stated, sending copies of their adoption certificates and documents and
evaluations indicating that they have autism and mental retardation. Two months later we received a
letter from the IRS requesting the very same information we sent in with are tax return. I called the
number on the letter and told them we had sent this information in with the tax return as required by
the IRS. The very nice lady I spoke with said she was sure I did but she was the examination department
of the IRS and we had mailed it to the depository of the IRS. When I inquired if she was from the IRS she
stated ‘yes’ . When I asked why she wasn’t able to access the information we sent she stated “ we
don’t share information”. I’m sure by now you understand my dilemma and my frustration. In this
economy we sure could use that money they have held back from us. I am currently unemployed and
this is proving financial hardship for us. When a government agency doesn’t share information
internally there is a serious problem. If businesses were run this way they would all be out of business.

Thank you for listening and your time.

Kevin E Smith


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