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									Five Career Options in Graphic Design

For those who are creative and artistically inclined, a career in graphic arts makes a lot of sense. While
there are many careers to choose from in the field, here is a look at just five.

Web designer

Web designers are responsible for making websites appealing and user friendly. Web designers are
supposed to have an understanding of usability and programminglanguages such as HTML, CSS,
JavaScript, PHP, etc. As a web designer you can either freelance and build your portfolio or apply to
design firms and companies. According to Pay Scale, a web designer can earn salaries of up to $67,170
a year, depending on experience, education, and location.1

Art director

Art directors, also known as creative directors, oversee the production of artwork for publishing houses,
billboards, products, and more. They are responsible for the overall visual appearance of a product or
scene, and whetherit is effective in communicating a message to the targeted audience. Art directors
can pursueemployment in advertising, public relations, newspapers, publishing houses, and the
motion picture and video industries. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that depending on the
industry, art directors can earn salaries anywhere between $42,840 and $163,430, commensurate with
experience, education, and location.2

Multimedia artists and animators

Multimedia artists and animators make use of electronic tools, computer software, and media to create
special effects, animation, and other visual images. Such people can find employment in the motion
picture and video industries, advertising, public relations, computer systems design, and related services.
Depending upon the industry they’re working in, multimedia artists and animatorscan earn salaries up to
$83,250, subject to location, education, and experience.3

Graphic designers

Graphic designers create designs, concepts, and layouts for design firms, advertising agencies,
publishing houses, and more. Depending on the industry they work in, graphic designers can earn
salaries of more than $76,910, depending on education, experience, and location.
Technical illustrators

Technical illustrators create three-dimensional images, illustrations, and storyboards for the television and
movie industry, and in some cases even the gaming industry. Pay Scale states that a technical illustrator
can earn a yearly salary ranging anywhere between $29,810 and $64,033. But again, these figures are
greatly dependent upon the industry you find employment in, as well as education, experience, and your

Where should you study?

Before applying to a college, you should decide on the level of education you wish to receive.Several
accredited colleges across the United States offer well-rounded programs, both online and on-campus,
in graphic and web design. For example, California College San Diego offers a bachelor’s degree in web
design and development along with other graphic arts programs. According to California College San
Diego reviews, all programs offered by the college are designed to provide you with the necessary skills
to be competitivein your field.

Graphic design is an interesting field that gives creative people the chance to display their talents to the
world at large. Furthermore, the field not only gives you the chance tochoose from a variety of industriesto
work in, but also the option of working independently, from home!

Read a California College San Diego review if you wish to find out more about the programs and services
the school offers.


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