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									Using A Pregnancy Calendar To Determine Gender

Pregnancy means delving into the world of the unknown - where strange
things happen to your body and the birth process is anything but
predictable. Even getting pregnant in and of itself, can feel like a bit
of mystery; who knew it took so many planets to align in order to
conceive? Once pregnant, you ponder the sex of the baby, as well-meaning
friends and family decide on the gender.

There seems to be every old wives trick in the book for determining
gender. And while an ultrasound can tell you with relative certainty the
sex of your baby beginning in your fifth month of pregnancy, that doesn't
stop people from using their own homegrown seeds of wisdom for deciding
the sex of the baby.

Many a person will tell you that the way a pregnant woman carries will
tell you if the baby she carries is a boy or a girl. According to this
principle, a boy will present the pregnant mother with a high belly; most
of the pregnancy weight will be in the belly. Mothers carrying girls will
report to be "pregnant all over" with a larger, lower belly.

For some, the heart rate of the baby is said to be a predictor of gender.
The tale goes that baby girls have a faster heart rate then baby boys.

Another method that many people subscribe to is the Chinese Lunar
Pregnancy Calendar which supposedly can determine gender by cross-
referencing the age of the mother with the month of conception.

The Chinese Lunar Pregnancy Calendar is said to have been discovered in a
royal Chinese tomb some 700 years ago. The original pregnancy calendar
continues to be on display in the Institute of Science in Peking, China.
But different forms of the Chinese Lunar Pregnancy Calendar continue to
be used to this day, with users reporting over 90% accuracy.

The Chinese Lunar Pregnancy Calendar is simple to use and, ultimately, is
no more or less accurate than anything else that is used to predict
gender - other, of course, than a confirmed medical test.

Believe it or not, there are still those who want to wait to find out the
gender of their baby. To know at the moment of delivery if you've had a
boy or a girl is a surprise of a lifetime - and well worth the wait.

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