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									                       2011 Black Mountain H.O.G Road Captains

                                                   David Loker-2012 Head Road
                                                   I was born and raised in San Diego, CA. My
                                                   father was transferred to El Centro, CA for two
                                                   years when I was in middle school but after
                                                   that returned to San Diego County where I
                                                   graduated high school and moved on to San
                                                   Diego State. Growing up my family was very
                                                   active and into camping, race cars,
                                                   motorcycles and dune buggies. After a couple
                                                   of jobs (my 1st job was in a body shop at 14) I
                                                   landed at Frito-Lay in San Diego and
                                                   ultimately got a company promotion/transfer
bringing me to Las Vegas – that was in 1988, six weeks after my son Zachary was born. I also
have a daughter, Jenifer, who is three years older than her brother (both are proud graduates of
I met my wife Michele (Blondie) here in 1995 and we married two years later, the same year I
joined Coca-Cola. In my time at Coca-Cola I’ve held several positions and am currently Vice
President of Sales for most of the Western U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii.
I’ve been riding all types of motorized scooters starting at the age of six with my first mini-bike.
After riding several metric bikes I bought my first Harley-Davidson from my father-in-law. That
bike was a 1989 e-Glide Sport (Road King). I moved on to a ’06 Ultra Classic and now ride a
2009 CVO Ultra. I started with Black Mountain H.O.G. as a wide-eyed member then a short
time later signed up to be a Chapter Road Captain. I served as Road Captain until I became the
Assistant Director to Chuck Lennon. The following two years I had the opportunity and pleasure
of being the Chapter Director, the next year I stepped aside to give someone else a chance and
became a Black Mountain Road Captain once again. In 2011 the chapter let me take the reins
again as Director. In 2012 I will once again join the proud ranks of the Road Captains on a full
time basis.

                                                   Ted Flanders-2011Ass’t Head
                                                   Road Captain
                                                   I grew up on a dairy farm in Hornell, NY, a 24
                                                   x 7 operation and not much fun. My job was
                                                   milking Holstein cow’s morning and night +
                                                   plowing and growing corn and hay. I learned
                                                   very quickly how to repair tractors and
                                                   cutting/welding but figured out real fast this
                                                   was not my intended life style.
                                                   I went to Alfred State Tech and on to
                                                   Rochester Institute of Technology to get
                                                   multiple advanced degrees, with my career
                       2011 Black Mountain H.O.G Road Captains
based on my MSEE degree. I worked for two major companies, IBM and Xerox, in Research
and Development. Met my wife at Alfred and have been married ever since. We have three
daughters and many grandkids in Raleigh, Redondo Beach and Santa Rosa. We resided in
Webster NY and the cold, blizzards, electrical outages for weeks, roads closed, etc. until we
relocated to North Las Vegas in 2003.
My first bike was a Honda CB450 and rode that thing into the ground. I bought my first Harley’s
in 1997, a new Bad Boy with a 4 gal tank, which proved to be a real challenge on cross country
trips. Next bike was a 2001 Fatboy and have been riding Fatboy’s ever since. My current ride
is a 07 Fatboy with a built 103 engine and it is a pleasure to ride.
I first joined the H.O.G. chapter at Las Vegas Harley-Davidson and that was a real eye opener
for me. My previous chapter rides consisted of 7-10 bikes on a Wed night in an ad-hoc style of
riding. Compare this style of riding to one of 50+ bikes on a ride with Road Captains controlling
the ride. I joined the Black Mountain chapter in 2006, and late in 2007, the Road Captain team.
Great decision, as the Road Captain team has been a great experience, proven to be a learning
team and fun team to participate with.

                                                    Christopher Sequist-2011 Ass’t
                                                    Head Road Captain
                                                    Born August 29th, 1963 raised here in Las
                                                    Vegas, Graduated Valley High School in
                                                    1979 one year early due to work schedule
                                                    and making good money, Joined the U S
                                                    Navy for six years and returned home and
                                                    have been here in Las Vegas ever since
                                                    making a living as a Project Superintendent
                                                    for various construction companies for over
                                                    25 years.

                                                    My first car was 1963 Volkswagen Bug
                                                    which was

immediately transformed into a Baha full roll cage desert racer. My first street motorcycle was a
Honda 754 which I rode all over every day for several years. My first Harley Davidson was
actually the better of two bikes from the classified ads and in 2008, I bought a brand new Ultra
Classic, joined the black mountain chapter, joined the ranks of the Road Captains and for 2012,
an Assistant Head Road Captain in charge of training riding a new 2011 Road Glide. I enjoy
putting the training sessions together for our Road Captain team.

I like being a Road Captain and watching out for others, as what we do people appreciate and
that is a good feeling to me personally. I would like to see our chapter go over 400 members in
the near future and look forward to being a major part of the officers ranks as I am proud to be
not only a member, but highly involved in the direction the chapter will be going in the future.
See you on the road.
                      2011 Black Mountain H.O.G Road Captains

                                                  Dennis Coughlin –Sr. Road
                                                  I was born and raised in Culver City, Calif.
                                                  My father was a Casting Director in
                                                  Hollywood. During high school years, I
                                                  spent most of my weekends surfing in
                                                  Marina Del Rey. When I was 16, I was
                                                  introduced to motorcycles by my girlfriend’s
                                                  father. He had a 305 Scrambler. We used to
                                                  “borrow” it at night to go out. That got me

                                                    When I got married at 21, my 1st bike was a
                                                    Honda 750. I spent a few years on a Police
Dept and was introduced to a Harley Panhead. That got me hooked on Harleys. But, over the
years, never owned one. Would drool when I saw one pull up to a light. I had a metric bike
most of the time but only occasionally rode. Then a few years ago, took the leap and purchased
a Harley Electric Guide Classic. Rode it for a couple years, before joining Black Mountain HOG.
When I would go on chapter rides, I was impressed with the Road Captains and wanted to join.
But, I did not have a CB radio. I bought a J&M CB and was on my way. I enjoyed it so much; 2
years ago purchased an Ultra. I love riding my scoot and especially love riding with my HOG
family. I have met some great people and hope to call them lifelong friends.

                                                   Don Wilkins-Sr. Road Captain
                                                   I purchased my first scooter at the age of
                                                   16. But it wasn’t until late in 2005 that I
                                                   really understood what “living to ride” meant,
                                                   which was when I purchased my first ever
                                                   Harley-Davidson (2006 Road King Classic).

                                                   My first ride with Black Mountain HOG came
                                                   in January of 2006 on a ride to Oatman.
                                                   Guess that’s when my wife and I got hooked
                                                   and added “riding to live” to our vocabulary.
                                                   We average over 2K miles every month now
                                                   … We’ve been to Sturgis, Milwaukee,

Tennessee and all the places in between. Early in 2010, I got my 100K patch from HOG

It was in 2007 that I became a Road Captain for Black Mountain and purchased my Ultra
Classic. 2009 was my year to be the Lead Road Captain and currently am holding the position
of Sr. Road Captain (not necessarily to denote my age, but rather my experience).
                       2011 Black Mountain H.O.G Road Captains

                                                     JAMES W. CLAFLIN JR., Road
                                                     Captain & 2012 Treasurer
                                                       I have been in Las Vegas since 2005 where I
                                                       work as the managing attorney of the law firm
                                                       of Claflin Law Ltd. Born and raised in Detroit,
                                                       Michigan, I have been riding motorcycles with
                                                       my old man since childhood. In September of
                                                       2009,I flew to Detroit, bought my father’s
                                                       2002 Fat Boy (named Porky), and then
                                                       brought Porky home via an epic, 9-day, 2400-
                                                       mile journey from Detroit to Vegas, with stops
                                                       in Mecca I (HD HQ in Milwaukee) and Mecca
                                                       II (Sturgis, SD). My kid brother Scott tagged
along by renting a bike in Detroit. I lost my father in 2011 but have kept his riding spirit, Porky,
with me. Watch for my vanity plate “PORKEY” on a Chapter ride, and be sure to stop by and say

                                                     Doug Gohr - Road Captain
                                                     I was born and raised in Iowa (don’t miss
                                                     being able to only ride 5-6 months of the
                                                     year). I served 6 years in the U.S. Air Force,
                                                     stationed in Mississippi, Texas, and overseas
                                                     in England. I worked with my father and
                                                     brother in the family plumbing and heating
                                                     business, getting my Master Plumbing
                                                     License at age 18. After my time in the
                                                     service, I worked as a welder on natural gas
                                                     pipe lines.

Eventually I went to work for the Sheriff’s Dept and retired in 1993 as Assistant Sheriff. My wife
and I moved to Las Vegas in 1993 and I went to work for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police
Dept as an Evidence Supervisor in the Criminalistics Bureau. I retired from the Dept in July of

I started riding dirt bike when I was 16, moving up to street bikes and baggers after getting out
of the service. My first large bike was a 900 Kawasaki. As time went by, I went through
Hondas, Yamahas, and Victory Visons. My wife, Diane, and I bought our first Harley Davidson
in 2008. I ride a 2010 Ultra Limited and my wife has a 2009 trike and a 2009 1200.

We joined Black Mountain in late 2008. From the very first meeting, we found exactly what we
were looking for - a great group of people to ride with! We really enjoy the overnighters. In
                       2011 Black Mountain H.O.G Road Captains
2010 I decided that it was time to do a little payback to Black Mountain and joined as a Road
Captain. I was surprised at the amount of time this takes but have found it to be very
rewarding. It has also given me the opportunity to improve on my riding skills through our
training sessions. I look forward to many more new friends and great rides!

                                                      Rick Nelson –Road Captain &
                                                      2012 Director
                                                      I grew up in Gadsden, Alabama. My father
                                                      worked for Goodyear Tire & Rubber
                                                      Company, and my mother worked in
                                                      accounting at a small Tool and Die
                                                      company. I graduated from Hokes Bluff
                                                      High School in 1978. My first job was as a
                                                      small engine mechanic at a Gravely
                                                      Tractor dealership when I was 16. For the
                                                      past 21 years, I've been a Registered
                                                      Nurse, currently employed by Sunrise
                                                      Hospital & Medical Center as Charge

Nurse in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit. I have one son, Todd (28) who still lives in Alabama
and works at the Honda,(cars, not motorcycle) at their manufacturing plant.

 I was widowed in 2003, started travel nursing in 2004 which brought me to Las Vegas in 2005,
and I've been here ever since. Shortly after arriving in Vegas, I had the great fortune to meet
Kelly Wilson, and we are currently engaged to be married. (date still to be determined.) I
currently ride a 2011 blue/blue CVO Ultra Classic and Kelly rides a 2010 red Street Glide.

I've been riding motorcycles on and off for most of my life, and I love the life that I live. I've
ridden with H.O.G. Chapters from all across the country and Black Mountain is, hands down, the
best chapter that I've ever encountered. I chose to become a Road Captain so that I might give
back and be of service to the club that has provided so much enjoyment to me, and this year I'm
proud to serve as Director of this great club.
                       2011 Black Mountain H.O.G Road Captains

                                                      Dan Rodriguez-Road Captain
                                                      Hi I’m Dan Rodriguez and I grew up in
                                                      Fremont, California ( Bay Area ). My wife
                                                      is Lynne and we moved to Las Vegas in
                                                      1999. I am a ground mechanic at
                                                      Southwest Airlines. My first Harley was a
                                                      1996 Fatboy. Then we bought a Ultra
                                                      Classic and learned about the bmhog
                                                      chapter. After the first meeting we were
                                                      hooked. A year later I became a Road
                                                      Captain. It is an honor to be a Road
                                                      Captain in this chapter. I hope we keep
                                                      growing and having fun. We have met
                                                      people in the chapter that will be friends
                                                      for life. See you on the next ride

                                                       Bob Scott-Road Captain &
                                                       2012 Ass’t Director
                                                        I was born in Seattle, Washington and
                                                        lived in the greater Seattle area through
                                                        7th grade. I then moved to the north
                                                        Idaho/Spokane, Washington for the rest
                                                        of school. I joined the Navy and got
                                                        stationed in Scotland for 3 years where I
                                                        took advantage of that and traveled
                                                        through Europe. I finished out my Navy
                                                        experience in Texas for 3 years before
                                                        getting out and moving to Spokane,
                                                        Washington. I quickly figured out that my
                                                        Navy experience couldn’t get me a
sustainable job for my family of wife and 2 children, so I went to college to figure out what I
wanted to be when I grew up. I fell in love with accounting and pushed through to get my
Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Professional Accounting. I’ve
been working in the account field in one capacity or another ever since. I’m now the C.F.O. of
Thor Construction, one of the largest minority owned construction companies in the country.
I’ve been riding motorcycles since I was 6 years old. It’s no coincidence that’s when my first
motorcycle accident occurred as well! But I never loved the excitement of being on a
motorcycle. I got my motorcycle endorsement on a Suzuki endure 100 which at the time allowed
me to ride any bike of any size! My first “real” street bike was a Suzuki Intruder 700. It had the
V-Twin cylinders, raked fork, and sleek look of my Dyna Wide Glide that I have now (go figure). I
lost my bike in my divorce so I went a number of years without riding. But 5 years ago my wife
and I went on a cruise in the Caribbean and one of our stops was the island of St. Martin. We
rented a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy and spent the day riding around the island. We stopped for a
                       2011 Black Mountain H.O.G Road Captains
picture overlooking the ocean and she turned to me and said “This is so fun! You need to get
yourself one of these.” Well…I’m thinking the biggest hurdle to getting a motorcycle is now gone
so when we got back my first (and only visit) was to a Harley-Davidson dealership in Minnesota
where we lived at the time. On Father’s Day 2006 I rode home on my brand new, right off the
showroom floor, Dyna Wide Glide in the Dragonfly Green custom spring color.
Minnesota isn’t exactly the greatest opportunity for year-round riding but I did manage to log
about 4,500 miles my first year. About a year after I bought the bike I was relocated to Las
Vegas for my job where riding is possible all year long! My first year here I put on 20,000 miles! I
joined Black Mountain H.O.G. within a month of moving here and found the most wonderful
group of people anywhere. The biggest reason I did as much riding when I moved out here was
because of this great chapter and my long list of friends. I became the webmaster my 2 nd year
and then Treasurer my 3rd year with the Chapter. I’m currently serving my 3rd consecutive
“sentence” as Treasurer and love it. I recently applied to become a Road Captain where I have
since started my training and hope to soon become “patched”. The Road Captain’s that serve
this chapter are the greatest bunch of individuals I have had the pleasure to know. The really
care about the safety and enjoyment of every member on our organized rides. I’m proud to be
associated with them.

                                                   Kelly Wilson-Road Captain &
                                                  2012 Activities Officer

                                                  Hello, I'm Kelly Wilson, a Henderson native and
                                                  lifelong Henderson resident. I grew up with
                                                  parents that taught me the appreciation for
                                                  traveling. My dad taught me to ride dirt bikes
                                                  when I was a young teen (great memories). I
                                                  also raced off-road buggies in the woman's
                                                  division of S.N.O.R.E. @ the age of 16. I'm a
                                                  mother of 3 (grown and gone) and a probation
                                                  case manager for the City of Henderson. . I
volunteer for the Henderson Police Departments "Every 15 Minutes" program.
My first Harley (as a passenger) was a 2004 Soft tail (with my ex). I fell in love with riding and
bought my own bike, a 2005 Dyna Low-Rider. I currently ride a 2010 Street Glide. I met my
fiancé Rick Nelson because of our mutual love for Harley's. We joined Black Mountain, and I
joined the ranks as the membership officer in 2009. In 2010 I became a road captain, and am
currently serving as the activities officer too! Black Mountain H.O.G. rocks!
                      2011 Black Mountain H.O.G Road Captains

                                                  Shelby Capo-Road Captain
                                                  I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. My
                                                  parents moved to Las Vegas when I was
                                                  eight years old and I have lived here ever
                                                  since. I graduated from Rancho High School
                                                  in 1971 and joined the Navy. I was a
                                                  radioman and served aboard the aircraft
                                                  carrier U.S.S. CORAL SEA.

                                                   My first motorcycle ride was when I was 5
                                                   years old on an Indian Chief with my father. I
was hooked. I started with a mini bike, then various other small bikes that I rode in the desert.
When I was thirteen my neighbor had a Cushman Eagle that I got running and would ride it any
chance I could get. My first real street bike was a 1965 HD Electra glide that my father bought
when I was fifteen. That was the bike I got my motorcycle endorsement on and rode it to high

I have ridden (and owned) Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, BMW and of course Harley
Davidson. I always seem to come back to Harley Davidson. In 2008, Teri and I bought an
Anniversary Edition CVO Ultra Classic. In fact I drove to Phoenix to pick it up, on her birthday,
and forgot to wish her Happy Birthday before I left…OOOPs. Do you think I was excited?

Teri and I joined National in June 2008 and Black Mountain HOG in July of 2008 .

                                                   Jeff Cook-Road Captain
                                                   I grew up in the Southern mountains of West
                                                   Virginia and despite what most people
                                                   believe about hillbillies and West Virginians I
                                                   was very fortunate. I remember riding my
                                                   first hog when I was only six years old.
                                                   Shortly after riding my first hog, dad shot her
                                                   and I got a new one. After that I rode hogs,
                                                   cow's and ponies until I was ten years old,
                                                   when I became the proud owner of my first

 real motorcycle, a Honda SL70. Since then I have been hooked on riding two wheels both on
and off road.
                       2011 Black Mountain H.O.G Road Captains
 I left the hills shortly after graduating in 1980 and moved to the Sunshine State where I met my
wife Cathy and was blessed with two beautiful daughters Cathy and Laura. I was working a job
that kept me away from home almost 95% of the time, away from my family and two favorite
hobbies, fishing and motorcycling. I received a job offer from Sprint in 1987 that would get me
back home each night but it would require us to move to Missouri or as my wife commonly
refers to as "Misery". Shortly after being home each night, we were blessed again with a baby
boy, Jeff Jr., another Honda, several boats and thirteen wonderful years of enduring mid
western life.

 In late 2000, a heavenly miracle occurred and moved us back to Florida where life was fun,
sun, beaches, bikini's (I meant biking), and fishing prevailed. Over the next couple of years I
spent almost every weekend fishing, off shore, on shore anywhere there was water. Then one
day Cathy and I were out and she said the most loving thing that any woman could tell her
husband, something I never expected to hear, she actually said "I think we should buy a
Harley". It did not take long for me to understand what a life changing suggestion this was and I
immediately took her up on her proposal and bought my first two wheel hog, a 2003 Road King.

 But sadly life in Florida was short lived, and another opportunity presented itself in the great
state of Georgia, eight hours away from my daughters. So in June of 2006 we again made a
move and settled down in the Pecan State. I bought a house, two four wheelers and my next
Harley, a 2008 Ultra Classic. We began riding almost every weekend, all over the Southeast,
enjoying overnight trips and seeing some really beautiful country. Soon after our
granddaughter Riley was born in October of 2009, the economy took a turn for the worse, and
another opportunity presented itself in Las Vegas.

 So we gave away our house, one four wheeler and moved everything to remain gainfully
employed. After about one year of riding without any real direction, Cathy and I were looking for
a group of people who enjoyed riding motorcycles and visiting lots of scenic locations in the
Southwest. I found the Black Mountain hog chapter online and they fit exactly the requirements
we had outlined. I joined BMHOG in June of 2011 and we were both completely blown away
with the people, the fun and the destinations. As our past director and now head road captain
told me when I asked him how to get one of those colored ropes I had noticed on several
members’ vests, he said "you have to step up". I am ready to step up and looking forward to
serving the chapter as one of the best road captains yet, look out Nacho!
                       2011 Black Mountain H.O.G Road Captains

                                                   Jeff Lambeth-Road Captain
                                                   I was born in Arroyo Grande, California in
                                                   1961. I Lived in Ojai, Ca. during my high
                                                   school years and then moved around quite a
                                                   bit with stints in Kansas, Oklahoma, Ohio and
                                                   then moved to Nevada in 2004, each move
                                                   furthering my career in the water business. I
                                                   went to college seemingly for years and finally
                                                   earned my MS degree in Environmental

I recently took a job as Director of Operations covering North America with Envirogen
Technologies, Inc.

I have two kids, Michelle who was born with cerebral palsy and is well taken care of in a home
here in Henderson. My son Jason drives a big truck across the country.

My first ‘bike’ was a mini bike with the typical Briggs and Stratton engine when I was about six
years old. My first real bike was a 1979 KZ 650 which I rode until the wheels just about fell off. I
took a few years off riding and then graduated to Harley’s. I currently ride a 2006 Road Glide.

I was a road captain for SNHOG for several years before joining the Black Mountain HOG
chapter 2007 which is the greatest HOG chapter ever.

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