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					New Jersey Symbols
Our great state has many symbols
(something that stands for, or tells
about, something else). Test your
•What is our state bird
       Eastern Goldfinch

The Eastern Goldfinch has bright yellow
feathers and a black head and wings. They
love to eat sunflower seeds!
•What is our state
                    The horse!

Michael McCarthy and his fifth grade class at Our Lady
of Victories School in Harrington Park and James
Sweetman, an eighth grader from Freehold, helped
make the horse New Jersey's state animal in 1977. The
horse is included on the state seal. Horses were very
important to farming. Today, people continue to raise
horses in New Jersey. Racehorses are also very
popular in New Jersey.
•What is our state
            The purple Violet

Violets can be found in New Jersey
fields, lawns, and meadows --
anywhere that they can find warm
spring sunshine
•What is our state fish?
         The brook trout

The brook trout is native to New Jersey. If you
find a brook trout, you know the water is good
quality because brook trout can't survive in
polluted water.
What is our state fruit?
                      The blueberry

The blueberry, which was first cultivated in Whitesbog, became the
official state fruit in 2004. In 2003, fourth graders at Veteran's
Memorial Elementary School in Brick campaigned to make the
blueberry the official state fruit. The students had their idea
introduced as legislation and conducted a lobbying campaign to see
its passage, including media interviews, a letter and petition drive,
presentations to local governing bodies, and a trip to the state's
blueberry festival in Whitesbog. In addition, the classes traveled to
Trenton to make presentations before Senate and Assembly
•What is our state
         The honey bee

The honeybee makes honey for
sweetening our meals and beeswax to
smooth things out. Honeybees also
pollinate our flowers, including our
state flower, the violet.
•What is our state
   The knobbed whelk

The knobbed whelk shell is commonly
known as the conch shell. Found along NJ
beaches and bays, the knobbed whelk is the
name of the large marine snail that lives in
the shell. Also known by its Italian name,
scungilli, the snail is harvested from its
spiral shell and canned for food. The shell is
yellowish gray in color.
•Our state dinosaur is
Haddy (found in Haddonfield,NJ)

The Hadrosaurus Foulkii
William Parker Foulke discovered the fossils of the
dinosaur that became known as the Hadrosaurus
Foulkii in Haddonfield in 1858. The fossils were the
first to be found in the United States. The Hadro
Story tells more about the Hadrosaurus.
•What is our state tree?
          The Red Oak

The red oak is a hardwood tree that
has pointy-lobed leaves with prickly
tips. In autumn its leaves turn a
beautiful, bright red. It produces
many acorns.
•What is our state
         The Square Dance
• In the popular American square dance, a
  caller shouts out directions to the dancing
  couples. Square dance music is lively, and
  the dancers wear colorful clothes.
Here is our state seal:
    The farming symbols on the seal
•   The three plows (shield)
•   The horse head
•   The leaves
•   The cornucopia
•   The helmet
Helmet and Horse Head
            The helmet and the
            horse's head crest
            represent New Jersey's
            independence as a state.
            They also represent New
            Jersey's status as one of
            the first states. In 1787
            New Jersey was the
            third state to sign the
            U.S. Constitution.
The shield with three plows

              The three plows on
              the shield symbolize
              the agricultural
              tradition of New
 The two women on the seal are…
• Liberty on the left carrying the
  liberty cap. She represents
• Ceres on the right holding the
  cornucopia. She symbolizes
   Our state motto is…

•Liberty and
  The year 1776 is on the seal
• It represents when we broke
  away from control of Great
              Our state flag…

The New Jersey State Flag was adopted in 1896.
Its official color is buff, which is a yellowish-tan
color. The colors of the state flag, buff and dark
blue (Jersey blue), were the colors George
Washington chose for the flag of New Jersey's
army regiments during the Revolutionary War. The
state seal is featured on the flag.
New Jersey…the Garden State!
    Filled with great land!
New Jersey… proud to be a real

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