NCLB Monitoring Cycle 1 by yurtgc548


									NCLB Monitoring Cycle 1

     Policies and Procedures

Explains monitoring process
Lists required documentation
Lists activities
Directions for completing checklists and
Due Date
      Statement of Assurance

Verification of compliance
Lists documentation needed
Lists due date
Must be signed by authorized General
 Statement of Assurance Signer
Returned to ADE with documentation

To be used by LEAs and Schools to
 determine compliance with NCLB
Schools are responsible to their LEAs;
 LEAs are responsible to ADE
All will be turned in to
  ADE when completed
 LEA Title I Parent Involvement
Must be developed through a collaboration
 of parents, teachers, administrators, and
 community members
Coordinates and integrates parental
 involvement strategies under Title I with
 other programs
Involves parents in the activities of the
 Title I LEA
Title I School Parent Involvement
Policy and School-Parent Compact

Worksheet to be used by schools within an
 LEA; turned in to LEA
LEA compiles results from worksheets and
 records on checklist
Checklist turned in to ADE with Statement
 of Assurance, 10% of LEA’s Title I
 school’s Parent Involvement Policies, and
 10% of School-Parent Compacts
 LEA Title I School Parent Involvement
  Policy and School-Parent Compact
LEA checks to make sure all Title I Parent
 Involvement Policies were developed with
 involvement of parents; distributed to
 parents; and agreed upon by parents
Checks that every Title I school holds an
 annual meeting about the Title I program
Involves parents in the planning, review,
 and improvement of Title I programs
 LEA Title I School Parent Involvement
  Policy and School-Parent Compact
The compact must include:
  – How the school will provide high quality
  – The importance of communication between
    teachers and parents
  – Opportunities for parents to volunteer and
    observe classroom activities
Homeless Education Policy and
   Procedures Checklist
Must be completed and returned to ADE
 with a copy of LEA Homeless Policy
Policy must ensure that homeless students
 are not segregated or stigmatized and
 receive immediate enrollment and
Policy must designate a Homeless Liaison
Homeless Education Policy and
   Procedures Checklist
LEA Homeless Liaison must ensure that:
  – Homeless children and families receive
  – Parents of homeless children are informed of
    educational and related opportunities for their
  – Public notice of rights of homeless students is
    disseminated in the community
       Compliance Activities
Completed by LEA
List all items that are out of compliance
 and how the LEA intends to bring each
 item into compliance
Request for technical assistance
Must be returned to ADE
   with all checklists and
   required documentation
                 Final Recap

 Cycle I deals with policies and procedures
 All checklists will be returned to ADE with the:
   – Compliance Activities Worksheet
   – LEA Title I Parent Involvement Policy
   – 10% of School Parent Involvement Policies and
      School-Parent Compacts
   – LEA Homeless Education Policy
   – Signed Statement of Assurances
   If you have any questions or problems,
      please don’t hesitate to call your
      Education Program Specialist
    NCLB Monitoring

                 Cycle 2
               Targeted Assistance
            Professional Development
Qualifications for Teachers and Paraprofessionals
       Cycle 2 Documentation

 The LEA’s procedure for identifying eligible
  students in a Targeted Assistance School
 10% of LEA’s Schoolwide plans
 Notice to parents that their child has been taught
  by non-HQ’d teacher – 4 or more weeks
 Description of the LEA’s professional
  development needs assessment and the results
     Various Types of Plans

NCLB Interim Plan (LEA Level)
NCLB Final Consolidated Plan (LEA
Schoolwide Plan (School Level)
School Improvement Plan (School Level)
 Schoolwide Plan Components

Needs Assessment and Information
Goal Development
Implementation detail for each goal
Assessment detail
      Points to Keep in Mind
40% or above level of poverty
1 year planning prior to implementation
All teachers and instructional paras are
 considered Title I staff – must be HQ’d
Professional Development – is for all staff
 including administrators
Blending of funds proportionately
Involvement of parents in all aspects
           Comprehensive Needs
 Process that gathers and analyzes multiple
  sources of data to determine areas of need
 Possible sources to review:
      Student achievement data
      Attendance data (student and staff)
      Teacher credentials and skill areas
      Parent involvement
      Areas of strength and weakness
      Schedules
      Curriculum alignment
      Discipline and serious incidents
      Budget, etc.
             Parent Notification
       Non-HQ’d Teacher, Certified – 4 weeks

 Brief explanation of the HQ’d provision of NCLB
 Name of school and teacher
 Length of time the teacher has been teaching at school
 Statement that teacher does not meet NCLB HQ’d criteria
 Assurance that teacher is certified in areas of instruction
 Assurance that teacher is actively working towards
  meeting the HQ’d criteria
     NCLB Criteria for HQ’d
Regular Public School    AZ Charter School
 Undergraduate degree    Undergraduate degree
                          Has completed AZ
 Certified in AZ to
                           determined # of content
  teach level and/or       courses to teach core
  content, or              academic area, or
 Meets the AZ Housse     Meets the AZ Housse
  Rubric                   Rubric, or
                          Takes and passes the
                           Content area test
        Determining Professional
          Development Needs

Conduct a Needs Assessment that looks at:
      a. Student academic performance on multiple
                 measures of assessment,
      b. Student learning styles,
    c. Teacher qualifications, knowledge, skills
       related to instruction, and awareness and readiness
    to implement SBR and Best Practice Models,
Who are the instructors or tutors provided
through supplemental services?

 Teachers hired by approved providers implement
  the supplemental services program,
 Parents select the service provider from a list
  approved by the Arizona Department of
  Education. (The school does not identify a
  provider for the parent).
      d. Administrative readiness to support and
         implement SBR and Best Practice Models,
      e. Available resources,
      f. Funding, etc.
  NCLB Monitoring

             Cycle 3
Title I School Improvements Planning
Notice to parents regarding schools in
      Documentation Needed

LEA’s list of all schools in school
Sample notice to parents regarding schools
 in improvement
              Meet AYP   Ø Meet AYP

                Yes         No

                            No        SI - Year 1

Frozen Yr 1     Yes

   OUT          Yes         No        SI - Year 2

Frozen Yr 2     Yes

   OUT          Yes         No        SI – Cor Act

Frozen - CA     Yes

   OUT          Yes         No        SI - Restr

   OUT          Yes         No        SI – Alt. Gov
        Parent Notification of School
            Improvement Status

 a definition of “In need of improvement,”
 what district and school are doing to address the problem,
 how parents can become involved,
 information about public school choice,
 information about available supplemental services,
 Information about student eligibility for choice and/or
  supplemental services.
      Supplemental Services
           School Improvement

 - Free extra academic assistance that the
 school provides to assist eligible students
 in a designated school to help him/her
 improve academic performance. This
 assistance is provided through classes or
 tutoring offered outside the regular school
 day (before or after school, weekends or
 summer school).

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