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					                         YOUNG ADULT AUTHORS

Joan Abelove                                     The Seven Songs of Merlin
      Go and Come Back                           The Mirror of Merlin
                                                 The Lost Years of Merlin
Douglas Adams                  Joan Bauer
      The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the              Rules of the Road
          Galaxy                                 Hope Was Here
      The Restaurant at the End of the           Stand Tall
          Universe (2)                      Marion Dane Bauer
      So Long and Thanks for all the Fish        Tangled Butterfly
      Life, the Universe, and Everything    Gary Blackwood
      Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective           The Year of the Hangman
          Agency (2)                             The Shakespeare Stealer
Lloyd Alexander                             Judy Blume          Tiger Eyes (5)
index.html                                       It’s Not the End of the World (2)
      The Black Cauldron (2)                     Forever
      El Dorado Adventure                        Blubber
      The High King
                                            Sue Ellen Bridgers
                                                 Home Before Dark
      The Beggar Queen
                                                 Notes for Another Life
      The Castle of Llyr
                                                 Sara Will
      The Arkadians
                                                 All Together Now
      The Kestrel
                                            Eve Bunting
Isabel Allenda
                                                 Jumping the Nail
      City of Beasts
                                            Betsy Byars
David Almond
                                                 The Pinballs
                                                 Summer of the Swans
      Kit’s Wilderness
                                            Michael Cadnum
Laurie Halse Anderson
                                                 In a Dark Wood
                                                 The Book of the Lion
      Fever 1793
                                            Nan Willard Cappo
      Wolf Rider
                                                 Cheating Lessons
      The True Confessions of Charlotte
                                            Vera and Bill Cleaver
                                                 Trial Valley
      The Man Who Was Poe
                                                 Where the Lilies Bloom (6)
      Blue Heron
      Nothing But the Truth (3)             James and Christopher Collier
                                                 My Brother Sam is Dead
Natalie Babbitt
      Tuck Everlasting                      Caroline Cooney
                                                 The Voice on the Radio
T. A. Barron
                                                 Among Friends
      The Fires of Merlin
                                                 The Face on the Milk Carton
      The Wings of Merlin
     Flight #116 is Down                     Darkness Before Dawn
     Burning Up                              Forged by Fire
     Driver’s Ed                        Lois Duncan
Robert Cormier                     
     The Bumblebee Flies Anyway (4)          Summer of Fear
     After the First Death                   Stranger With My Face (2)
     Fade (2)                                They Never Came Home
     I am the Cheese (5)                     The Twisted Window
     The Chocolate War (4)                   Locked in Time (3)
     Heroes                                  The Third Eye (2)
     Take Me Where the Good Times Are        Five Were Missing
     Beyond the Chocolate War                Down a Dark Hall
     Tunes for Bears to Dance to             Killing Mr. Griffin
Sharon Creech                                I Know What You Did Last Summer
     Walk Two Moons                          Don’t Look Behind You
     The Wanderer                            Who Killed My Daughter (Nonfiction)
     Bloomability                       Thomas Dygard
     Chasing Redbird                         Point Spread
Kevin Crossley-Holland                       Quarterback Walk-on
     The Seeing Stone                        Wilderness Peril
     At the Crossing Places                  Halfback Tough
                                             The Rebounder
Chris Crutcher
                                             Infield Hit
     Running Loose
                                             The Rookie Arrives
     Crazy Horse Electric Game (2)
     Stotan                             Nancy Farmer
     Ironman                                 The House of the Scorpion
     Chinese Handcuffs (2)                   The Ear, the Eye and the Arm
     Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes            A Girl Named Disaster
     Whale Talk                         Paul Fleischman
Christopher Paul Curtis                      Whirligig
     Bud, Not Buddy                          Seek
     The Watsons Go to Birmingham            The Borning Room
Karen Cushman                           Alex Flinn
     The Midwife’s Apprentice                Breathing Underwater
     Catherine, Called Birdy            Paula Fox
Paula Danziger                               The Moonlight Man (2)
     This Place Has No Atmosphere            A Place Apart
     The Cat Ate My Gymsuit             E.R. Frank
     The Pistachio Prescription              America
Peter Dickenson                         Mel Glenn
     The Ropemaker                           The Taking of Room 114
     A Bone From a Dry Sea                   Who Killed Mr. Chippendale?
Sharon Draper                           Bette Greene                    Morning is a Long Time Coming
     Tears of a Tiger                        The Summer of My German Soldier
     Romiette and Julio                 Adele Griffin
     Double Dutch                            Sons of Liberty
Margaret Haddix                           M.E. Kerr
     Just Ella                                 Dinky Hocker Shoots Smack (2)
     Don’t You Read This, Mrs. Dunphrey        Gentlehands
     Among the Imposters                       The Son of Someone Famous (5)
     Running Out of Time                       What I Really Think of You
     Among the Hidden                          Night Kites
     Among the Betrayed                        Deliver Us From Evie
     Turnabout                            Patrice Kindl
Virginia Hamilton                              Owl in Love                       The Woman in the Wall
     House of Dies Drear (2)              David Klass
     Sweet Whispers, Brother Rush              Danger Zone
     M.C. Higgins, the Great                   Home of the Brave
Karen Hesse                                    You Don’t Know Me
     Out of the Dust                      Annette Curtis Klaus
     Witness                                   Silver Kiss
     Phoenix Rising
                                          E.L. Koningsburg
     Letters From Rifka
                                               A Proud Taste for Scarlet and
     Wish on a Unicorn
Terry Spencer Hesser                           Silent to the Bone
     Kissing Doorknobs                         From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs.
S.E. Hinton                       Basil E. Frankweiler
     Taming the Star Runner (2)           Maleleine L’Engle
     That Was Then, This is Now (4)            Swiftly Tilting Planet
     Outsiders (2)                             Camilla
     Rumblefish                                Many Waters
     Tex (2)                                   A Wind in the Door
Will Hobbs             A Wrinkle in Time
     Far North                            Ursula LeGuin
     The Maze                                  The Beginning Place
     Jason’s Gold                              The Dispossessed
Mary Hoffman                                   The Farthest Shore
     Stravaganza                               A Wizard of Earthsea
Monica Hughes                                  Very Far Away From Anywhere Else
     Hunter in the Dark (2)                    The Tombs of Atuan
                                               The Lathe of Heaven
Irene Hunt
                                               The Left Hand of Darkness (2)
     Across Five Aprils (4)
     Up a Road Slowly (2)                 Gail Levine
                                               Ella Enchanted
Brian Jacques
     Martin the Warrior                   Sonia Levitin
     Redwall                                   The Cure
                                               Evil Encounter
Diana Wynne Jones
                                               Escape From Egypt
     Dark Lord of Derkholm
     Year of the Griffin                  Robert Lipsyte
                                               The Chemo Kid
                                               The Contender (2)
                                               One Fat Summer
Lois Lowry                               Walter Dean Myers
     Find a Stranger, Say Good-Bye (2)        Fallen Angels
     The Giver (2)                            Monster
     Gathering Blue                           Slam!
     A Summer To Die                          Hoops
Chris Lynch                                   Somewhere in the Darkness (2)
     Freewill                                 The Glory Field
     Iceman                                   Scorpions
     Slot Machine                        An Na
Margaret Mahy                                 A Step From Heaven
     The Catalogue of the Universe (2)   Donna Jo Napoli
     Tricksters                               Beast
John Marsden                                  Sirena
     A Killing Frost                     Theresa Nelson
     Burning for Revenge                      Earthshine
     Darkness Be My Friend               Garth Nix
     Letter From the Inside                   Sabriel
     The Dead of Night                        Lirael
     Tomorrow, When the War Began
                                         Joan Lowry Nixon
     The Other Side of Dark
                                              Whispers from the Dead
Harry Mazer                                   Family Apart
     The Last Mission                         A Deadly Game of Magic
     Snow Bound (3)                           The Séance
     When the Phone Rang (2)                  The Other Side of Dark (2)
Norma Fox Mazer                               The Stalker
     Heartbeat                                Who Are You?
     The Solid Gold Kid                       Nobody’s There
     Three Sisters                            The Name of the Game Was Murder
     When She Was Good                   Joyce Carol Oates
     Out of Control (2)                       Big Mouth & Ugly Girl
Anne McCaffrey                           Robert C. O’Brien
     Restoree                                 Z for Zachariah
     The Rowan                                Report From Group Seventeen
     Dragonflight (2)                         Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH
     The White Dragon
                                         Scott O’ Dell
     Pegasus Flight
                                              Island of the Blue Dolphins (2)
     The Ship Who Sang
                                              Black Star, Bright Dawn
Robin McKinley                                The Captive
     Spindle’s End                            Sing Down the Moon
     Beauty                                   Venus Among the Fishes
     The Hero and the Crown
                                         Linda Sue Park
     The Blue Sword
                                              A Single Shard
Carolyn Meyer                            Katherine Paterson
     Mary, Bloody Mary
                                              Bridge to Terabithia (2)
     Jacob Have I Loved                     Harry Potter and the Prisoner of
     The Master Puppeteer                      Azkaban
Gary Paulsen            Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
     The River                              Harry Potter and the Chamber of
     Brian’s Winter                            Secrets
     Hatchet                                Haryy Potter and the Order of the
     The Island                                Phoenix
     The Transall Saga                 Cynthia Rylant
     The Car                                Kindness
Richard Peck                                The Island
     Bel-Air Bambi and the Mall Rats   Mary Elizabeth Ryan
     Are You in the House Alone? (3)        Alias
     Father Figure (2)                 Louis Sachar
     Princess Ashley                        Holes
     A Year Down Yonder
                                       William Sleator
     Remembering the Good Times
                                            The Boy Who Reversed Himself (2)
     A Long Way From Chicago
                                            House of Stairs
     Those Summer Girls I Never Met
                                            Interstellar Pig
Robert Newton Peck                          Boltzman!
     A Day No Pigs Would Die                Rewind
     Basket Case                            The Boxes
     Eagle Fur (2)
                                       Jerry Spinelli
     Spanish Hoof
                                            Maniac Magee
     Horse Thief
Susan Beth Pfeffer                          Stargirl
     Year Without Michael
                                       Suzanne Fisher Staples
Rodman Philbrick                            Shiva’s Fire                     Haveli
     Max the Mighty                         Shabanu
     Freak the Mighty
                                       Mildred Taylor
Phillip Pullman                             Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry (2)
     Ruby in the Smoke                      Let the Circle be Unbroken (2)
     The Golden Compass                     The Land
     The Subtle Knife
                                       Frances Temple
     The Amber Spyglass
                                            Tonight, By Sea
     The Tiger in the Wall
                                       Stephanie S. Tolan
Karen Ray
                                            Welcome to the Ark
     To Cross a Line
                                       Megan Whalen Turner
Kathryn Reiss
                                            The Thief
                                       Vivian Vande Velde
Ann Rinaldi
                                            Companions of the Night
     Taking Liberty
                                            Never Trust a Dead Man
     The Fifth of March
                                       Cynthia Voigt
     Wolf by the Ears
                                            Izzy, Willy-Nilly (2)
J.K. Rowling
     Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s
                                            Tell Me if Lovers Are Losers
     Sons From Afar                         yalit.htm
     Dicey’s Song
Nancy Werlin                 
     The Killer’s Cousin
     Black Mirror
     Are You Alone on Purpose?         3.
Margaret Wild                
     Jinx                              bracingthechild/index.htm
Virginia Euwer Wolff                   4.
     Make Lemonade                     5.
     The Mozast Season
     True Believer
Patricia Wrede
     Calling on Dragons
     Dealing With Dragons
     Searching For Dragons
Jane Yolen
     Heart’s Blood
     Dragon’s Blood
     Armageddon Summer
     Owl Moon
     Girl in a Cage
     The Devil’s Arithmetic
     A Sending of Dragons
     Girl in a Cage
     The Queen’s Own Fool
Paul Zindel
     My Darling, My Hamburger
     The Pigman’s Legacy (2)
     The Pigman (3)
     To Take a Dare (2)
     Confessions of a Teenage Baboon
     Harry and Hortense at Hormone
     I Never Loved Your Mind (3)
     A Begonia For Miss Applebaum
     A Star For the Latecomer
     Pardon Me, Your Stepping On My
     The Undertaker’s Gone Bananas
     The Amazing and Death-Defying
        Diary of Eugene Dingman
     Night of the Bat

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