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Why Protection?

Life has a habit of presenting us with unexpected events,
some good and some not so good. It’s nice to know that should
certain unexpected events happen, it is possible to face them
with confidence.

Let’s face it, some things are too important to be left to chance, for example, your
health. Whether you are single, married, bringing up children or looking forward to
retirement, you have responsibilities to maintain your financial freedom or to ensure
the financial security of your dependants.

Types of Protection Cover available?

Life Cover

Specified Illness Cover

Income Protection

Mortgage Protection
Why Life Cover?
The main reason for Life Cover is to provide a tax-free lump sum to help your
family maintain the same standard of living, which they enjoy today, should you die.
This lump sum could be used to clear outstanding loans, supplement income or
provide for dependants.

Term Assurance is the simplest form of life insurance available. You choose the
level of cover you need and the length of time you need it. At the end of that period,
the cover ceases. All your contributions go towards protection, which means that
there is no cash value on a term assurance plan i.e. nothing is payable during the term
of the policy unless a claim occurs and nothing is payable at the end of the policy.
This keeps the cost to a minimum. The contributions to your plan are specified at
the outset of your policy, so you know from the start the cost of your protection.
You can choose term assurance under the Canada Life Flexible Term Plan.

Canada Life also offers you Whole of Life Assurance through our unit linked
protection plan, the Canada Life Freedom Plan.

Why Specified Illness Cover?
If you suffer a specified illness, such as a heart attack* or cancer*, a cash lump sum
won’t make you better but it should help to reduce the impact of the illness on
your life. It can help to ease financial pressures and give you time to recover.

Canada Life was the first company to introduce a contract similar to Specified Illness
Cover to Irish consumers back in 1987. We are recognised as the leading provider of
Specified Illness Cover in Ireland.

* For full policy definition, please consult the policy conditions.
Why Income Protection?
Most of us take our good health for granted because no one expects long-term
illness or injury to affect them. However, the sad fact is that people do suffer from
various disabilities on a daily basis. Income protection is an income replacement
benefit designed to protect a person against the financial consequences of a long-term
illness or injury. It can give you peace of mind to know that in the face of unforeseen
and unwelcome events, your financial situation and lifestyle, and that of your
dependants, doesn't have to suffer.

Why Mortgage Protection?

It’s a known fact that buying your home is one of the biggest investments you will
ever make. In recognition of this, mortgage lenders now insist that you purchase
Mortgage Protection to safeguard your investment. Mortgage Protection cover can
be taken out for the term of the mortgage and is designed to repay the outstanding
mortgage on the occurrence of certain events. These events depending on the
type of cover selected can include the death or specified illness of the insured
Life or Lives.
Why Canada Life for Protection?
Canada Life has a complete range of protection products to protect you
and your family and ensure your financial security now and in the future.You can
select from the following benefits:

   •   Life Cover
   •   Specified Illness Cover
   •   Income Protection
   •   Mortgage Protection
   •   Pension Term Assurance
   •   Permanent & Total Disability
   •   Surgical Cash
   •   Hospital Cash
   •   Personal Accident Benefit
   •   Long Term Care
   •   Accidental Death Benefit
   •   Premium Protection

Why choose Canada Life?

Canada Life is one of Ireland’s leading providers of Life, Pensions and Investment
products. We have over 100 years’ experience in the Irish Market serving the financial
planning needs of our clients. Total assets under management for Canada Life Financial
Corporation are Ca$68 billion. In Ireland, Canada Life manages funds exceeding
€4 billion and employs over 500 people in our head office and branch network.
We distribute our products through a network of over 1500 independent brokers
and our direct sales force of 160 experienced financial advisers.

Canada Life was bought by Great-West Lifeco Inc. in 2003, one of the world’s leading
financial services companies with more than $197 billion in assets under administration.
Great-West consistently earns excellent financial strength and bond ratings from the
principle international ratings agencies; A+ (A.M. Best), AA (S&P) and AA+ (Fitch).
Great-West Lifeco’s and its group of companies serve the financial security needs
of individuals and organisations in Canada, the United States and Europe.

For further information on Canada Life’s protection products, please contact your
financial adviser or Canada Life Customer Services on 1850 203 203.

                 Canada Life Assurance (Ireland) Limited is regulated by the Financial
                 Regulator. The Canada Life Assurance Company is regulated by the
                 Financial Regulator.

                 Policy details are subject to change without notice. For full details of
                 all our products refer to the specific product policy conditions. This
                 document does not form part of any contract.
                 Canada Life House, Temple Road
                 Blackrock, Co. Dublin

                 Telephone       1850 203 203
                 Facsimile       01 210 2020

                 Canada Life Assurance (Ireland) Limited
                 is regulated by the Financial Regulator
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