How to Measure for and Choose Pet Dog Boots

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					                         How to Measure for and Choose Pet Dog Boots

With the coming of winter, I believe you will find that pet dog apparel becomes really important.
Dog apparel are not only the fashion accessories but also a necessary thing to keep dog warm in
the cold season.

This season pet clothing is not only a luxury but also a necessity. For instance, dog boots will
come in handy during the cold winter season. Should you decide to dress up your beloved dog,
make sure that it wraps around very nicely serving as a protective gear too.

When we talk about dog boots, you’ll need to consider your pet’s tiny or big paws. For smaller
dogs such as Mini Pinchers or Chihuahuas, dog owners can dress them up from classic to fancy
styles. Pet owners for working or sporting dogs must buy dog boots that protects those big and
powerful paws from injuries and rough grounds. These boots will also speed up the healing
process for injured dogs.

Besides the dog clothing, dog boots are also very important. In order to choose the proper dog
boots, you should know how to measure for the dog boots.

You wouldn't want to stick your size 10 foot in a size 8 shoe because it'd be incredibly
uncomfortable. The same goes for your dog, which is why we're here to help you measure your
dog's foot to ensure a comfortable fitting boot.

To measure the width of your dog's foot, place the foot on a piece of paper and press down on
the top of the foot, mimicking how the foot spreads when the dog's walking.

Mark the left and the right side of the foot on the paper and measure the distance between the
marks. Compare this to the boot sizes.

The width of the foot should be smaller than the boot size. For example, if the foot width is 1 1/2
inches, order an XSmall at 1 3/4 inches.

After knowing the size of your dog foot, then you can take action to select the proper dog boots
for your loved dog:

Protecting the wounded paws from infection is important. There are special boots made for this
particular need. The idea here is to keep the wound clean and dry all the time.

At first, your dog might feel a little bit of discomfort. But if you have chosen the best and most
comfortable dog boots, it won’t take a long adjustment period. The dog boots will protect your
pet from muddy and rough roads. As a pet owner, you will be satisfied watching your dog wearing
those cute little dog boots.

Wish you would like the following pet dog boots that I recommend:
Pet Dog Boots Shoes Paw Covers Velcro Closure Dots Design

Charming pet dog boots not only keep dog's feet warm and comfy for winter walks, but also looks
fabulous. The dog boots feature with anti-slip rubber soles, fluff trimmed top opening, velcro
closure for easy on and off. Perfect pet shoes to keep your pets' paws safe and in style.


       Fashion accessory for your pets especially during cold temperatures
       Great details include fluffy top, ruffled front and velcro ankle strap
       Keep your dog's paws warm, comfortable and well protected
       Material: Fluff trim, ribbon front decoration, silk cloth surface, rubber sole
       Shoe Size (L x W): Approx. 1.9 x 1.6 inch (4.8 x 4 cm)
       Size: 2
       Color: Blue, white and green
       Sold by 4pcs / set

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