Many British Universities and Colleges will have a section in their application form for you to
write “additional information” in support of your application. This section is very important and
must be written with care because you have to convince the university or college that you are
suitable for entry, and if given entry will successfully complete the course. This section is often
referred to as your “Statement of Purpose”. Students who do not have the required academic
qualifications can sometimes be admitted if they submit an excellent statement of purpose.


    1.       Why you want to study the subject you have applied for.
    2.       Why you feel that you are suitable for entry – you can mention past qualifications
             relevant work experience, positions of responsibility held at school, college etc.
    3.       Explain any unusual qualifications you have giving details of the numbers of hours of
             classes, how the course was examined etc
    4.       Highlight any merit awards or rank you have achieved in your education so far.
    5.       If you are looking for exemption from part of the course or from an English or
             GMAT exam explain why you feel that this is justified.
    6.       What professional or personal challenges you have faced in your past and how you
             have dealt with them successfully.
    7.       Why you have chosen their institution to study this subject.
    8.       Why you have decided to continue your education in the UK and not your own
    9.       What you plan to do after you have completed this course.

    If there is insufficient space in the application for you to provide this information in detail
    then write “please see attached Statement of Purpose” in the application form and then attach
    on a separate piece of paper your “Statement of Purpose”

    DO NOT …..

            …copy your statement from another person’s statement or from a book giving
             example copies of statements of purpose.
            …use words in your statement of purpose that you do not fully understand as you
             may be asked about them in an interview.
            …quote from famous people unless it is essential to a point you wish to make in your
             statement – the statement is about you and your application to the academic course.
            …try and flatter the university or college by saying it is the best in the world – as it
             may not be – be realistic and be honest about yourself and your reasons for applying.

         Study Overseas Ltd (UK) is happy to read your Statement of Purpose and give advice.

   Make sure that your Statement of Purpose is typed
        Make sure that it reads well – try reading out what you have written out loud – if it does
         not sound correct then make some corrections so that it reads better.
        The most important paragraphs are the 1st and last paragraphs so give these paragraphs
         some extra thought.
        Your statement should be about 500 words or 2 sides of A4
        Print out your statement on good quality paper.
        Remember to sign and date it.


Opening paragraph


John Smith

Having completed a Mechanical Engineering degree 5 years ago I now find myself in a
managerial position with a large manufacturing company. I recognise that without a solid
understanding of the basic principles of management I am not going to be able to achieve my
potential or indeed achieve the career development I desire. It is for this reason that I have
decided to seek admission to your MBA programme.


It has been my ambition since graduating in 1997 to study for a postgraduate business
qualification that would help develop my academic skills as well as give me an opportunity to
gain a greater understanding of business and management topics. I have decided to apply to
study for an MBA as opposed to a specialist M.Sc programme as I feel at this stage that I need a
generic training in the basic principles of management but at the same time have the opportunity
to specialise in particular areas through electives and an individual project. I have detailed below
my academic and employment background as well as my career aspirations and hope that you
will find me suitable for entry.

Concluding paragraph

I hope that the above will have demonstrated not only my commitment to studying your MBA
programme but has convinced you that should I be given a seat that I would be able to complete
the programme successfully. Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to
contact me. I look forward to hearing from you in due course.


To conclude I feel that I am now at a stage in my personal development where an MBA is going
to give me the training I require in order to progress my career to the next level. I hope I have
demonstrated above why I feel I am suitable for entry to your MBA programme but should you
have any further questions or require any further information about by candidacy for a seat please
do contact me.

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