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Asbestos News


									Asbestos News
March 2012

 Rodney Nelson-Jones presenting a cheque for £18,995 to Marina Phillips, Deputy CEO, and Roy Nightingale, Senior Social Worker,
 at St. Joseph’s Hospice

Funds recovered for St. Joseph’s Hospice London
Hospice update: Rodney Nelson-Jones and his team continue to recover funds for

palliative care givers as judgment is enshrined in law
We continue to recover compensation for          Rodney’s innovation was to extend this to
hospices that provide care to mesothelioma       charitable care provided by hospices.
                                                 Although initially he encountered some
Most recently, Rodney recovered £18,955 for
St Joseph’s Hospice in the case brought by
                                                 resistance from insurers, Rodney was able to
                                                 achieve the first settlements in these cases,
                                                                                                       asbestos team
Alan Din.                                        resulting in payments of £31,500 to three
                                                                                                       at Field Fisher
Alan, a mesothelioma sufferer, spent the last
eight weeks of his life in St Joseph’s Hospice
in Hackney. Rodney recovered £18,955
from Alan’s employers’ insurers, the largest
recovery yet for a hospice.

Rodney started to claim this new type of

                                                 In 2010, after insurers had contested
                                                 Rodney’s principle in a hearing, the judge
                                                 ruled at the High Court that it was valid for
                                                 hospices to be compensated in this way.

                                                 Now that the principle is enshrined in a
                                                                                                       Waterhouse is in
                                                                                                       a league of their
                                                                                                       own, nationally
compensation in 2008.                            High Court judgment, hospices all over the
                                                 country should start to receive such awards           Legal 500
It had long been possible to claim for           in the future – providing these charitable
the value of care and assistance given to        institutions with much needed funds.
mesothelioma victims by their relatives.
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Contents                      Introduction

                              Welcome to the March 2012 edition of Asbestos News
     Hospice update

                                                  At Field Fisher          We deal with things very quickly, with

2    Introduction                                 Waterhouse we            minimal fuss and disruption, allowing
                                                  understand what          clients to concentrate on the more
                                                  a difficult time         important business of enjoying time
                                                  patients and their       with their families.

3    Lung cancer
                                                  families may be
                                                  going through
                              when there is a diagnosis of an asbestos
                                                                           You only have to read the quotes from
                                                                           our clients and from the independent

                              related disease.                             legal directories to know that we work
     Wikipedia correction                                                  quickly and compassionately to win the
     Pleural plaques          We produce this newsletter to give you       settlements that our clients deserve.
                              an insight into the work that we do so

                              that you can see what can be achieved.       Please take the time to read on and find
     Award made out of                                                     out what we can achieve for you and
     time                     Our clients are everyday people who          your family.
                              have the right to compensation for

                              a terrible illness which they have           Please call us on freephone
     Settlement for widow     contracted through no fault of their own,    0800 358 3848. We would be happy to
     and young daughter       but through the negligence and lack of       speak to you about your claim.
                              care of their employers and others.

                                                                           I hope you find this newsletter useful.
     Electrical contractor    In 2011, we recovered £15 million for our
     claim                    clients and overall we have recovered
                              £165 million for our clients in over 2,250

                              successful cases. We also recovered
     Asbestos exposure        more than half a million pounds for
     from nearby factory      clients with pleural plaques via the
                              Ministry of Justice scheme.                  Rodney Nelson-Jones

                                                                           Head of Asbestos Litigation Department
     Lagger exposed by        Our lawyers are renowned for their
     two employers            expertise, their commitment and
                              the care they take in such sensitive

     High Court victory
     Settlement for widow     I’m pleased to report that Caroline
                                                                           The asbestos team
                              Pinfold will be joining us in 2012 from      has recovered more
                              Irwin Mitchell. She has over 25 years
     Newham Council           experience in asbestos disease claims.       than £165 million for
                              You will see from some of the cases          clients in more than

14                                                                         2,250 successful cases
                              in this issue that there are many
     Highest award for pain   different circumstances that our clients
     and suffering            encounter and we cater for them all.

     Meet the team
                                        The excellent litigation team
                                    at Field Fisher Waterhouse is
                                    particularly strong at industrial
                                    disease work
                                    Legal 500
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Asbestos claim for lung cancer survivor                                                                                                                                 3

  John benefited from early surgical intervention, effectively removing the risk of lung cancer returning

John was exposed to asbestos as a                                                                    Although it was intense, John’s
young man between 1952 and 1954.                                Andrew Morgan recovered              exposure occurred over a relatively
He was employed as a pipefitter by C A                          £60,000 for Mr Arthurs in a          short period of only three years.
Parsons on the construction of power                            lung cancer claim
stations at East Yelland in Devon and at                                                             In addition the exposure occurred in the
Shoreham in Sussex.                                                                                  early 1950s, before the link between
                                                                                                     asbestos exposure and lung cancer had
John worked alongside laggers. Their             John underwent a pleural lobectomy                  been firmly established.
work generated asbestos dust                     and follow up surgery which kept him
which contaminated John’s                        away from work for a few weeks on                   John also benefited from his early
working environment.                             each occasion.                                      surgery which had effectively removed
                                                                                                     the risk of lung cancer in the future.
John also assisted the grade A welders           John was left with a feeling of
in the precision welding of high pressure        breathlessness on exertion but some                 Court action was started and an offer
steam pipes.                                     years have passed since the surgery, so             of £60,000 was made, which John was
                                                 the prospects look good.                            delighted to accept.
It was his job to “cut back” excess
lagging on the pipework to allow the             John instructed Andrew Morgan who
welder to get access to the                      was able to trace the insurers to make
pipework underneath.                             a claim.

John also applied and removed copper
heating coils. These were insulated with                There is much legal uncertainty as to what
asbestos weave that was in a poor state
so that it crumbled as he handled it and
                                                   the claimant must do to prove his lung cancer was
gave off dust which he inhaled.                    caused by asbestos exposure, but where there is
Many years later, as a result of this              heavy asbestos exposure it is possible to prove such
exposure, John developed lung cancer               a case at trial
which was diagnosed in the course of                                                                                                Andrew Morgan
other medical treatment.
                                                                                            Caring for our clients   Commitment to our cases   Cutting edge expertise
Wikipedia correction leads to £275,000
settlement for victim’s family
We recovered compensation for                                                              Sadly, Keith died of his mesothelioma
Keith’s widow following his death from                    Rodney Nelson-Jones was          whilst his claim was still continuing.
mesothelioma.                                             able to settle the claim
                                                          on behalf of Keith’s             Rodney subsequently settled his
Keith Bould worked with asbestos when                     widow, Pauline                   widow’s claim for £275,000, which his
employed at the Edmonton Incinerator                                                       widow Pauline was happy to accept.
by Troughton & Young as an electrician
from 1969 to 1970.                          This was entirely consistent with Keith’s
                                            statement that he had worked there
The defendant solicitors denied liability   during the preceding year.
on the basis of a Wikipedia entry that
stated the incinerator had been built       Rodney proceeded to arrange for the
between 1971 and 1974.                      faulty Wikipedia entry to be corrected.

Therefore, they argued, Keith could         This paved the way for a successful
not have worked with asbestos there         claim against Troughton & Young whose
between 1969 and 1970 as he claimed.        insurers eventually accepted liability.

Keith had contracted mesothelioma.          It also proved possible to sue the
                                            London Borough of Newham in respect
The claim was pursued by Rodney             of asbestos which Keith inhaled when
Nelson-Jones who ascertained via the        drilling into ceiling panels at a school in
Greater London Industrial Archaeology       the Forest Gate of London area in
Society that the power station started to   the 1980s.
operate in 1970.                                                                            Edmonton incinerator where Keith
                                                                                            worked from 1969 to 1970

£520,000 recovered for pleural
plaques victims
The asbestos team has recovered             The 2007 ruling upheld a Court of              but not resolved, a legal claim for
£520,000 for 104 clients who are            Appeal decision that the existence of          compenation before the Law Lords
suffering from pleural plaques.             pleural plaques does not constitute            ruling.
                                            actionable or compensatable damage
We recovered a one off payment of           under the civil law.                           Pleural plaques are a form of scarring of
£5,000 for each client through the                                                         the outer lining of the lung.
Government’s Pleural Plaques Payment        The Government will not overturn
Scheme.                                     the Law Lords decision but one-off             Pleural plaques do not normally cause
                                            payments are being made to those in            any symptoms but are an indication of
This money was recovered at no cost to      England and Wales who had begun,               previous exposure to asbestos.
our clients, nor did we receive payment
from the Government for our work.

The deadline for applications to the
scheme was 1 August 2011.

The scheme was open to unresolved
legal claims that had been started
before 17 October 2007 when a Law
Lords ruling meant that those suffering      A ruling by the House of Lords meant pleural plaques victims were no longer entitled to
from pleural plaques were no longer          claim compensation
entitled to compensation.
                                                                                                       Freephone 0800 358 3848

Mesothelioma award made for widow in                                                                                                                                     5

“out of time” claim against Exxon Mobil

       “   Peter was fantastic.
       I really couldn’t have
       wished for anything
       more. He worked
       really hard on my
       claim and really knew
       his stuff. I have passed
       his number on to
       others because I was
       so pleased.

We recovered damages for Jean Ambrose
following the death of her husband, Edward,
from mesothelioma.                                             Peter Williams recovered
                                                               compensation for Jean Ambrose
Peter Williams claimed against Exxon Mobil                     after two other firms would not
(formerly Mobil Oil) who had exposed                           pursue a claim on her behalf
Edward to asbestos while he was working
there as a maintenance engineer from 1958
to 1984.
                                                 Jean contacted two firms of solicitors, which
Edward was diagnosed with mesothelioma in        did not pursue her claim. She eventually
2006, when he was 76.                            contacted Peter Williams, who was confident
                                                 he could prove a case, even though the
Jean cared for him during his illness until he   deadline had passed.
died in November 2009.
                                                 Peter negotiated an award for Jean.
The case was strictly speaking “out of time”     He argued that Exxon Mobil was not
because Mr Ambrose had not issued a claim        disadvantaged by the delay as it had seen
at court against Exxon Mobil within three        and settled asbestos claims in the past
years of his diagnosis. Jean was unaware of      arising from the same circumstances.
                                                 Many of these claims have been conducted
                                                                                                         Jean’s husband died from
During the inquest the coroner advised Jean      by Field Fisher Waterhouse.
to instruct a solicitor.

                                                                                             Caring for our clients   Commitment to our cases   Cutting edge expertise
    Thank you Andrew for all
of your help and hard work over
the past years. As you know,
I am delighted with the final
outcome and settlement that
you achieved.
Case Study                                                                                     Freephone 0800 358 3848

Settlement for family of lung                                                                                                                                    7

cancer victim

Andrew Morgan recovered                                                                       Andrew obtained evidence from
                                                         Andrew was able to
compensation for the family of a man                                                          a respiratory physician and from a
                                                         negotiate a settlement of
who died from lung cancer following                                                           pathologist. On their advice he obtained
                                                         £105,000 for Olive.
exposure to asbestos.                                                                         a report from Dr Roggli of Duke’s
                                                                                              University in the USA.
Joseph worked in the building trade his
whole life. He married Olive and they                                                         Dr Roggli assessed the intensity of Mr
have grown up children.                     television. This was completely unlike            Callan’s asbestos exposure by looking
                                            him: previously he had been very                  at lung samples that were taken at Post
In 2004 Joseph developed a cough that       physical and active.                              Mortem. He did not find any asbestosis
would not clear up. He had a biopsy on a                                                      but thought there was enough asbestos
small section of his rib but no diagnosis   In his life Joseph made a statement, in           exposure to explain the lung cancer even
was made. He began to lose weight,          which he stated he had been exposed to            so.
became less active and lost his appetite.   asbestos when sawing asbestos sheets
                                            in his employment with a number of                The Defendants obtained their own
During his life Joseph never received       employers.                                        opposing medical evidence but
a diagnosis but he became so ill that                                                         ulitmately accepted that Mr Callan had
his wife had to give up work to look        After his death a post-mortem revealed            been exposed to substantial quantities
after him. As the illness progressed he     that Joseph had lung cancer. It is known          of asbestos in his employment and that
became less and less mobile.                that asbestos in sufficient quantities can        this had caused his lung cancer.
                                            cause lung cancer.
For the last few months Joseph had                                                            As a result of this Andrew was able to
difficulty getting up in the morning,       Olive instructed Andrew Morgan to                 negotiate a settlement of £105,000,
getting out of bed and getting              pursue a claim against Joseph’s former            which Olive was happy to accept.
downstairs. He had no energy. Once he       employers but, like all lung cancer
was downstairs he wouldn’t move from        claims, this claim required complex
his chair and he just sat, watching         medical evidence.
                                                                                     Caring for our clients   Commitment to our cases   Cutting edge expertise
Successful claim for electrical contractor
against the University of Surrey
          I couldn’t have wished for a
      better service. Dushal handled
      everything in the right way. The
      service was first class.

Tony Gent worked as an electrical contractor
at the University of Surrey in the 1970s.                      Dushal Mehta recovered
                                                               damages for our
Together with two other electrical
                                                               mesothelioma client
contractors, he formed a partnership. They
tendered for work at the university. One
                                                               Tony Gent
project that the partnership secured involved
working in a riser shaft full of asbestos       It also said that it was not legally responsible
lagging near the library.                       for Tony’s actions as he was not
                                                an employee.
Tony was not provided with any protective
clothing during this project. He remembers      We obtained records from the university.
being covered in asbestos dust as he worked.    These showed that the library building
He also moved asbestos ceiling tiles. They      contained asbestos. Tony gave evidence at
often broke, releasing dust.                    home, which meant he did not have to go
                                                to court.
Tony was diagnosed with mesothelioma. He
instructed Dushal Mehta to investigate a        The university foreman supervised the work.
claim against the University of Surrey.         We argued that this equated to an employer-
                                                employee relationship.
The university denied liability and said the
area where Tony had worked did not              Two days before trial, the university made a
contain asbestos.                               settlement offer that Tony was happy
                                                to accept.
Case Study                                                                                      Freephone 0800 358 3848

Settlement for mesothelioma victim who                                                                                                                            9

lived near asbestos factory

 Sheila was exposed to asbestos as a young girl in South London. She was diagnosed with mesothelioma in 2009 and sadly passed away in
 July 2011

We recovered compensation for a                                                                 Central Asbestos Company Ltd. ceased
mesothelioma victim who was exposed                        Andrew Morgan recovered              trading many years ago but Andrew
to asbestos because she lived near                         compensation for Sheila              was able to identify the insurers and
Central Asbestos Limited in London.                        after another firm refused to        threatened to sue in court.
                                                           pursue her risky claim
Our client, Sheila Wincott was born in                                                          The insurers agreed to enter
May 1936. She lived in south London,                                                            settlement talks.
near the Central Asbestos Company            He explored the circumstances of her
Ltd. from the age of 16. She lived there     exposure in more detail.                           Shortly before court action, the
for over eight years and during this time                                                       defendant offered to settle the claim for
she was exposed to asbestos dust by          He obtained details of other witnesses,            £120,000, near enough to the full value
the company.                                 close relatives and friends, who might             of the claim. Sheila was happy to accept
                                             be able to help. He made a claim                   the offer.
Many years later in July 2009, at the        against the company and obtained a
age of 73, Sheila developed problems         medical report.                                    Unfortunately Sheila died in July, shortly
with her chest and two months later                                                             after the case settled.

was diagnosed as suffering from the
asbestos cancer, mesothelioma.

Sheila initially instructed another
London-based law firm to conduct her
                                                      Andrew went through
claim. They obtained a statement and
                                                  everything with a fine tooth
undertook some investigations but
decided that the claim was too risky for
them and declined to offer a “no win –
no fee” arrangement.

Sheila then contacted Andrew Morgan
                                                  comb. He worked so hard for me
                                                  to get the result that I deserved
in July 2010. Andrew visited Sheila at
home to take a new statement.
                                                  and to obtain peace of mind.
                                                                                      Caring for our clients   Commitment to our cases   Cutting edge expertise
Case Study                                                                                  Freephone 0800 358 3848

Settlement for lagger exposed to
asbestos by two employers

We recovered compensation for our                                                          With his illness, this proved increasingly
client who developed mesothelioma                      Andrew Morgan                       difficult. He needed to move to a
because he was exposed to asbestos by                  recovered £260,000 for              bungalow in the same area to be able to
two employers.                                         George in a claim against           get around his house.
                                                       his former employers
In the 1960s George Barwick was                                                            Andrew included a claim for the cost of
employed by British Insulating                                                             moving house.
Callender’s Cables (BICC) as a cable      This involved climbing over the boilers,
jointer’s mate.                           plant, equipment and pipe work which             Shortly before trial George accepted a
                                          were lagged with asbestos, inevitably            settlement of £260,000.
He worked at Battersea, Hackney and       disturbing it.
Fulham power stations, carrying out                                                        This compensation allowed George
work on the cables and other equipment    George would drill through the asbestos          to move from his town house to a
which was lagged with asbestos. George    lagging creating much dust. He also              bungalow as he had wished.
could not avoid disturbing the asbestos   worked in tank rooms at the top of
lagging.                                  the blocks where there was asbestos
                                          lagging. He would have to remove this
While he was there he worked near         lagging when dealing with pumps or
others who were repairing the lagging,    valves, so could not avoid disturbing it.
pipe work, plant and other equipment
in the power stations, and who also       In 2009, George was diagnosed with
disturbed asbestos.                       mesothelioma. He instructed Andrew
                                          Morgan to make a claim on his behalf.
From about 1972 George worked for
Hackney Council. Initially he was an      Andrew made a claim against both
electrician, but from 1974 he also did    employers. To begin with they denied
general maintenance work.                 they were responsible.

George worked on council housing          Andrew began court proceedings and
building sites where asbestos panels      the court entered judgment against both
were cut to size.                         employers and set a trial date to decide
                                          the value of the claim.
Later, he handled these same asbestos
panels when carrying out maintenance      George was living in a town house at the
work to the properties. From the late     time and had to go up and down stairs
1970s George worked in the boiler         to and from the sitting room to use the
                                                                                              The settlement allowed George to move
houses of tower blocks maintaining        toilet or the kitchen.
                                                                                              to a more suitable house
electrical equipment.
                                                                                  Caring for our clients   Commitment to our cases   Cutting edge expertise
Victory at High Court in asbestosis battle

We won a trial against the Ministry                                                     the judge ruled in Graham’s favour.
of Defence at the High Court for an                     Dushal Mehta won                The judge awarded Graham damages on
asbestosis sufferer, Graham.                            damages following a trial       a “provisional” basis. This means that he
                                                        at the High Court               will be able to pursue another claim for
Dushal Mehta acted for Graham in                        in London                       damages if he develops mesothelioma
a three day trial at the High Court in                                                  or asbestos induced lung cancer.
London. Graham received £82,500 to
compensate him for the disability that     Graham had severe breathing difficulties     The award includes money to
was caused by his illness.                 and required oxygen.                         compensate for the pain and suffering
                                                                                        caused by Graham’s illness and for his
Graham worked as a lagger for the          The Ministry of Defence argued that          past and future care.
Ministry of Defence for four years,        Graham was suffering from a lung
where he was exposed to asbestos.          condition with unknown causes,
                                           Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF).
He later developed asbestosis, a
chronic lung disease caused by inhaling    The Ministry of Defence relied on
asbestos fibres.                           medical evidence in support of
                                           this position. The trial centred on
The Ministry of Defence admitted that      whether Graham had asbestosis or IPF.
Graham was negligently exposed to          Both medical experts gave evidence at
asbestos as their employee. They denied    the trial in the High Court.
that the exposure caused Graham’s                                                        The case was heard at the High Court in
illness and subsequent disability.         After a three day trial at the High Court,    London

Power station worker case completed in
five months
Patrick Megran worked with asbestos as                                                  carried out during his time with these
an electrician and charge hand for the                   Dushal secured an interim      companies and which jobs exposed him
Central Electricity Generating Board at                  payment for Patrick and        to asbestos.
West Thurrock Power station between                      settled his claim within
1963 and 1968.                                           months.                        Patrick was awarded £95,000 and the
                                                                                        claim was pursued on a no win no fee
Patrick was also exposed to asbestos                                                    basis, which meant that Patrick kept all
whilst he worked for William Press         During his time at William Press             of his compensation.
converting household appliances to         he worked on a variety of domestic
natural gas between 1969 and 1974.         appliances including central heating
                                           systems, boilers, cookers and water                      After the case Patrick said:
Whilst working at the power station        heaters. Many of these appliances
Patrick would often be asked to erect      contained asbestos including the flue                I would like to offer my
temporary lighting systems so that         pipes and gaskets.                             sincere thanks for the way you
laggers could lag pipework. He was                                                        have dealt with my claim and
given a mask to wear when he worked        Many years later Patrick was diagnosed         keeping me informed of the
in the coal mills but was not advised of   with mesothelioma. His granddaughter,
                                                                                          progress along the way. Based
the dangers of working with asbestos       Jo Smith, contacted Dushal Mehta to
and not advised to wear a mask.During      pursue a mesothelioma claim for her            on my very limited knowledge
the shutdowns at the power station he      grandfather.                                   of such a claim I must confess
would have to erect lighting systems                                                      to be very impressed with the
inside the boilers which meant that he     Patrick had kept his old diaries from          timescale of the settlement - a
would be spending days inside the boiler   the time that he worked for William
                                                                                          little over five months from start
whilst other work was being carried out    Press and the Electricity Board. These
around him.                                identified the types of jobs that he           to finish.
Case Study                                                                                         Freephone 0800 358 3848

Newham Council sued for tenant exposed

to asbestos in council house
We sued Newham Council on behalf of                                                               obliged to warn Ann about the dangers
our client who was exposed to asbestos                       Peter William recovered              at the time.
when she lived in a council house in                         compensation for Ann
the 1970s.                                                   from Newham Council                  At a High Court hearing a judge rejected
                                                                                                  these arguments and pronounced
Ann contacted Peter Williams following                                                            Newham Council liable to compensate
her diagnosis of mesothelioma at Bart’s                                                           Ann’s family.
Hospital.                                      If you ran your hand along the wall
                                               and looked at it, it would be white with           The case was settled for £150,000 on a
Ann eventually died of this disease in         powder. She pushed the scraper up                  full liability basis at no cost to the family.
2010. Ann could not recall having been         and down to take out stubborn bits of
exposed to asbestos in any employment.         wallpaper and created dust in the air.
                                               Ann also screwed and drilled holes into
In 1965 she had been placed by                 the asbestos walls to put pictures up.                      I am so pleased that we
Newham Council in an asbestos                                                                         had Field Fisher Waterhouse
prefabricated house at Mortlake Road,          Ann was not warned by Newham
Custom House.                                  Council that living in a house made of                 helping us with mum’s
                                               asbestos was dangerous. Nor was she                    claim. Peter Williams was so
Ann was subsequently rehoused by               warned to take care when decorating.                   helpful from start to finish.
the council in asbestos “pre-fabs” at
Eisenhower Drive, London E16 and at            Many years later in 2008 she began to                  I would highly recommend
Pragel Street, London E13 until 1980           experience breathlessness and chest                    them to anyone who is
when she moved out.                            pain. Sadly, she was diagnosed                         suffering with or knows
                                               with mesothelioma.
Ann recalled that throughout the 1970s
                                                                                                      someone who is affected by
she stripped old wallpaper from the            Peter acted on the family’s behalf.                    the terrible cancer that is
asbestos clad internal walls using a           Newham Council defended on the                         mesothelioma. Thank you
scraper. She remembered the walls              basis that the asbestos walls would not                Peter and all your team
were particularly powdery.                     have produced enough dust to cause
                                               asbestos cancer and that they were not                         Tracy Sawkins, Ann’s daughter.

  “Pre-fabs” at Mortlake Road, Newham. Ann Read’s husband is the little boy in the foreground on the right hand side

                                                                                         Caring for our clients   Commitment to our cases   Cutting edge expertise
Settlement of £125,000 for a client within
6 months of starting the claim

 Peter Turner, pictured here with his wife

Peter Turner worked as a boiler and                                                       He immediately started proceedings in
maintenance man from 1965 to 1990.                         Peter Williams was able        the High Court against the employers
He was exposed to asbestos by                              to negotiate a settlement      responsible for Peter’s illness.
three employers; the Royal College                         without having to go
of Surgeons, the City of London Real                       to trial.                      Eventually, Peter Williams was able to
Property Company Ltd and Marsh                                                            negotiate a settlement without having to
Services Ltd.                                                                             go to trial. Peter’s employers offered to
                                             After he retired, Peter was keen to stay     pay him £125,000 for the illness he had
Peter worked in the maintenance team         active. He swam 20 lengths five times        suffered as a result of their negligence,
and was responsible for ensuring the         per week. He also enjoyed hiking, and        which he was happy to accept.
boilers and pipes in his employer’s          climbed a 2000ft peak in Somerset with
buildings were well-maintained. They         his son in October 2010. He also visited     After the case Peter said:
were lagged with asbestos insulation.        many places around the world with his
                                             wife and was enjoying his retirement.
Peter would have to remove the
asbestos insulation when the boilers         Around Christmas 2010, Peter started
were inspected. Sometimes he smashed         to feel unwell. He found he was getting             “Myself and my
it off the pipes, which created dust that    breathless and found it hard to eat or         wife cannot thank you
covered his face and clothes. He would       drink. Eventually, he couldn’t walk across
also saw up new lagging to replace           the road without gasping for air.              enough for your support
the old sections. He often worked in                                                        and care in relation to
confined spaces and could not avoid          He went to the doctor and a diagnosis
breathing in the dust.                       of mesothelioma was confirmed in
                                                                                            my claim. Without your
                                             March 2011. He was given Field Fisher          knowledge and support
Although his employers gave him              Waterhouse’s contact details by the            we would never have
overalls, boots and shirts, he was not       hospital and he contacted us straight
given a mask or warned about the             away.                                          received the payment
dangers of working with asbestos.                                                           due to us”.
                                             Peter Williams took on Peter’s case
                                             on a “hurry up” basis to try to obtain                                    Peter Turner
                                             compensation quickly.
The team                                                                                       Freephone 0800 358 3848

Meet the team                                                                                                                                                    15

 “The commitment to serving clients regardless of their circumstances or ability to
travel to attend conferences is widely noted and appreciated.” Legal 500
                Rodney Nelson-Jones                                                 Peter Williams
                Head of Asbestos team                                               Partner
                020 7861 4022                                                       020 7861 4825

Rodney is head of the team. He has specialised in asbestos          Peter has specialised in asbestos-related disease claims for
disease claims for nearly 30 years. A leading legal directory       nearly 20 years. He gives annual talks to solicitors on asbestos
commented that Rodney is “one of the finest personal injury         claims for Central Law training. He is a member of the Law
solicitors in the country and an outstanding asbestos litigator”.   Society Personal Injury Panel.

                Andrew Morgan                                                       Caroline Pinfold
                Partner                                                             Partner
                020 7861 4036

Andrew has specialised in cases involving industrial                Caroline will be joining our team by June 2012 from Irwin
diseases including asbestos diseases since 1993. He is a            Mitchell. She has specialised in asbestos-related claims for
past Coordinator of the Occupational Health Group of the            over 20 years. She is recommended as a leader in the field by
Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) and an APIL           the Legal directories. Recent successes include the landmark
fellow. He advises the Parliamentary Sub-Committee on               High Court ruling for the recovery of hospice care costs (Drake
Asbestos.                                                           v Foster Wheeler Ltd).

                Dushal Mehta
                020 7861 4033

Dushal has specialised in asbestos disease cases, and
particularly mesothelioma claims, for a number of years. He
joined the firm in 2009 and is a member of the Association
of Personal Injury Lawyers. He regularly concludes successful
claims for clients within a number of months.

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                                             Caring for our clients   Commitment to our cases   Cutting edge expertise

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