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									                           招收赴加拿大 18 轮汽车司机
                    Recruiting 18 wheels Truck Driver To Canada

  受加拿大 Matan Welfere Service LTD 公司委托,本公司为加拿大有关公司陆续招收各类
司机 600 人,其中有 18 轮卡车司机 30 人具体条件如下:

年龄:50 岁以下
总招收人数:30 人
要求有相关工作经验至少 5 年,中学以上毕业,必须有学历证书,必须有相关技术等级证书
(驾驶证) ,必须至少三年以上的连续安全驾驶经验(请提供交管机构证明)    ;
工资:20 加币/小时,加班工资:30 加币/小时
工作时间:每天 8 小时,每周 5 天;其余时间算加班,150%工资。月最低收入:3200 加币
食宿:费用自理(大约 300~400 加币)
合同时间:2 年,可续约,2 年后可移民。

工作职责:工作职责是驾驶 18 轮卡车进行长途运输。
在加拿大开始工作有岗上 3 个月培训,包括课堂学习和实际岗位操作;
提交材料:个人简历(含工作简述)                      ,护照原
件,身份证、户口本扫描件,学历证书原件,职业资格证书原件(驾驶证) 寸彩色白底
照片 4 张,县级以上体检证明,无犯罪证明;会英语的提供相关证明。

收费标准:8 万人民币(不含机票、签证费)
付款程序:个人报名缴纳一万/人,与加拿大雇主签订合同交纳 2 万人民币,余款待获得工
作签证后付清。代理公司(一般指资质公司或规模较大的公司)报名缴纳 3000 千元/人,与
                               ,其他款项 7 日内退还。
费 500 元,加拿大申请费 150 加币,签证费 860 元)
办理周期:6~9 个月左右


北京朝阳区双井东柏街 10 号时代国际 3-1-902
Email: ;


                           JOB ORDER No' Long Haul Drivers

Company name :                                  Qualification : As Below

Job description (NOC) :7411                     Work exp required: Minimum 5 years

Specify: long haul truck driver                 Diploma         certificate         apprenticeship

Quantity:30                                     Location :ALB

Wage (per hour):$20                             Years of experience : 5 years as long haul driver

Overtime wage: 30$                              Language :English 5/10

                                                Length of work contract : 2 years

Other benefits
Accommodation : N/A                             Preferable country of origin :

Board : N/A                                     Range of Age : N/A

Air Fair :                                       Any other unique request please mention
applicable                                       below:
3 years of clean record as driver by police, study of license in CANADA by the employer +
fee, need A/Z – A/1 license for 18 wheels truck

Job info in NOC

7411 Truck Drivers

Truck drivers operate heavy trucks to transport goods and materials over urban,
interurban, provincial and international routes. They are employed by transportation
companies, manufacturing and distribution companies, moving companies and
employment service agencies, or they may be self-employed. This unit group also
includes shunters who move trailers to and from loading docks within trucking yards or

Main duties

Long-haul truck drivers perform some or all of the following duties:

        Operate and drive straight or articulated trucks, weighing over 4600 kg with
        three or more axles, to transport goods and material to destinations

        Oversee all aspects of vehicles, such as condition of equipment, loading and
        unloading, and safety and security of cargo

        Perform pre-trip inspection of vehicle systems and equipment such as tires,
        lights, brakes and cold storage

        Perform emergency roadside repairs

        Obtain special permits and other documents required to transport cargo on
        international routes

        Record cargo information, distance travelled, fuel consumption and other
        information in log book or on on-board computer

        Communicate with dispatcher and other drivers using two-way radio, cellular
        telephone and on-board computer

        May drive as part of a two-person team or convoy

        May transport hazardous products or dangerous goods.

Employment requirements

        Completion of secondary school is usually required.

        On-the-job training is provided.

        A Class D licence is required to drive straight trucks.

        A Class A licence is required to drive articulated trucks.

        Air brake endorsement (Z) is required for drivers who operate vehicles equipped
        with air brakes.

        Transportation of dangerous goods (TDG) certification is required for drivers who
        transport hazardous products or dangerous goods.


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