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									Addressing the Realities of Probate

Far too many people go through life without executing the appropriate estate planning documents. The
reasons why they procrastinate vary, but one reason is the misconception that it is a very simple matter
that can be handled at any given time. You simply jot down your final wishes, call it a last will, and the
matter is closed.

It is not as simple as that. For one thing, a last will is not your only choice and it may not be the best
choice in some cases. And if you do use a last will, you have to understand the fact that your estate is
going to go through the process of probate.

During this process, the probate courts will examine the will to determine whether or not it is in fact
valid. The estate will then be administered by the executor or personal representative under the
supervision of the probate court.

This administration can get quite involved. Since it is a legal matter, the personal representative or
executor will need to have a probate attorney. Final bills and taxes must be paid, so an accountant is
often necessary, and the executor may have to bring in an appraiser and an estate liquidator.

If you are going to use a last will, it is important to have it constructed with the expectations of the
local probate court in mind. A logical course of action is to engage the services of a licensed and
experienced San Jose probate lawyer to draw up the will and arrange for the same individual to act as
probate attorney after you pass away. Your lawyer will enter the process with an in-depth understanding
of your case, and will be able to guide your executor in an optimal fashion.

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