Neighborhood Rules Compliance Agreement


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									This template sets forth a standard agreement between a homeowner and a community
association. This template provides both standard language and the opportunity for
customization that can fit any type of community. Communities can include college
dormitories, condominiums, cooperatives, or other homeowners associations. This
document should be used by any community that wants to establish a universal and
consistent rules policy for all of its members to follow.

As residents of _____ [Instruction: Insert neighborhood name.], we agree to abide by the
following rules:

[Comment: The below are examples of standard community rules. Same should be revised
to reflect the actual community rules.]

       No loud noises during “quiet hours” of 10pm-7am. This includes loud music, yard
        equipment, construction, etc.

       No off-leash dogs except in designated areas.

       No modifications to your home without prior approval of _____ [Instruction: Insert
        applicable neighborhood governing body.].

       No children left unsupervised in the street.

       No driving over the posted speed limit.

Resident is responsible for compliance with each of the above rules, as well as any rules which
may be promulgated in the future, without further signature to any such future rules. Failure to
comply with the neighborhood rules may result in revocation of resident’s privileges to use any
or all of the neighborhood facilities and common areas. Each resident is also responsible for the
actions of his or her guests, tenants, invitees or other invited person(s). Failure to comply with
these rules by any such invited person(s) may result in revocation of such resident’s use
privileges for neighborhood facilities and common areas.

By signing this Agreement, the undersigned hereby understands, acknowledges and agrees that
permission to use and use of the neighborhood facilities and common areas is subject to and
contingent upon the undersigned complying with and abiding by all neighborhood rules.

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Resident Name                               Resident Signature

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Neighborhood Representative                  Representative Signature

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