Virtual relationships on social media

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					Virtual relationships on social media

A cause of unhealthy relationships

Virtual relationships are those relationships that exist but they are not practical or physical. There are
significant proves that social sites are being used as dating sites by a majority of the users, even though
not all of the relationships of are virtual as we have witnessed stable marriages that started as a result of
the social sides in every part of the world. There are users who tend to take most of their time in the
sites as they are already engaged to too many people there whom they haven’t even met, this really
affects their wellbeing in society as it serves to weaken their ability to socialize freely with those
surrounding them in the real life situation which is a psychological disorder.

Exposure to risks

Apart from causing psychological disorders, the attachment of emotions to stranger exposes users to
high physical insecurity where people may be lured to meet strangers who have intentions of causing
them harm. There are also possibilities of people disclosing their personal information to strangers
which can even cause their families and those around them harm, besides there are instances in which
people establish relationships to an extent of sending money to the strange lovers or even disclosing
personal information such as submitting credit card information and even submitting the funds willingly
minus knowing the danger lurking within. People end up getting kidnapped easily this way due to
developing trust and love for strangers due to the desperate need for concern and affection which they
may be lacking from those they have been with and those they are well familiar with in their day to lives.
Despite this most people have resorted to social media sites as shortcuts to finding their soul mates and
this either ends up successfully of as a tragedy.

Lack of self esteem

Those who entrust all their emotions and trust in social media site relationships can end up suffering any
of the above and other unmentioned circumstances and become so desperate and without proper self
esteem. For instance after establishing a virtual relationship one may decide to hook up in person with
the said partner only to end up meeting a totally different person who may not resemble those photos
they used to exchange online neither in complexion, appearance, age and even social-economic status.
The result is remorse for the apparent victim who ends up losing self esteem. There are many instances
that can cause such embarrassment this is just a mention of one of them.


To sum up, I can suggest that people should be cautious on these relationships as they may even lead
them to perishing and other serious unimaginable outcomes. They can establish relationships but be
cautious and prepared for any outcome that may befall them in the event because they do not fully
understand their online hookups. In case they meet it should be in public under close watch of some
people they trust.

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