Understanding Panda and your traffic

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					Understanding Panda and your traffic

For anyone who has been publishing content on the net may have seen some drastic drops in
their traffic with Google. Many know that Google has introduced a system called Panda to sort
through spam or Trojan sites on the internet that have claimed front page ratings. The problem
with this is that some of the legit sites have been affected; horribly. Many bloggers and
websites use Google’s Adsense program to earn money; and due to the “Panda” epidemic they
have lost traffic and a considerable amount of money as well.

What is Panda?

In 2011, Google introduced Panda in efforts to lower the rank of low quality sites and pushing
good or high quality sites back to the top of their search results. It is their own idea how to
base the ranking algorithm to weed out spamming sites. However, right after the first Panda
update Google’s own forums were flooded with complaints of legit sites that got knocked off
the search engine. What once was a cool thing to flood you content with keywords and bold
out all of them; now the updated bot, Panda, will slash your site thinking it is spam. Another
issue sites will have to deal with is their ad placement; what once was kosher to place ads all
throughout your page; now you will have to restructure them; that is considered spam too.

Artificial Intelligence kills evergreen content and the sites

The main reason people are frustrated with Google’s Panda updates is that it is attacking sites
that contain evergreen content or sites that have a lot of history. So all that jive about
producing “evergreen” high quality content seems to be irrelevant at the moment; along with
websites than have been on the net for a long period of time. Google used artificial intelligence
bots to evaluate which sites were abusing the net; however, the newer updates have actual
humans researching the websites in hopes to regain some news worthy sites and legit content.

How to beat Panda

Keywords are okay in moderation as well as a 60/40 ratio when it comes to ads on your page. If
you have been hit by Panda, then take down your ads to a lower ration at first. Another way to
beat Panda is to add links to your site that are relevant to your material and have a high page
rank, seoquake is a great (free) tool to use for this. Refresh your content, even just by adding
new data or finding different keywords to use (sparingly), Google likes new content and since
we are trying to convince a bot it should not take too much. Google has implemented a new
3.3 Panda update claiming that this one will really attack the scrapers and replace the quality
sites back on top; so far not so much.

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