Three things to do as a SEO newbie

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					Three things to do as a SEO newbie

So you have decided to get on the SEO train to earn loads of money with a touch of a click; hold
there cowboy not so easy as many sites claim SEO marketing to be. Sites that flood you email
claiming to be the easy route to SEO marketing are the exact ones of run from; there is no
shortcut if you want a long term residual income. In a sense that is what SEO is intended for; a
long term way to sit back and watch your hard work pay off; keyword being long term. There
are some software programs that claim the high road to earning big when it comes to SEO;
don’t buy into them; contribute your own personal knowledge; experience; and FREE know
how over these offers. Here are the three key things to do as a SEO newbie.

Market your niche and know your niche

The most efficient way to know how SEO works is to understand what you are marketing. Just
because SEO software kits are the hottest money making “schemes” on the net does not mean
these are the ones to pursue. The key to ranking on the search results is to know what you are
offering; meaning do you know all about how to build your own greenhouse or the finer things
to living greener? Hint; these are the two hottest things research on the web right now;
however it will require knowing how the net works to really rank in the search results.

Give free knowledge and know how

Think about it; a user has to pay at least 20 bucks in order to use the web; then they encounter
a website that proclaims a solution that they are seeking. The last thing a user wants is to have
to pay for some kind of knowhow; they will click off your site and find another that will offer
info for free. So when you are new to the scene go above and beyond to offer valuable
information with in your niche for nothing in return; and continue to offer this service. The
word of mouth will spread much faster for this “pay it forward” kind of service.
Keep paying it forward

The sites that succeed are the ones that offer free stuff; get in contact with certain vendors that
pertain to your niche and offer free advertisement space on your site in return for their current
discounts; note a long time advertiser will reward you with a monthly payment for just posting
their ad.

Research your competition

This is key for newbies; understanding your competition’s success will in turn educate you on
how to super seed them. Look for their target key words, which social sites they use, and how
they compose their site. Find relevant keywords and research the alternatives used; this in
itself will teach you the basics of SEO. The main idea is to read, research, and understand what
relevance means within your site; knowing this will teach you how to reign on your

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