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									                                             S  kincare for   A   cne

 While most of us aim to look flawless, sometimes Mother Nature aims otherwise.
 As we start changing from our kiddish looks to more mature looks; sadly,
so does our skin. Whilst, adolescence brings many good changes it also
comes with a dark side that goes beyond mood swings...yes, I`m talking
about the most feared skin condition for anyone: Acne.

  We`ve all been guilty of wishing, while hitting puberty, for anyone else to get acne but ourselves
though for many of us that wish didn`t come true.

  This kind of skin condition seems to be the most feared one, since our face is our presentation card,
the first impression someone gets from us, it is only obvious that we would feel self-conscious if a
condition like acne takes upon it and limits our daily life.

 But, like many other problems, there is always a solution left out there. So, let`s frown not and focus
on the things we can do to take over this daily battle and get us back to how we really look.

                                First of all, we ought to find out what is causing acne to burst on our skin
                                and to find the specific cause it is going to require the help of a professional,
                               in this case a dermatologist, a gynecologist (if there is a hormonal triggering
                               for the acne) or an endocrinologist (if the hormonal problem goes further
                                than just progesterone levels involved).
 This actually is the first step into achieving our healthy skin back, let`s not fall for myths like if we stop
eating chocolate or fatty food (this doesn`t mean we should stick to our fatty habits) the acne will go
away by itself.

  Once we get the specific cause and the treatment fit for it then it comes the second part which is left
to our hands. This part is just as important as completing the treatment, it will depend from our actions
for it to be really successful or sadly, fail.

Let`s start with few simple basic rules:

Washing in the right place at the right time:

  Those of us, who have acne problems, should not under-estimate the power an easy washing has. It
should not be limited to the usual morning wash, but also after perspiring and at night.

  In the morning, using soap specifically indicated for this condition (your dermatologist will advice you
which one would be better for your type of acne) you need to do a complete wash having in mind the
following tips:
 Make sure you always keep your soap in a clean place, it is very important not to add bacteria to
  opened zits as they could get infected.
 Avoid using hot water or cold water, lukewarm water is the best for this cases.
 The skin tends to get oily throughout the day making it a receptor for bacteria, dust and other
  particles that you get while being outside; so, washing your face at mid day seems the best solution
  to get rid off all that and prevent your skin from damaging more.
 Don’t scrub too hard, remember there are some spots where your skin has gone really sensitive and
  a deep scrub would only cause more damage.
 If you got long nails make sure your hands are really clean before you wash your face; this may
  sound a bit redundant since you will be in contact with water and soap, but truth is that underneath
  your fingernails a scary amount of bacteria accumulates, if your hands aren`t clean enough you will
  only spread that bacteria upon your already cleaned face.
 If you are going to apply a cleanser, use your fingertips, don’t go for cloths or sponges as they can
  cause irritations and this may lead to future breakouts.
 The towel you are going to use to dry your face has to be kept always clean and made from a
  hypoallergenic fabric, just tap it onto your skin without scrubbing or pressing too hard.

Make-up Make-up go away:

  Yes, as scary as this may sound, while your skin is being treated for acne, make-up is something you
should avoid. The reason for this could be more than obvious, but our vanity needs stronger reasons so
let`s review them again:
     Makeup products have chemicals that may irritate your skin and can cause even more breakouts
      to appear
     If you are undergoing a peeling treatment (for example taking Isotretinoin pills) the deep layers
      of your epidermis are going to get exposed and heavy chemical products used in some brands of
      makeup may lead to scarring.

 If these reasons weren’t enough to convince vanity and
you still feel like you cannot step out of the house without
covering these acne spots then worry not, there are now
available makeup used specifically for this skin condition that
despite of being more costly, the result is worth it.

I shall never forget of Sunblock:

  This is an essential step that we should never forget about, as much as we love sun and the nice
tanning it gives us, sunscreen has to become our very best friend.
  Exposure to sun does damage our skin in normal basis, on an already
damaged skin the results are worse, such as over-pigmentation of
acne spots or scarring of opened zits, conditions in which your
dermis (the deepest layer of skin) gets affected and for it to be
repaired complex solutions are required, such as undergoing laser or
surgical removal of scars.

  After knowing all this, applying sunscreen daily and 30 minutes before stepping out doesn`t sound so
bad and specially when you know that now sunscreens come even with makeup included and don’t
leave you that white mime kind of look on your face.

These 3 steps as facile as they may seem to be are essential and should never be ruled out of your daily
skincare, like a mom`s advices they are simple but effective.

                                                                                                By: L.V.S.G

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