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How To Understand Linked In


									How To Understand Linked In ~ Really

Imagine a social media site solely dedicated to vocational interests and allows a user to search
for job prospects and utilize their profile as a reputable online resume. That is the idea behind
the website Linked In for the most part. With all social sites there is some level of spam or
those who use its rank as a way to backlink. The latter is viewed acceptable as long as it
pertains to the person’s profile and/or group the link it to. Linked In offers users to monetize
other social accounts such as Facebook and Twitter making the lines of communication more
accessible in one place.

Who Is On Linked In

What makes this site so successful is the membership dues that professionals subscribe to in
order to reach the highest tier of communication, like CEO’s and business owners of fortune
500 companies. Amateurs that are just grasping the concept should understand many of the
groups despise any affiliate marketing and will reject you from that group. This is not a place to
advertise your link to a pay per click site nor should it be one to post your personal weekend

Join Groups That You Specialize In

In all realms of socializing whether it is online or in the real world the motto, “you get what you
give” needs to be practiced on Linked In. It is not a site to meander to once a month and surf
around for anything new. It is definitely not designed for you to post your website after every
post or reply either. Find groups that pertain to your expertise and contribute to conversations
as well as start discussions with in the group. On the left-hand side you will see a percentage of
the top five “influences” that week; try to maintain one of those spots. By doing this you will
become a presence in the network and when an employer or business you want link to
researches who you are, as they will, you will extend your connections.

Be honest, set goals, achieve goals

Think of Linked In as working online resume that anyone who is looking for an employee can
view at any time. Update your profile at least twice a month if not weekly. If you are a
freelance writer, then it is imperative to add every job, task, blog you write that gives you credit
under your name or alias. Anyone can state they are an active freelancer; however, proving
your worth is another story and Linked In is a place that will make you prove it.

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