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					Got Klout?

Klout, “Standard of influence” that is their mission statement on the top of their about page.
So what does that mean? Imagine a social media platform that manages all your other social
media data and lets you know, by score, how much you influence your other connections on
other social media sites. For example, let’s say you post an article on a topic that you share
with your fans/followers/friends, whichever the logo maybe for that social site. Then in turn
your readers like it and shares that among their social networks. Klout will boost your score in
their realm, which provides analytical reports of how much of an influence you are.

How To Sign Up For Klout

The sign up process for Klout is extremely simple and fast. Anyone can go to their home page,
click on new user, and start monetizing all their other social media sites like: Twitter, Facebook,
Google+, Blogger, You Tube, and a few other sites that are not in the mainstream as of yet.
Then after the initial set up Klout will “suggest” the user to invite others to use the site as well
as in engage in some of their other activities that will boost their Klout score.

How Does The Klout Score Work?

If you consider yourself an over achiever and thrive on a score system, then Klout may become
an obsession. Be prepared when you start out for your Klout score to range in the teens to
lower 50’s. The more you engage and share on all of the sites you monetized to Klout and the
more your friends share your loaded content, the higher your Klout score will be. Think of the
site as a motivator for your personal social media use. In a sense the more you engage yourself
on all of your social media sites, then the more traffic you will receive to your sites.

Why Klout Is Getting Criticism

There is always a positive and negative insight to social media sites. While the creators of Klout
may have intended to help users and their traffic to their sites; critics are weary of some of
their tactics. Age restriction is a major one; Facebook allows under age users to join as with
Twitter. However, those who use Klout may subject their users to sensitive material that may
not be intended for those under 18, but this could be argued about many online sites. Social
Media Today even stated, “Klout score devalues authentic online communication and promotes
social ranking and stratification by trying to quantify human interaction.” Er, don’t they all?

Since you can cancel your Klout account at any time and rely on analytics to show where your
traffic or “influence” comes from; it is worth the 10 minute sign up time just to see how much
you do engage online.

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