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									Commercials On Twitter

Twitter has become one of fastest social media platforms that supply users’ instant feedback
and the hottest trends; all for free. So what’s the catch? In the beginning of twitter nothing
was; however all that is changing due to them starting to plug in ads from various brands.

The concept of twitter was to offer a service then start making money. Rally the millions of
users to rely on this steadfast source of communication, work out the kinks, and then slowly
start plugging in advertiser’s commercials.

How Does This Work?

The promoted tweets will appear when the user types certain keywords that are linked to the
advertisers set of keywords. It is similar how Google works with their sponsored ads; for
instance if a user is typing in android, then Samsung or Verizon ads will pop up in the search

Why this is the money train for advertisers.

The sponsored ads will inter twine into the stream of current conversations on Twitter’s
platform, making sure they do not lose their place in the flow of the tweets.

Just as users rely on this micro-blogging platform; the sponsored ads or advertisers lend on the
popularity of their trending products and the keywords.

For example, if a tweeter types in “Starbucks” then a sponsored ad will appear in real-time that
pertain to the company that promotes something occurring in the “now.” How to recognize a
sponsored ad versus a personal tweet is to hover your cursor over the link and if it turns yellow
it is from a paid advertiser.
Will Commercials Hurt Twitter?

Google users have become immune to these types of advertisements and simply ignore the
outlined offers; however, twitter users may not welcome the aggressive approach that
advertisers have on Twitter.

When a Twitter user searches for a word an advertiser bought, the promoted message will
show up at the top of the results, even if it was written much earlier. The posts say they are
promoted by the company in small type, and when someone rolls over a promoted post with a
cursor, it turns yellow.

For those infrequent users of Twitter the commercials or ads may not deter their usage or the
users may not even notice the covertly inserted advertisements. However, users who tweet
every day and multiple times per day will recognize the data relevance to their searches.
Google does this already; when a query is entered into the search box there will be a couple of
“sponsored ads” that appear on the top of the page and for the most part a user can safely
recognize them and ignore it. For Twitter this is the current issue at hand; they are trying to
weave in the advertisements to send a subtle blurb that pertains to the user’s common

The Twitter team is aware of the initial onset of resentment that users may have; although they
feel with time the users will become accustomed to the changes.

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