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									          21st Century marketing trends: Social Media as a marketing tool

With progress comes, change and with change, comes evolution. Anyone who has studied marketing or
even run a business in the past would have seen how marketing trends and techniques have changed.
These changes of course, have taken place as we all sought to progress and the world became
increasingly more dependent on, and smaller through the use of technology.

What is most interesting however is how fads and trends really change the way current and future
businesses operate and survive.

As it currently stands, the world is at our fingertips, companies are no longer required to have an in-
house marketing team… after all; we can outsource it!

Social Media

The funny thing is, more and more companies are turning to Social Media sites to build their brand
awareness. You ask yourself…” what does this mean?”

Well, let’s put it this way…since the introduction of
FacebookTM, Twitter, YoutubeTM, and Google, it seems that
even if a company doesn’t have its own personal site, it has
some presence on a social media site.

But it is not just a presence that these companies want through
their pages, no, it’s the number of“likes, tweets and Google+s”
that is the most important.

                                                (Image obtained from: http://www.grmwebsite.com/blog/bid/71386/Inbound-

So how is social media turned into a successful marketing tool?

Not everything is as it seems

Anyone that has done any kind of research would be able to tell you that just having “likes; tweets and
+1s” are not enough (well, not since it was possible to pay people for these actions). What is important
is the attraction and retention of satisfied clients who will then spread the word (unfortunately, positive
reviews can also be bought).

This point aside, for a company to be successful or at least to see some benefit from the use of social
media as part of their marketing campaign, it is vital for them to be aware of what clients are saying
about their products/services.
          21st Century marketing trends: Social Media as a marketing tool


Trends are showing that while business and companies alike are
no longer engaging complete marketing teams or even
outsourcing to marketing companies, many are relying on their
client’s experience to sell their product/service. This is found                               Satisfied
especially where perks are offered for customer loyalty.                                        Review

The resulting economics of the whole social media invasion is
quite simple really…offering excellent products/services at an
excellent price means you get more satisfied customers who in
turn write glowing reviews about their experience with you on                 Attract Moore                   Increased
your page.                                                                     Customers                       Ranking

In a nutshell, this results in your page rankings increasing, and
you in turn continue to receive more customers. So, how do you
repay those loyal customers who may have given you
a good review? Simple… Loyalty program!!

And at the end of the day who wins? Everyone!

Future Outlook

It is confirmed, marketers have no intention at this
time of reducing their use of social media as a
marketing tool. In fact, quite the contrary is expected
to happen as indicated in the 2011 Social Media
Marketing Industry Report, where it is highlighted that
the intention is to increase the use of these marketing

Currently, there is greater interaction between
business and their clients and as is everyone’s concern
given the current economic times; it is the most cost
effective marketing tool currently available.

                                   (Obtained from: http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/SocialMediaMarketingReport2011.pdf)

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