5 Predictive Technologies That Will Make Your Life Better by shahida12


									5 Predictive Technologies That Will Make Your Life Better

What are predictive technologies? These systems track your previous actions and then suggest
places, things, music, etc. that you may like. The artificial intelligence software services are
already on the market; Siri on the smartphone and certain GPS systems for your car are already
in place and offer a personal guide or service using your person data. Here are the top five
predictive technologies that will make your life better.

Google Prediction API

Google and Ford have collaborated to build a software program exclusively for Ford’s Focus
hybrid car. It is designed to find the safest and quickest route for your morning commute;
however if you stop a coffee shop regularly it will also include that stop in the route. The
software will also have up to date info on any traffic accidents or detours to ensure a stress free

Kayak Airline Online

There is an algorithm on how to get the cheapest airline ticket when purchasing online;
however, this could be a daunting task for most people. Online sites like Kayak are developing
predictive technology software to help manage the over load of buying airline tickets online.
This will really only apply to those who fly on a regular basis.

Seagate Momentus XT

A “smart” feature for your computer; this is a magnetic drive that has a hard disk for long-term
storage and it also shifts any high-use date to the flash drive for quick reference. It doesn’t
think for you per say; although it will store the information you use on a regular basis and have
it readily available.
DNA Analysts Kit

If you could know what diseases or health conditions are a threat to you, and that you could do
the test at home, would you want to know? There are some techie inspired DNA kits that you
can buy for around $100 bucks; spit in a device and send your sample to top scientist to
analyze. They can tell you if you carry certain genes that cause diabetes or even certain cancers.
The analysis will also show how healthy you are and how your diet will affect you and your
family in the future; if you love sugar or fatty foods, you will be found out.

Finding the newest predictive technologies to enhance your everyday living is not too far from
the future; these top five are still fairly new; however, they are paving the way for new ideas.

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